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HP Philippines launches Mini 1100 & 2140

HP Philippines formally launched three new ultraportable notebooks today — the HP Mini 2140, HP Mini 1100 and the HP Mini Vivienne Tam Special Edition (HP doesn’t want to call it a netbook).

Though some of the units have been available in the market as early as December of last year, HP decided to just formally announce all of them at the same time with special focus on the exclusive Vivienne Tam Special Edition.

hp mini 2140

HP learned its lesson and completely ditched VIA for an Intel Atom N270 processor with options for an 80GB SSD or a 160 GB HDD. The Mini 2140 has an aluminum body and retails for Php23,950 while the Mini 1100 with a black plastic body will sell for Php18,950.


hp mini 1100

The limited edition Vivienne Tam model is basically a Mini 1100 painted in red with some flowery drawings on the hood. And because that’s a signature edition, the price is much higher at Php27,950 (looks like Vivienne Tam gets a big cut). Only 250 of these will be available in the Philippines (with 40 units already set aside for HP employees in the Philippines).

mirriam quiambao

There was no Vivienne Tam to grace the occasion but former beauty queen Mirriam Quiambao hosted the launch.

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26 Responses

  1. allan paule says:

    I doubt it if it is really a 80GB SSD. Please verify this.

  2. abs says:

    nice move by HP! Good Luck!

  3. yuga says:

    @allan – that’s what was written on the press release. I will double check it with them.

  4. calvin says:

    wow hp 2140 almost has the same price as the Asus 1000HE. i would expect it to be more expensive. nice deal yan kung ganyan.

  5. Josh says:

    awesome notebooks. doesn’t have metallic blue? btw tumaba na ni miss Mirriam Quiambao..lol

  6. Alvin says:

    If the press release is the same (prices & specs) with retail stores out there…HP really did a great job officially announcing another three new yet confusing set of mini series.

    @yuga, could you please mention where the prices was based? it is with the press or a specific retail store? that 80SSD out of the box is really tempting!!!


  7. yuga says:

    The prices are SRP from HP although I have seen the 2140 and the 1100 in stores that sell for the same price.

  8. so that means you can’t have both? it’s either you opt for 80GB SSD or the 160GB HDD?

  9. Darren says:

    very VAIO P like, :P

  10. Brian says:

    Just to clarify, HP announces that only the 160GB HDD is an option available in the Philippines. In other countries like Singapore, you can get the 80GB SSD though…

  11. it would have been a deal breaker if you can have both. of course, using SSD would save you from the perils of battery drain, as it wouldn’t consume much power.

  12. Jay says:


    The Vivienne Tam NETBOOK!

    a low performance, cheap Internet device.

    now would u get that thing a 2GhZ Atom Procie with Nvidia ION or Intel GMA 4500HD and you may call it an ultra portable.

  13. jared says:

    aluminum one looks sexy

  14. Anne says:

    I bought the 2140. I have scoured the metro looking for the SSD version but came up empty. Oh well, I can live with 160HDD. Anyway, the HP 2140 has a HDD protection system that detects shocks to prevent data loss. I’m loving my netbook so far.

    I got it at AccentMicro for around Php25,500 including upgrade to 2GB RAM.

  15. aids says:

    is the hi-res version available in the here?

  16. DJ says:

    This is my favorite netbook, of all the ones out there, simply because it’s the most beautiful and it has the most comfortable (largest) keyboard.

    BTW, the aluminum 2140 looks a lot like the newest MacBooks. Silver body, black frame, edge-to-edge ‘glass’.

  17. Erjan says:

    is the high resolution HP Mini Note 2140 already available here in the Philippines?

  18. lei says:

    Sir yuga,
    I will not comment about this post po. I just want to ask po about laptop. I want to buy laptop po sana pero may budget is only 9 to 11 thou lang. I want brand new sana with higher specs. Kung 2nd hand ung sure na sure. Sana ung battery last ng 3 and up hours. Thanks and hoping for your reply po.

  19. yuga says:

    @lei, try the Blue H1.

  20. Dave Cenido says:

    I’m a proud HP Mini 2140 owner myself! :)
    I’m also running an HP Mini guide site!
    Proudly Filipino Made! http://www.hpmini.com.ph

  21. macdrive says:

    sir abe, has the new upgraded HP mini 2140 with higher resolution (1300+ x 700+) arrived na in Manila? What stores are selling it and for how much? How much too would a 2gb RAM & 6-cell battery upgrade cost? Thanks! :)

  22. Rhinoplasty says:

    the best beauty queens are coming from south america, i really love latinas *:*

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