Asus Eee PC 1000HE now out and priced

Asus Eee PC 1000HE now out and priced

Boasting a maximum battery life of 9.5 hours, the Asus Eee PC 1000HE is getting pretty good reviews (see full review at PTB) and local stores now have them in stock.

Prices vary between stores — PC Corner sells them for Php23,300 while Complink has them for Php24,950 (1GB RAM, 160GB HDD).


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The biggest turn-on — an 8700mAh 6-cell battery that can last 9.5 hours. Of course, that comes with a price as the netbook is already 1.5 kilos (3.2lbs) heavy, about three-quarters of a pound heavier than earlier models. I’d say the 1000HE is way better than the expensive Asus S101 which is still priced at Php33,000.

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24 Responses

  1. calvin says:

    whoopee. i saved 5k pala sa purchase ko.

  2. Arnold says:

    Got mine two weeks ago for P23K, grey market.
    This is by far the best Eee PC released by Asus.

  3. william says:

    it’s starting to get closer to be a notebook. i guess function wise (being small and all) the features are very nice.

  4. TechLord says:

    I know a supplier who’s selling those for 16k apiece. Man, the markup on prices these days!

  5. omg.. thats the price of my eee pc900 last year.. i wish i can go back in time and get my money back then buy this 1000he.. hehehe doraemon taskete!

  6. reviews says:

    I having problems on choosing what to buy. An Asus EEEpc, Acer Aspire One or Apple Mac. :(

    I’m poor so my choice is not to buy one. LOL!

  7. @TechLord

    maybe you can refer your friend to us one of these days! ehehe! :p

    it seems one of your three choices is very, very out of place! :)

  8. ignite says:


    yeah. maybe you could hook us up with your supplier. at 16k, i wont think twice on purchasing one!

  9. Jhay says:

    With that battery life, the weight is bearable.

    I wonder how the other makers would respond?

  10. jpeb says:

    Silicon Valley at SM megamall sells the unit for P24,650, went there last Tuesday

  11. TatayK says:

    How about the cooling system? For those who have already purchased one pakwento naman ng opinyon ninyo tungkol sa operating temperature ng 1000HE. Thanks!

  12. EricN says:

    i’ve been waiting for a netbook that would last that long… pwedeng pang byahe. The weight? ano ka girl? hahaha

  13. EricN says:

    and lalo na pag bumaba pa sa 20k ang price cguradong patok to!

  14. chuck says:

    test the monitor,hi,janice

  15. Enteng says:

    Went to Greenhills earlier and TCA is selling it for 22K… best price so far is at GigaHertz at 22.5K with 2GB memory na…btw, prices quoted are cash basis.

    I want one!!!

  16. Lornie says:

    i went to greenhills (Dynamic) last sunday it cost 21,500 cash, if your going to credit card plus 4%.

  17. Sarah says:

    Hey. Last time i checked, PC Gilmore is selling it at 19,700.

  18. Rye says:

    I bought one last Sunday (5/24/09) when my dinosaur laptop (pentium III that weighs a ton) would not boot up for days.

    Bought it at PC Live in MOA Cyberzone, where the sale personel are corteous, for 22+K. I had upgraded the RAM to 2 gig in the same store when i bought it. They accept all local major credit card (i used my SC visa for 1900+/month x 12 months at 0%)

    The battery life is great, i turn this thing on from 1pm, listening to mp3s w/o earphones , do the basic office work until 6pm. By then the battery never went down below 60%. And at home i turn it on again at 8pm for my net surfing and some take home office work. By 12mn, the battery rarely go below 20%. I do not know how the battery can handle connecting to wireless network though.

    I have not tried watching full lenght dvd movies though. Currently, i am downloading dresden files and the legend of the seeker in one of the popular torrent sites. Can’t wait watching those while in bed not being connected to any charger and without sweating like a pig because this netbook never heat up like my previous laptop.

    Btw, i found a much better media player (than windows media player) that can handle most if not all of the media format – the KMPlayer. This player suits the 10″ screen of ASUS EEE pc 1000HE. Here’s the link and check it out yourselves:

  19. t1ixsi says:

    eee pc 1000HE 10 inch and 9.5 hours Rated Charge is nice

  20. winks says:

    @ Sarah

    with that 19700 @ PC Gilmore, does it hav 2GB RAM or just 1GB? & how bout its HDD? thanks

  21. Jay C says:

    Mga bro and sis’

    I am selling brandnew 1000he for 21k, all in, 1gb ram 160gb hd. i only have 2 units left. traceable to store warranty (MOA branch), 1 year. 0926-8134742. just drop me a text for availability. white na lang ang kulay. w/ freebies pa! Sublect to prior sale.

  22. Jay C says:

    This is the best among netbooks, check nyo video review sa youtube. If you are looking for something, eto na yun! Im personally using this, and I’ve tried several netbooks, so far this outstands everyone else kahit HP mini laos dito.
    I can compare to sa mac ko in terms of performance. Speaking of Mac, Leopard OS is running smoothly in this unit. try it yourself!
    Happy surfing!

  23. Hello!

    I just got my Asus EeePC 1000h as a father’s day gift from my dad :P.. We bought it for 20,700 at Silicon Valley SM Sta Rosa.. It works great and has decent performance for a netbook. I even play RA3 with it :D


  24. Henry Manahan says:

    Do you have review from Asus 1201 N and 1201 HA? i asked at the local Asus store they say they havent got any… Thanks and God bless

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