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PH Government shuts down torrent site Kat.PH

Earlier this week, torrent site KAT.PH was inaccessible to visitors after the Philippine Government executed a take-down of the country-code top level domain (ccTLD).

KAT.PH (used to be kickasstorrents.com) hosts a torrent site for pirated movies, music, software and games.

Local domain registrar, dotPH, blocked access to the domain after it received a TRO from the RTC which was filed by the Intellectual Property Office.

The site is still accessible via other domain names it still maintains.


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43 Responses

  1. countrymouse says:

    read somewhere, kickasstorrents.to, just like piratebay.sx from .org, .se

  2. paulo says:

    Why are they even trying? they can’t stop online piracy. and they don’t have to. They just do it coz they can’t earn money from it. There are more important things to do than to try and fight online piracy. You can still access it at kickass.to

  3. Reader says:

    Just do what PirateBay did: move to another TLD.

  4. therealmaldito says:


  5. KINGSL4YER says:


  6. arnold says:

    nako grabeng balita yan…..

  7. abuzalzal says:

    From a very reliable source….NASUHULAN ng American Film studios and Music corporations…tsk tsk tsk….Pinoy talaga madaling masilaw sa pera

  8. abuzalzal says:

    Thank God for the cloud hahahaha…Kickass.To na ngayon lol, parang nagba-bar hopping lang

    Piracy is here to stay GREEDY M’f’ck’ers!!!

  9. someone says:

    The government isn’t trying to block the site. They just don’t want anyone using a dot ph domain for unethical purposes.

  10. epi cent says:

    minumura ang gobyerno dahil ginagawa ang trabaho? anyare sa pinas? nahihilo ako sa mga comment basta piracy ang topic…

  11. manaka_junpei says:

    SOPA’s PIPA ACTA ano pa kaya

    • abuzalzal says:

      hehe very impossible/unlikely kase na nag kusa ang Ph Gov’t para ma shut down ang KAT

      It’s either some form of pressure or monetary reward that triggered it.

      Universal Studios, SONY Entertainment, 20th Century Fox etc etc are hell-bent on shutting down P2P and file-hosting sites through SUHOL…No surprise here, everybody saw it coming anyways

  12. yify says:

    stupid government, they can’t shutdown people.

  13. yify says:

    stupid government, they can’t shutdown people.

  14. jrex says:

    they can’t stop this. they call it online piracy, we call it sharing. lol. quoted from my adv networking professor, ;)))

  15. Sex says:

    Like this ever stopped people from finding alternative sources, lol.

  16. Avalon says:

    You can see that people are angry because what used to be free to them are now harder to find. :p
    Though I agree that there are more important things to do, I have to admit that; for one reason or another, majority of the sites content are illegal, thus making the site illegal.

    • Iyan Sommerset says:

      I dunno about that. Since we don’t have much of a hunting industry here, I’d say the majority of guns here are used to kill people. Doesn’t mean they should all be illegal.

  17. Mike says:

    piracy issues pero ang dami sa st francis square sa quiapo etc etc.. sa st. francis hinuhuli lng daw ung mga Pinoy Films. hehehe

  18. Angcoolit says:

    Nakakatawa talaga pag may mga tanga na nagco-comment.
    Hindi piracy ang issue dito… Domain name.
    .PH (dot ph) belongs to the philippines and kat.ph was using it.
    Basa-basa naman pag may time… Hindi yung salita ng salita eh mali naman!

    • abuzalzal says:

      Ikaw ang ENGOT. Domain name my A-S-S

      The ISSUE has always been Piracy (always will). Matagal ng nasa watch-list ang KAT ng mga foreign authorities tingin mo ba that has nothing to do with it? Ignoramus in d haus

    • yify says:

      tanga din e, hindi naman isasara yan kung hindi pirated torrents nanjan, isp isp din pag my time

  19. meh says:

    Wonder how much the USA paid them to do so?

  20. Jesus says:

    Sayang din ang domain name na yun.

  21. creator says:

    Seriously, if you are a content creator or a game publisher, you’ll definitely complain about piracy. You guys seem to enjoy piracy without realizing that you hurt those people who worked really hard just to get income on those things that they made. Pirates don’t give a damn about those hardworking people’s efforts.

    Fucking pirates everywhere.

  22. Emmanus says:

    stupid government thinking they could put an end to kat. fail.

  23. Pinoyhater says:

    now i hate you PH!

  24. liuyong says:

    It’s a nomar move,but it’s no meaning

  25. Manuel says:

    baka mga isp satin nagpatanggal niyan dahil sobrang lakas magdownload ng mga pinoy.

  26. PewpewOnYOU says:

    When you thought they couldn’t get any more dumber. LMAO. pathetic government is pathetic

  27. Churva says:

    Mister Blancaflor, Ser, Nag-college po ba kayo?
    after nyong mag-enroll ng mga subjects sa college, saan kayo pumupunta para maging official yung enrollment nyo? Sa Registrar!

    Ano ang gawa ng Registrar? Tagapag-lista ng mga enrolees ng eskwelahan!
    Ngayon, pagka ba may ginawang kagaguhan yung estudyante, Yun bang Registrar ang babalikan mo? Ang sagot, nyo ay malamang, HINDE!

    Alam nyo po bang ang dotPH ay isa lamang Registrar?
    Opo isa syang registrar ng mga individuals or groups/companies/entities who wants to have an Online presence. Sa madaling salita, walang kinalaman ang dotPH domain sa mga activities ng nagpa-register ng domain sa kanila, in this case, yung Kat.Ph.

    So, ngayon na alam nyo na kung ano ang Internet Domain Registrar, bakit naging respondent ang dotPH domains sa inyong kabobohan?

    Dahil? Incompetent kayo! Hindi nyo alam ang ginagawa nyo!
    Puro kayo Pa-BIBO! Mga BOBO at Tanga nman kayo!
    Alam nyo ba kung anong mangyayari dyan sa ikakaso nyo sa dotPH domain registrar? Wala! kasi nde sila related or connected sa Kat.Ph na syang inaakusahan nyo na nag-infringe ng mga copyrights ng mga OPM songs.

    At kung mamalasin kayo, babalikan pa kayo ng dotPH domains, dahil sa paninirang puri, public scandal and Libelous publicity ninyo!

  28. Well, I still think na ang primary reason for this ay dahil sa dala ng kat ang TLD na “.ph”
    It’s as if the web is saying that…

    “Come to the Philippines, we’re a source of piracy”

    Pa-good image lang.. Kaya parin naman ng kat na bumalik sa gameplay eh…

  29. Jrd says:

    You can still access it via kickass.to

  30. Leonardo says:

    PH government or USA GOV ? its the usa that told the ph gov to take it down, ph have other things to worry about like poverty of the people… no a domain name. IT WAS THE UNITED STATES GOV

  31. jayron says:

    Parang ang bobang si Loren Legarda (and all the morons who voted for her.) Sa dami ng problema ng Pilipinas inuna pang ipa shut down mga local porn sites. Like that’s gonna stop your typical horny teenager. duh?

  32. dave says:

    haha.. cguro niminimize lng ng ating gobyerno ang mga iligal na site…sa katunayan masama ang mamerata dba?

    kya saludo ako sa ating pamahalaan……

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