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RIP: Geocities, 1995-2009

Yahoo has finally decided to shut down its long-time free-hosting service, Geocities. It was 10 years ago that Yahoo acquired Geocities for a huge sum of $3.57 billion.

There will be no more sign-ups starting today and towards the end of this year, all existing accounts will be shut down as well. Active users are advised to download and save their data from their accounts.

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Yahoo is offering its professional web hosting services to those who still want to continue and move their sites (its the paid service though). For others, they will still be free hosting service to move to like Blogger or WordPress. I guess Yahoo is just saving up some money in this tough times and it looks like Geocities could be burning some serious cash.

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I think I had my very first website back in the 90s on Geocities (or was it Angelfire?). In the days before blogging was known to man, having a Geocities account was the “in thing” then.

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13 years ago

Да, таких зачетных блогов я еще не видел! Этот блог даст фору многим сайтам ( по содержанию и не только)! Пять баллов!

13 years ago

sino may account ng geocities?
nabigyan kasi ako ng parang promo para mgmigrate sa new host system kaso need ng account ng geocites un ang pang verify na subs ka nga. free domain hosting at registration for 2 years with unlimited bandwidth. meron pa ako 5 code. email nio lang ako d2 [email protected]

13 years ago

I use to have geocities account before when i started web developing,is was a big contribution with my learning.
RIP to geocities. lol

13 years ago

awww, nandun yung first ever website ko! hehe.

Gerard Banasig
13 years ago

Geocities will always be remembered, a website back then http://geocities.com/itlivewire/main.html

CC Lozano
13 years ago

That’s sad. I too used to have a Geocities account.

alejojoe a.k.a. josewerkz
13 years ago

it is home for some bogus sites too… maybe that’s one of the reason they have to shut it down. well, its just a maybe.

13 years ago

Sabi na nga ba darating rin to. Closing Geocities to clear up some space for their unlimited storage in email. Tsk3

13 years ago

lol i think geocities is ugly

13 years ago

i will miss geocities

work at home dad
13 years ago

One of the first websites are in Geocities and angelfire.

It guess its about time to cut on operating expenses that does not bring profit.

13 years ago

Sa Geocities ko rin ginawan ng sites ang orgs ko sa college nung mid to late 90s.

Student Athlete
13 years ago

Ouch! I’m a very sentimental person. I value my first site; that is hosted on Geocities.

13 years ago

Thats really sad…I will have to download all of my files. Thanks for the info. It was really helpfull.

13 years ago

I’ve had my first ever website built at Geocities too. Though i only used their free templates, but also had my first tastes of what HTML was about.

13 years ago

Papalitan ba nila ung Geocities ng ibang hosting program?

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