February Fresh Friday’s Picks

Some fresh news and old links for this 1st February Friday. And despite my being a fulltime blogger for over 2 years now, I still feel Friday’s are the best day of the week.

In the local scene, some linky goodness:

Yugatech 728x90 Reno7 Series

  • Join the WikiPilipinas Filipina Story Contest being sponsored by WikiPilipinas and supported Noemi and Dine.
  • If you’d like to get a fresh and premium WordPress theme, McBilly is giving away a free Revolution Theme by Brian Gardner. Premium means it will cost you $79.95 to buy the license from Brian.
  • Lufthansa is discontinuing their flights from Manila to Frankfurt. Took this flight last December and was hoping I’ll be taking the same route this year when I get back to Cologne, Germany. Looks like I’m taking KLM via Amsterdam this time. I just wish I could try that new Airbus A380.
  • Looks like some avid HappySlip fans are going to stage a rally or something. What’s worse is that they’re blaming the bloggers who made it to the list for the confusion.
  • Ely asks why people hate “make money” blogs and websites. I agree that it boils down to usability and conflicts of interest. It kinda feels like MLM.

In foreign news, there’s some stuff I wasn’t able to cover last week but still worth the discussion:

  • Sun Microsystems announced the acquisition of mySQL. All along I thought mySQL is open-source! *heh*
  • Amazon will buy Audible Inc. (company that sells audio books and other digital content) for a reported $300 Million. After AmazonMP3, now this. Amazon is gearing up against Apple iTunes; and it’s getting a lot of support from the recording industry.
  • Shoemoney says “There is no customer loyalty in online commerce“. It shouldn’t be but current trends looks like it. Case in point: there’s just too many people jumping from NameCheap to GoDaddy to LiquidWeb to DreamHost to HostGator to 1and1 to PowWeb and back (whichever gives the best deals) — and it’s a proven marketing model online.
  • Netscape browser gets another month of lease in life. Why bother? My RIP still says 1994 – 2008.
  • After the 2007 4th quarter earnings report, Wall Street is unimpressed at Google’s performance. Stocks drop 8% and it’s now down to around $516 from $750 just a couple months ago. That has got to hurt. Yahoo! on the other hand is close to slashing over a thousand employees. Exciting times ahead. *heh*
  • Motorola has announced its intention of selling its mobile phone division. Farewell to the Razr!

It’s the month of February once again — time to put all those affiliates for flowers and chocolates out! IslandRose, where art thou?!

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13 Responses

  1. Avatar for McBilly McBilly says:

    @Yuga. Yup. She’ll indeed fly to Cebu, among other places here in the Phils but no more meet and greet. :(

    By the way, I just noticed you get your real name as a domain name back! Congrats Abe! Did you pay a larger amount for it? :D

  2. Avatar for jamie jamie says:

    I guess it’s because some were way ahead with the news. Nabasa ko na sa comments ng blog ni Christine yung link ng Yehey. This was 2 days before Christine announced it.


    Also I think nakuha ko rin sayo yung link ng OurAwesomePlanet.

  3. Avatar for Goe D Goe D says:

    kelan kaya mapasama sa lists of honorable mention ang eBenTa.Com :), labs the HappySlip journey, MySQL/Suns weee, labs MySQL but I prefer if Suns buy/acquire PostgreSQL, most reliable than MySQL, made hundreds of $$$ of sales from audible last year, wow Amazon is buying it??, dun sa iba pa, no comments.

  4. Avatar for jhay jhay says:

    I really need to read up on those disgruntled fans of Happy Slip. :P

  5. Avatar for TJ TJ says:

    @yuga: hehehe… that’s ok… we may look like staging a rally anyway if we get there… hehehehe… even if we will be just there trying our luck and meeting some new friends hahaha…

    By the way.. nice site. :D

  6. Avatar for Ian Ian says:

    And now that there are plans for AmazonMP3 to go global, iTunes is in for some interesting times. Up next, videos — and not just lame 24-hour rentals.

  7. Avatar for Maruel Maruel says:

    Wow! WikiPilipinas featured in YugaTech! :D

  8. Avatar for Eugene Eugene says:

    Well, Sun apparently doing this (acquiring mySQL) to further bolster their geek cred in the open-source community. Like starting OpenSolaris, released most of their Java technologies under GPL, contributing servers and manpower to various open source projects, releasing OpenOffice.org, etc. Hehehe.

    It’s actually a good business move. If they own the ‘M’ in LAMP, then they can easily sell solutions for SAMP, i.e., Solaris, Apache, mySQL, and Perl/PHP/Python/etc. all running on Sun machines.

  9. Avatar for Abe Olandres Abe Olandres says:

    @ noems, will try my best to find time for it.

    @ TJ, sorry, forgot to the add the operative word *some*. I’ve rephrased the sentence so it doesn’t become a generalization.

    @ MCBilly, maybe she’ll by Cebu for her island tours?

  10. Avatar for McBilly McBilly says:

    Hi Yuga! Thanks very much for the mention of the contest. It would really be great to meet Christine in person, too bad I live in Cebu. Hehe.

    Props to everyone who made it to the top 100 list! Enjoy! :D

  11. Avatar for TJ TJ says:

    @yuga: I don’t know about others… but I’m not staging a rally or something… I just want to be there… with invites or not… I may not be inside the area but then again… if there’s a chance to meet her then why not, right?

    And please do read the other posts before generalizing as you have said in your second sentence… :D

  12. Avatar for noemi noemi says:

    Thanks Abe. Sana you contribute too! So you can have a free Filipina Shirt at the party.

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