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Win an Eee PC in the Asus Design Contest

Those of you who haven’t gotten themselves an Asus Eee PC may have another chance to get your hands in one. Asus Philippines will is holding a contest for the most creative skin design for the Eee PC laptop.

Asus Eee PC Design Contest

Contest officially starts today until March 15, 2008. You need to do is come up with the best design for the laptop’s LCD cover and palm rest. Winning design will be used by Asus in releasing a Limited Edition Eee PC for the Philippines. The person with the winning design gets to bring home the first one out of the factory. More details on this and the mechanics on the official contest website on February 7, 2008.

You can see sample designs over at PTB. Asus started this contest in Taiwan and it was a hit. I’m sure they’re going to get the same success here in the Philippines.

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8 Responses

  1. Avatar for chedie chedie says:

    Does anyone know what theme is?

  2. Avatar for ChrisMo ChrisMo says:

    Yes it’s up, but the download template is not for the lcd and mouse area, rather for the back of the eee… Anyone got the right template?

    The design criteria is also vague, it doesn’t say anywhere about what the theme is.

  3. Avatar for Boysie Boysie says:

    guys, up na ang official asus contest site!!! :) am going to submit me a kick-@!# design ;)

  4. Avatar for ChiQ Montes ChiQ Montes says:

    if nice yung design ng exclusive asus eee pc na yan! id sell my eee .. lol.

  5. Avatar for ElectronicsLABdotPH ElectronicsLABdotPH says:

    nice. ayos na contest to :)

  6. Avatar for Jomark Osabel Jomark Osabel says:

    I will join too. Just have to wait for the guidelines and the official contest website.

  7. Avatar for RNHalawi RNHalawi says:

    wow… this was nice… I will submit my entries…

    @abe, you got a typo error on the date// it is suppose to be March 15, 2008.. cheers!

    thanks for the post!

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