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NTC not equipped to monitor telcos’ Internet speed

With the probe on slow Internet speed in the country currently taking place, a National Telecommunication Commission (NTC) official admitted that the agency is not properly equipped to monitor the Internet speed provided by local telcos.


According to Inquirer’s report, NTC Director Edgardo Cabarios said that they do not have the equipment that will help them monitor the Internet speed of the telcos. This is also the reason why the commission is yet to set a minimum standard Internet speed in the country. He also noted that an additional Php14 million would be needed for the equipment.

ACT Teachers Rep. Antonio Tinio recommended that the Public Service Act of 1936 be amended as the telcos would only face a penalty of Php200 per day if they fail to meet Internet speed standards.

“Do we wonder why consumers are left practically defenseless? Napakapilay pala ng NTC,” said Tinio.


This article was written by Louie Diangson, Managing Editor of YugaTech. You can follow him at @John_Louie.

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16 Responses

  1. meh says:

    “NTC says the internet is too slow to go to speedtest.net and check the speed” haha

  2. archie says:

    At ano ang ginagawa ng gobyerno sa taxpayer’s money? Pampasweldo kay Bong Revilla na wala namang ginawa sa privelege speech niya kundi magpowerpoint presentation?

    • ariel says:

      BRO! the taxpayers money should never be touched for the betterment of the public….because its creation is SOLELY intended to go straight and directly to the POCKETS in the form of PDAF of these senators ie bong kawatan revilla et al, no if and no but, end of the story…we pinoys should know that!!!

      and if they be caught..their primary assignment is CRY a buckets of tears in front of TV and use GOD to protect themselves and the usual powerpoint presentation ba…

  3. Kisuke says:

    This is stupid.. creating a commission who has no teeth.. creating a law which it cannot be properly implemented.. I love the Philippines!

  4. Easy E says:

    Marami namang paraan ang pwedeng gawin ng ntc habang wala pang dedicated equipment para dyan. Ang problema kasi sa ahensya ay yung mga matayanda na dyan na nagaantay nalang ng retirement ay di na kumikilos. Kulang na kaalaman nila sa mga bagong tech. Kailangan ng new batch ang ahensya. Si sir cabarrios kilala ko sya at alam ko qualifications nya. Yung mga tao sa baba nya malamang ang problema.

  5. bern says:

    What is the kind of equipment they are needing for to measure internet speed? Their phones are just enough to figure out and deduct what to do from quality of speed they are getting from everyday, signals are ubiquitous and cannot lie that telcos are failing or denying the reliability of the service they are advertising for.

    Do they have to black and white everything just to justify the claims? There have been already a lot of out cry about this but seems NTC are useless indeed to heed of and act decisively to uphold subscribers’ right to get what they are paying for. NTC has just been ignoring the fact that the quality of service is poor and failed to meet the expectations because they don’t have enough power to command telcos.

  6. Hen-Sheen says:

    Corruption is in the Philippines. Instead of the government helping them, why not get help from the private sectors located in another country? Or better yet, why not the Philippines form a War and Technological Economy that will boost jobs opportunities to over 90,000? NTC must use their internal processor for a change to satisfy consumers or it’s the other way around!

  7. Inigo says:

    Strange. If they don’t have equipment, they can just do a survey. All it takes is a group of a handful of people to go around and asking people to go to Speedtest.net in their home computers and test their speeds. No equipment necessary. Pamasahe lang. Well, kailangan pala ng computer na may Microsoft Excel. That’s it, pancit.

  8. grrrrrrr says:

    What is happening in our country?!!!!!!!!!

  9. krypton says:

    Kung ganyan sila bakit pa nag eexist ang NTC kung wala naman pala silang pakinabang at hindi ginagawa ang dapat nilang trabaho? Napakawalang kwentang alibi yan. Dapat sesantihin lahat ng tao dyan kung wala naman pala silang pakinabang. Ano yan, kikklos lang sila kapag may nagreklamo tapos wala rin palang gagawin sasabihin walang gamit. Naknang, nakaka init ng dugo. Haays!

  10. Rainbow Rat says:

    This is not alarming anymore. Lahat ng ahensya ng gobyerno kulang sa facilities. Kung sana lahat ng pondo ay talagang napupunta sa kinauukulan, maunlad sana ang Pilipinas. Sayang ang talino at galing ng Pilipino kung ilan ilan lang ang nakikinabang sa pera ng bayan. I love Senator Bong Revilla! Galing niya umarte kahit sa totoong buhay.

  11. 9West says:

    mga inutil lang pla mga tiga NTC hindi nila magawa ang dapat na trabaho nila. So why do they exist? sayang lang if pinapa sweldo lang sila ng mamamayan to do nothing,pano kasi may pampa-dulas ng mga telco sa NTC kaya hindi nila kinakanti. even mga korean clone gadgets nagkalat na din na dapat regulate din ng NTC at they job. Haizz, its more fun in the Philippines.

  12. steelicon says:



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    By checking this box you agree that you have read both the License Deed and Legal Code and agree to be bound by the terms of the Creative Commons license “Attribution, Non-Commercial Share Alike”

  13. Vince says:

    A law mandating that the isp disclose the average speed might be impractical since it varies by location and over time. A more practical law would be like a lemon law or the law that can return defective goods. If the customer can provide proof that its slow, the customer can terminate without lock in penalties

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