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MSFT – 44.6B = MSFT + YHOO

It’s finally out and about. Microsoft has raised a bid to buy out search portal Yahoo! for a reported $44.6 Billion at $31 per share (compared to $19+ before the announcement). It’s not a hostile take-over, something Yahoo Executive Boards are considering, though not a friendly one either. Let me get back to my last year’s question — Is Yahoo a Good Buy for Microsoft?

On the technical and services segment, there will be a some overlap in the instant messaging, email and search. However, on the fiscal front the acquisition could prove to be a saving grace to the weakening internet portal. Just look at how the market reacted to this bid:

Yahoo’s stock was at $19.18 a share on last Thursday’s closing. After the Microsoft announcement, it jumped to as high as $29.83 — a 55% increase. Looks like people are happy that Yahoo is going to get some help. The 62% premium ($31/share) Microsoft is paying for Yahoo did put a dent into the company’s stocks though which is now down by 6.2%.

How’s this going to affect the bottom line for both companies? Well, Microsoft is claiming it will help them save up to $1 billion a year. ComScore has the market share figures for US and international:

Market Share


In the US, Yahoo sites have a combined lead in the number of eyeballs at 7% followed by Google at 5% and Microsoft at 4%. The combined web properties of MSFT and YHOO will bump that up to 11% or 51.3 billion pageviews. Worldwide, Google leads at 8% (166B PVs) while Yahoo has 5% (102B PVs) and Microsoft at 4% (75.9B PVs). The combined web properties for both will bring it up to 9% (180B PVs) which will take them to lead over Google.


This seemingly hostile takeover by Microsoft is a reaction to Google’s dominance in the search market. It is already losing in the online advertising space with a $245 million loss despite an overall profit increase of 79%. Buying Yahoo can bring back life to that division and even help it save some. Since the Redmond giant has tons of spare change (about 40+ Billion in gross revenues in the last fiscal year), it can afford to take up Yahoo at a premium. And for very good reason.

The million dollar question here is — what does this mean to AdSense Publishers? Well, not much actually. If anything, it could even be a positive effect. Microsoft and Yahoo advertising are primarily premium ad deals (i.e. banner ads and other big ticket campaigns). Google AdSense is more on PPC. Yes, there’s Yahoo YPN and MSN adCenter too but once these two units are combined, PPC buyers will actually consolidate their budget between two players instead of the current 3. In essence, Google AdWords will get more cut of the total budget and probably push a better AdSense CPM performance.

There’s also the likelihood that the *new* Yahoo will concentrate on expanding its PCC and network program which might fastrack the inclusion of Asian publishers. That in turn, will pressure Google to give its network of AdSense Publishers more reasons to stick it out with them. It could be thru an expanded AdSense program or a better cut in the PPC revenues (a percentage share Google has never announced publicly).

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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16 Responses

  1. marhgil says:

    Will Yahoo accept the offer? That is the question. I think they will, and MicroHoo will be born. Finally, a real competition for Google.

  2. Jeffrey says:

    This is good so that Google would not monopolize the search engine which they already are in now.

  3. BrianB says:

    To Google:

    Remember Netscape.

  4. Noemi Dado says:

    I welcome this healthy competition!

  5. Jeffrey says:


    You’re so correct!

    In every Windows OS, there is IE, Yahoo will now be the homepage of IE.

    Windows Media will have the logo and link of Yahoo!

    The desktop of Windows OS will have the logo and link of Yahoo!

    Google, don’t be too harsh on paid text links!

  6. I think yahoo would take the offer. Medyo mahina na kasi ang search engine nila.

  7. I guess it’s good news if ever Yahoo! will sell to Microsoft but still Google monopolize the search engine market even if Microsoft and Yahoo! merge. Their PPC is still way behind on Google’s.

    Pero Yahoo! might be aggressive on PPC this time and hopefully will include the asian market. Google might have more quality publishers because those who doesn’t perform well on Google might migrate to Yahoo and advertisers on Google will have more confidence and spend more.

  8. jhay says:

    At least there’s something new going in the internet world. Hopefully, this new competition will do some good for Google.

  9. otoymreyes says:

    this is will be an acid test for Google ..

  10. Miguel says:

    If Caterina Fake doesn’t stick around MSFT-Y!, I hope she sets up a Pinay Startup in the Philippines! Who knows how much Y! stock she has that she can sell…

  11. arsite says:

    Очень интересное наблюдение, спорное и в то же время вполне вероятное.

  12. Brurce says:

    Да уж, хорошо написано

  13. cgreality says:

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