Has your PLDT myDSL slowed to a crawl?

Has your PLDT myDSL slowed to a crawl?

For the last couple of weeks, my PLDT DSL connection at home has crawled to a turtle’s pace. I don’t often get this type of problems in the last 4.5 years but this time, it took longer than one would expect.

I know how the infrastructure/network works and I’m usually very patient with these types of issues that’s why it took me several weeks to realize this could be permanent and I’m doomed to settle for dial-up speeds. Just look at my SpeedTest results below:


pldt mydsl

Anybody else experiencing the same problems lately? At first, I thought it could be several possible reasons:

  • Too many people connecting to my open wifi? I’ve always had my WiFi open to neighbors so they can use the net once in a while. I tried securing the network so only one PC has access but the slow connection remains.
  • Wiring problems. Sometimes, a faulty wiring or a defective data-voice splitter can cause problems like these but I couldn’t find any.
  • I got downgraded, unknowingly. Maybe the people at the NOC downgraded my 2Mbps Plan 1995 to 384Kbps.
  • Maybe there’s some problem in my area. I called up customer support and they tell me everything’s okay from their end.
  • My node got congested. That’s probable but that usually happens only to cable internet subscribers.
  • PLDT is punishing me for not paying on time. Forgot to pay for 2 months and I got a letter from their legal /collection agent proposing that a legal action might help me remember to pay on time. I already paid in advance so that shouldn’t be a problem.

Then, I ran out of excuses for PLDT. So now, after exhaustively taking into consideration numerous factors, I’ve come to a decision to just jump ship and sign up for a new ISP. I guess it’s time for Globe DSL or take that 6Mbps offer from Sky Broadband.

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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148 Responses

  1. John says:

    Yep…our PLDT myDSL, out of nowhere, suddenly slowed down. I checked out the PLDT thread in PinoyDSL and there’s a thread there discussing this weird occasion. I really think something big went wrong…I’m just not sure what. I used to get 1 mbps now it maxes out at 384 kbps. My plan is the P999 package.

    So weird…

  2. blued888 says:

    I think sometimes these things just happen out of nowhere.

    We’ve been MyDestiny subscribers for around 8+ years now and we’ve experienced occasional crawling speeds (Sometimes even slower than dial-up).

    But more often than not, the issue tends to resolve itself when we put our thoughts into migrating to another service provider.

    MyDestiny is pretty constant at around 1280kbps. Will vary depending on area of course.

  3. mark says:

    yep. mine too. it slowed down as hell. i can’t watch streaming videos without buffering..

  4. TechLord says:

    What the hell’s happenin’ to PLDT?!

  5. PanDeCoco says:

    What’s the feedback on Sky Broadband?

  6. Has your PLDT myDSL slowed to a crawl? hmmmm.. ALWAYS…

  7. Globe DSL? I dont know but Im subscribed to destiny which used to give me a very consistent line of internet (no request timed outs), but for several weeks now they give us a faulty connection here in our area. and they say it’s because of Globe’s sites (or whatever they call it) which they are currently using to provide service.

    but that of SkyDSL’s 6mbps plan is really tempting!

  8. BrianB says:

    Abe Globe is OK, and I’m actually a complainer and I’m telling you they respond quickly. It now takes them 3 days when it used to be a 24 hour response but still manageable.

    These things though really depend on the area. That’s why I am where I am. I could’ve gotten a bigger place for the rent I’m paying but with the amount of online work I “used” to do, Ortigas Ctr was the best place.

  9. calvin says:

    ganun pa rin PLDT ko. mabagal at 384kbps. hehehe.

  10. mike says:

    i’m experiencing significant speed reduction as well for the past week or 2. Sky Broadband just called me yesterday offering their free 15 day 3mbps trial connection. So if their services are at par if not better than what PLDT has to offer I think I’ll be jumping ship as well.

  11. Hi Abe!

    That is sad to hear and quite disturbing as I am already going to jump ship to PLDT myDSL from GlobeDSL. Actually, I am moving out of my current place so it is out of necessity and not by choice.

    As for my experience with GlobeDSL, I can say that I am not a happy customer but sadly, they are the only choice I have in our area. For some reason, downtimes have been frequent with them that sometimes last for more than 3 days! Well, recently, this year though, stability has improved compared to previous years.

  12. Juneau21 says:

    wow that is slow. for a 2mbps plan? i live in sta rosa laguna and i have a plan 999. but im very much happy with the pldt’s services in our place. i barely have disconnections. the only problem is my upload is slow. anyway here is my speedtest.


    and this is for a plan 999

  13. Andre Marcelo-Tanner says:

    call pldt and dont stop complainig, email them etc, ask for your request to be expedited. i wouldnt go with globe, atleast PLDT isnt down for every long if ever, Globe is just down, so if you dont care about having internet all the time, go with Globe.

  14. ogago says:

    no problem for the last 4.5 yrs? so maybe ur still using legacy, pldt upgraded our network to NGN and changd our tel number and everythng, the result is quite impressive. very stable connection and never had a problem snce then.

    and f ur planning to change ISP don’t include globe in ur options, ive tried it and was very unsatisfied, i ended up terminating the contract because they can’t provide me the service i paid for.

  15. adbritepays says:

    I think it’s not about the ISP itself. It depends on your area. There are places where PLDT is good, Globe is good and Other ISPs is good. There are also places where they are bad. Check with your neighbors or friends within your area and determine what ISP is giving the best service in your area.

  16. Poche says:

    what does NOC mean?

  17. Anne says:

    Globe’s pretty awesome right now. Several locations have gone down two weeks at a time for upgrades. When they came back up, I’m getting twice the download/upload rate.

    It’s a good time to shift.

  18. Ton says:

    PLDT in my area (Marikina/Cainta) doing fine. Getting good speeds for past few weeks (than usual).

    I did get slow speeds before. Called in the tech and he “migrated” me from legacy, whatever that means.

    doing ok now…so far

  19. Papi_pol says:

    it could be an isolated incident… i’ve been on My DSL for at least a year now, and still no bog-downs on my speed. Try to communicate with your provider, maybe something’s wrong with your connection.

  20. Our broadband connection at the Iloilo capitol has been down since Monday “due to cable issues at PLDT”. I also experienced weaker signal for my WeRoam, making it harder for me to get a connection at home. The wifi signal at home is also weaker, and we experienced connection troubles on the DSL for a few days over the weekend.

  21. xinclair says:

    i has the same speed rates since last week and we’ve calling them everyday. I know it’s troublesome but they need constant bugging until they get your attention.

  22. LX says:

    Guess they have technical issues.

    Yesterday, I had reconfigure my router connection from PPoE to DHCP (on a DSL connection).

    No warning. DSL connection just died on me and the configuration changed.

  23. Andre Marcelo-Tanner says:

    ya yuga do you use PPPOE or DHCP? if you still use a login you’re on the old system

  24. chris says:

    try Sky broadband 4X faster than DSL. and 15 days trial..lol i think about PLDT its because theres so many subscriber?..

  25. Darren says:

    sometimes viruses or malware might affect too. I read from web news some mutated virus can affect your internet connection speed a lot without making you aware of it at all.

  26. madzman23 says:

    We also got the same problem here in San Pablo City Laguna. The internet connection our computer shop always crawls and sometimes it drops. We always try to escalate it to the customer supports of PLDT, but of course they will tell you that they dont have the same problem. Sometimes they will pass you to their different hotlines, its really annoying.
    I think they have a technical problem, I am trying to figured out the problem but I think its really is in their infrastructure. I know PLDT is kinda crowded but they can handle it for sometime now, so I think its not on the numbers of subscriber.
    Hopefully this can be resolved ASAP. Jumping to a new provider is risky move to us, for PLDT is the most stable provider here. (But not atm.)

  27. msds says:

    it is possible that PLDT reset all legacy accounts (PPPoE) to 384kbps, may be company policy…
    you need to call CSR and demand for advertise speed…

  28. Jhay says:

    And here I was thinking of finally jumping ship and switching to PLDT myDSL.

    I guess there’s really no decent ISP yet here in the Philippines.

  29. James says:

    jesus christ YES it’s so slow

    I’m roughly getting the same speeds as you published

    I live in the New Manila area, with plan 1999 this exact same problem has happened to me almost a year ago also.

    A few months back I’ve been getting exceptional speeds, and then this happened 8(

    Here I thought I’m the only one getting this problem.

  30. Joel says:

    Yesterday was really a PLDC nightmare but it seems OK now. Hoping it won’t happen again.

  31. yuga says:

    We’re still running on the old PPPoE. Called CSR and they didn’t even give a hint.

  32. I had a similar problem with PLDT a month ago. After countless calls to the support desk and listening to their pointless instructions on how to connect a modem, they finally sent out a technical team to the house. After further inspection they found out that it was a problem at the local head office here in Cebu (Jones Office). They just had to restart my account and boom everything was back to normal!

    Try checking out your problem at your local PLDT office and go in person it always helps ;-)

  33. PLDT Customer Support = Scripted Robots

  34. Gerald says:

    Same problem here. I experienced a sudden slow down in bandwidth a week ago and I was able to talk to an engineer. He said that sometimes the server resets the connection which is the reason for the the downgrade at times. They upgraded me from the legacy platform to the new one but still the bandwidth is really low.

    There’s really no sense in talking to the customer support team. All I do is call them to have them make a report/follow up about the issue. It’s usually better to talk to the engineer about these things imo.

  35. eMz says:

    ogago (from above comment) is right, at least after i’ve spoken to a PLDT engineer when he came to sort our internet problems last week.

    PLDT has apparently changed into a New Generation Port, and this is to be implemented until Jan 2010. They’ve started switching the ports for all their subscribers’ internet connections as early as now. PLDT is apparently going to offer tv services or something like live tv streaming or something like that.

    It could be the reason why the net is so slow.

    As ours have been already switched over, we are currently enjoying 4 to 5mb/s compared to our measly 1mb/s 2 weeks ago – i’ve checked speedtest.net at this very moment. ^_^

  36. I live in QC and got the same problem which started last week. I thought it was just me. I’m using a Linksys wi-fi router so I can share connection with my sister. She sits closer to the router using a Dell laptop. I sit a few meters away using a Macbook and my connection always drops off. My airport says connected but no stream is going in. WTF! I had to keep using Network Assistant to keep refreshing. I only get a semi-decent signal when her laptop is turned off.

  37. yuga says:

    We called again, as per the recommendations posted here, but they say I should still be using the PPPoE. No speed improvements.

  38. that’s odd sir yuga, mine’s a little faster than yours. Maybe the speed depends on your location? I dunno :-|

  39. xxholicxx says:

    eastern offers good connection up to 42 mbps..but in selected areas only :(

  40. tank says:

    mine is still stable. plan 999 at 2mbps(not 1mbps) dunno why….? 2.5mbps sometimes. pasay area.

  41. jepoy says:

    @blued8888 – uber martyrs na tayo sa Destiny :D

    @yuga – yup, my grandma’s PLDT myDSL plan 999 has been crawling to 20kbps to 40kbps

  42. ralph says:

    kuya abe..anu modem mo? can i see your diagnostics..

    tska naka legacy ka pala.. not ngn kase diba pppoe ka pa rin?

  43. stephen says:

    To everyone, is this even normal? I live in Makati and I have myDSL plan 999.


    If it isn’t, can you help me what to do? Which is a better provider: Sky or Destiny?

  44. as if that’s my problem to0.. di ka lang makabayad ng 2mos. bills mo mayslow connections kn agad ng DSL mo. haiz…

  45. john says:

    just a gotcha, if you have static IP and your’re in NGN, chances are, you will still use pppoe

  46. PLDT Subscriber from Las Pinas says:

    mine is plan 999 in NGN but started as plan 2500 on legacy line, december 2008 when i discovered a frequent drop in broadband connection, called Tech Support and received assurance that there’s no problem in their side and will schedule a visit to our place..NOBODY CAME!!! 10 days ago.. same problem still unresolved (after 4 months of complaining)..berated the tech support for their scripted responses, asked to talk to a shift supervisor, supervisor promise to personally handle the tech problem, 4 days laters, no resolution.. same problem exist(2 mins maximum DSL uptime)..

    speedtest as of today ave .6 mbps d/l and u/l.. a couple of days ago.. .02mbps d/l latency 2400ms..

    DSL connection has normalized for the last 2 hours.. finger crossed..

  47. Adrian says:

    Try to use another DNS. For slow browsing the solution for that is use another DNS.

  48. To all unsatisfied subscribers: Please request to be migrated to NGN (Next Generation Network) and experience unparalleled speeds compared to other providers. Unfortunately, not all can be migrated to NGN (yet!). However, legacy users can look at the bright side: when more subs migrate to NGN, legacy users will enjoy less congested access.

    We hope to provide a win-win situation as our roadmap unfolds.

    Our investments this year double that of the competition, so we hope to have you onboard with us amidst our efforts to improve our services.

  49. PLDT Subscriber from Las Pinas says:

    PLDT technicians(the real one and not the one you call at 173)called this morning said that they will fix my connection.. I think they transferred my NGN connection to another server, my IP change and my DSL connection is now A-OK..

    check the following result..




  50. PLDT Subscriber from Las Pinas says:


    i posted another comment but was caught by your anti-spam script..

    if you can rescue it from your spam box.. much appreciated.. thanks


  51. and here I thought I was the only one experiencing it. i cant even open blogspot and friendster from my laptop. although all the other sites are fine.

    with all the previous issues I’ve had with them, I have grown tired of calling and berating the technical support agents of PLDT as they are more often than not useless.

    because of this, I convinced myself that the reason for all this is because it’s summer and the kids are probably home all day, in front of their PCs and just surfing the day away. haha. it now sounds silly after reading all the technical explanations here.

    i guess I’m gonna have to call 173 yet again, sigh. i really dont want to, they just ruin my day.

  52. I’m currently having the same problem. I have a plan 1995 but my speedtest result is just 500+kbps.

    Still using PPOE.

    Bad trip!

  53. tonex says:

    I have been experiencing the same slowdown for several weeks. There are times, the speed is ok but the connection is intermittent.

    A colleague of mine uses PLDT in their Makati office. He said he talked to a PLDT technician (or tech support?).

    The guys says that their servers have been hit by a virus. I don’t know if this is possible or true.

    If true, it takes them several weeks to fix it? I don’t get it.

  54. gio says:

    its sabotage hahaha LOL joking ^_^

  55. Brutah says:

    imbes na pabilis lalo silang pabagal ganyan pldt

    try nyo naman ito
    very addictive yung larong ito and popular na ngayon

  56. Sheila says:

    bagal din pldt dsl dito sa area namin marikina/cainta and its the same with globe dsl in my work area in QC. the globe service is out for about a week now and i’ve been suffering from no internet usage at all, i called the hotline (for the nth time) and demanded that my service be back soon or else, i was happy that they send a tech guy late in the afternoon today but i left the office around 6pm and service isnt back yet, i passed the guy working on the lines a few meter down the street and its drizzling, i was “naawa” with the guy but i badly need my internet back. oh well…

  57. vance says:

    one downside for sky’s cable internet connection is its upload speed, they only offer up to 512Mb. if it was around 756 Kbps to 1Mb I would have switched.

  58. Kuya Kevin says:

    I live in the heart of Manila (near City Hall). I’ve had PLDT DSL for over three years now.

    Only major problem I had was back when the earthquake cut all those ocean floor cables–but the internet was slow all over Asia back then.

    Overall I’ve been very satisfied with PLDT. It takes them a few days to finally come and install. But once they do, the customer service is responsive–or they have been for me.

  59. chiemartin says:

    When calling them up, don’t sound irate so they’ll help you. I know it doesn’t sound fair, but that’s how we do it.

    Every time there’s a slowdown, the speed issues get resolved within 24 hours every time from the time we reported it.

  60. badetty says:

    I am a PLDT user for almost a year now and I am frustrated with the service. It seems like everytime their system is down, I get hit all the time. Tough luck. And when I call their tech support/cust svc I always get the usual, “Sige po gawan po namin ng report and i-follow up po namin.” It came to a point where I don’t let the agent finish the line and I just ask for a supervisor. After putting me on hold for (the longest) “1 to 2 minutes” they give the usual excuse that the supervisor is engaged in a call. And I always reply with, “I’ll wait.” I would get a call back only to be told they are still working on the problem.

    The worst experience I had so far with PLDT was when my internet was down for 5 days and I was calling them every hour to follow up. On the 3rd day, 3 technicians came over, looked at my modem (they just looked, they didn’t even touch anything) then told me, “Sige Ma’am icheck namin sa main switch.” Huh? They need 3 technicians to tell me that?!

    I am on the Plan 1995 and after running a speed test this is what I got;
    D/L: 0.13 Mb/s
    U/L: 0.61 Mb/s

  61. john says:

    apparently, there’s an equipment problem. my connection went down from 3.5mbps to 1mbps. no word yet when’s the problem going to be resolved. btw, im on ngn. ngn is fast, its all IP based, but as most say, ngn? thats where the problem starts :)

  62. StarMars says:

    If you take Sky Broadband, I would like to hear more about your experience with it.

  63. Usad Pagong says:

    Mukhang marami tayong naka-experience ng slow down ah, pati speed “na-global crisis” na rin. Yung subscription ko na 1,999 .38 mbps download at .06 mbps sa upload.

    Sumuko na ako sa kakatawag sa 171 technical support palaging sory po ang sagot, may transition daw ng platform , yun iba naman sinasabi may network problem .

    Panoorin nyo yung PLDT call center scandal sa youtube medyo mabawasan ang asar ninyo sa mga call center agent PLDT.

  64. Pampakalma sa mga may problema sa PLDT DSL speed :

  65. Click nyo yung Usad Pagong para mabawasan ang asar nyo sa mga call center agent ng PLDT 171.

  66. Rad says:


    EVERYONE is having the same problem in the last 6 weeks.

    and as 171 has crappy customer service and only gives basic trouble shooting…too hell with them thinking 90% of the yuppies in the philippines know about computers anu tayu bobo tatawag na hindi nag basic trouble shooting from hard reboot to modem and line checks to ipconfig release and renew etc….

    Anyways…so reading through this long thread of everyone. it seems its connecting to the PLDT upgrade of NGN the new gen port.

  67. Rad says:


    type this sa “Run” nyu sa start button so you see how stable your connection is real time

    copy paste nyu na lang

    ping -t -f http://www.yahoo.com
    ping -t -f http://www.youtube.com

    check nyu on your end how many Request Timed Out reports you get

  68. tonex says:

    I am calling them almost everyday now. Tsk. The lady I talked to told me I’m on the NGN server (or platform?) and it’s the one having problems.

    Area lang kuno namin ang me problem. Sabi ko, di lang area namin me problem ah. Pati area nina Yuga. Di nyo kilala si Yuga, ha?

    Actually that Yuga dialogue didn’t happen. But, yeah, their script is “may problem ang platform sa area chuva”.

    Pano na to? Udlot na income ko neto? Di pa kami pwede mag lipat ng ibang ISP kasi PLDT lang pwede sa condo namin. Parusa kaya to ng Diyos sa akin?

    Pag 10pm pataas, gumaganda na. Siguro kasi tulog na mga ibang subscribers. Panong magiging area platform chuva problem eh tuwing 10pm gumaganda na.

  69. Ian says:

    Is PLDT DSL ok at BF Homes QC? I plan to change ISPs – from Destiny. Destiny has gone from bad to worse. I can’t even watch stream videos, except during the ungodly hours past midnight. Browsing after lunch until midnight is very slow.

  70. computer scientist says:

    Some routers/switches can be set to limit the bandwidth per IP address that is on their networks or subnets at specific times, if you will. I suspect the reason why many PLDT subscribers’ bandwidths are limited to 45 KBps or 50 KBps (this is the common denominator if you notice) in the daytime is it is a profiteering scheme by the PLDT management. They “overload” their links with too many users/subscribers for the sake of earning more, that is. They seem to put more people on the links than what is advertised. Probability-wise then, the speeds tend to drop down because the bandwidth or link is shared by too many users. Even so, at times, a user should be able to reach 1 MBps if the router at PLDT’s end is properly configured, as bandwidth reallocation is supposed to be on-demand, not limited, when it comes to packet-switching. And at night, when some of these users are asleep or not online, the connections get back pretty close to speed thanks to probability that these profiteering executives at PLDT feed on. Go figure.

  71. tups says:

    Wow. If I replace the word “PLDT” and use “Skybroadband”, then it would seem like I was the one posting. Not to discourage would be “switchers” but I just want to point out that the same problem also happens at Skybroadband. Good thing I’m not locked-in. I’ll be coming to my senses soon and switch. The PLDT office is just a stone’s throw away from where I live. At least I can pelt them with their modem if I also get the same experience.

  72. roberto says:

    What about this QIK? Anyone heard about it? Here’s the link. I think it’s a relaunch and stuff. Mukhang okay naman


  73. ria_sonrisa says:

    is this like the new plan of DSL? I clicked the link kanina and it shows there the easy steps to have it installed. Of course it’s there and I think I’ll be inquiring about it soon.

  74. yellowcabsfinestbanana says:

    roberto, dude try mo lang. wala naman mawawala and i heard okay lang naman siya at wala pa naman problema regarding connection.

  75. eres _tu says:

    hola fellow mujeres, hombres! I read in this article sa inquirer about 100MB connection. wow! bilis nohh? So cool! I’ll get QIK na para just in time lang ako when PLDT upgrades their systems

  76. ria_sonrisa says:

    hello eres tu, have you checked out their website? i think you have to check it if your area can be accessible para magpakabit ka ng QIK. useless din if not di ba? here’s the website. http://myworldmydsl.com/qik/home.aspx

  77. banana republic says:

    yeah relaunch lang ang qik. i saw that last year na pero di ko alam on why it died down.

  78. roberto says:

    probably people didn’t buy the fact that there would be a quick install kit, as if it’s not yet applicable. and pwedeng marami din technical problems so i assume the relaunch is not only on the marketing side but also its technical aspects as well. then again, their service is the one that needs improvement.

  79. banana republic says:

    ah k so ganun pala. sana maayos na kung maraming technical problems last time out.

  80. eres tu says:

    napatawag pa tuloy ako sa hotline about the accessibility to my place. the one online doesn’t seem to work or hindi lang siguro accessible. i had to apply pa! but it’s okay. m ok wit it.

  81. roberto says:

    erestu marami nga nagsasabi na hindi gumagana yung sa website so just call 101-885 for further inquiries.

  82. redstrong says:

    wassup guys! discussion pala about QIK here. i just read this article about QIK’s presscon with Ryan. It turns out, the guy does believe in the product. nagulat ako it can be up to 3mbps pala, like Skybroadband. Sweet deal huh? And from what I heard, it can come with a free WiFi router. Even sweeter! Nice. Btw, here’s the link to the article regarding the presscon in case you guys don’t believe. i couldn’t believe it too!

  83. redstrong says:

    wassup guys! discussion pala about QIK here. i just read this article about QIK’s presscon with Ryan. It turns out, the guy does believe in the product. nagulat ako it can be up to 3mbps pala, like Skybroadband. Sweet deal huh? And from what I heard, it can come with a free WiFi router. Even sweeter! Nice. Btw, here’s the link to the article regarding the presscon in case you guys don’t believe. i couldn’t believe it too! http://www.mb.com.ph/articles/209374/a-qik-quiz-ryan-agoncillo-s-internet-use

  84. eres tu says:

    nabasa ko din yan! medyo skeptic ako sa mga pinagsasabi ni Ryan pero somehow, it got me thinking na i should go for it. wala na akong choice eh.

  85. ria_sonrisa says:

    i read that one too! Nagulat ako sa mga sagot ni Ryan huh?

  86. redstrong says:

    if the guy really believes in what he’s selling, then he probably must be using it, unless he has death threats and all that. haha! wag naman sana. Bait naman si ryan eh.

  87. pumpapel na epal says:

    hi guys. just want to share na nagpakabit na ako ng qik. I thought id give it a try (subscriber ako ng ibang internet company sa original na talagang tirahan ko) and i have my dormmates/condomates to contribute. long story short, nagpakabit kami, and mejo quick naman ang service.

  88. ria_sonrisa says:

    @redstrong: right! besides, there are still principled celebrities out there who really believe in the product. I think many people are just doing it for the money. win-win situation din kasi for the product and the celebrity.

  89. redstrong says:

    ^^rrrrright! Like Vincent Chase (of Entourage if you watch it hahaha!) but there are really those who are principled celebrities, who aren’t caught by the glitz and glamour of Pinoywood life. Could you remember who was the celebrity endorser of QIK last year? was there any at all?

  90. ria_sonrisa says:

    hi redstrong! no i don’t know if anyone was an endorser of QIK last year. baka yun din ang reason as to why they had to repackage: poor marketing promotion and some technical glitches. ewan ko, that’s just me making an assumption. aheeheehee

  91. mucha buena! says:

    hiiiii!!! share ko lang, naka-QIK na ako. wala lang. haha!

  92. ria_sonrisa says:

    hey buena, how do you find qik? mabilis din?

  93. mucha buena! says:

    yeah i guess. not really different with other plan 999 i’ve had before. was there any difference with yours?

  94. caliber 38 says:

    hi guys. i would just like to share my experience with qik. just real qik. harhar…got my package some few days ago, took some time to install as i had a semi-hard time doing what was told in the instructions pero i got through it (not that computer literate and hardware savvy anyway). but when i got it going, it was okay for me so far. just okay. nothing fancy except that it’s an innovation. well there, customer service was courteous. anyway, wala pa namang major problem that will make me take my head off.

  95. "provode" says:

    3mbps with free wifi! amazing! just amazing.

  96. stronghold says:

    hey provode, sweet deal noh? I mean you’re shelling out more money but it comes with something more than just the plan and the QIK product.

  97. ria_sonrisa says:

    @buena: i don’t know honestly. as long as there’s no paputol-putol na connection, i’m fine with it.

    @provode: yeah isn’t it great? wifi with 3mbps connection? it’s just great. :)

  98. mucha buena says:

    hi ria. We have the same sentiments. lol

  99. yellowcabsfinestbanana says:

    hi guys! I totally missed out on this. Forgot that this existed. haha! I got the QIK thing na. Yes, I did try (as I told someone up above) and so far, wala naman problema. And no, I’m not experiencing any connection cuts, if that’s what you call it.

  100. redstrong says:

    hey ria, did a bit of research and wala pa lang endorser ang qik last year. now they have like 2, aside from ryan. And another’s a real looker, a girl of course.

  101. kahlua and cream soda says:

    i have no problem with my connection sa pldt. But I have heard about this qik thing. Hell, if i have no problem with it, i think i’ll check it out.

  102. yellowcabsfinestbanana says:

    kahlua my man, you should try it out…or ikaw na bahala if you want. I’d like to recommend it though.

  103. ria_sonrisa says:

    @buena: I thought so. haha!

    @redstrong: ah talaga? saan mo nakita?

  104. redstrong says:

    a friend of mine showed me the pics. He went to the launch party of qik sometime last month ata or i forgot when. maganda daw eh. dapat talaga sumama na ako sa kanya. hahaha!

  105. ria_sonrisa says:

    Ah i was there. Sa Ascend? I didn’t know that there was a girl endorser.

  106. redstrong says:

    ah you were there? Nice. He showed me the photos where Ryan sat at the table stage area tapos may katabi siyang babae na mahaba ang buhok, chinita, maputi (o dahil sa make up lang hahaha!)

  107. mucha buena says:

    anyone here got the 3mbps? Does it really come with a wifi router?

  108. redstrong says:

    yep! It does. But no, I don’t have it. hahaha!

  109. mucha buena says:

    okay how did you know? WHo’s your contacts?

  110. redstrong says:

    my friends of course. who else? alangan naman gagawa pa ako ng survey for this. hahaha! trabaho ng pldt yun, hindi ko trabaho yan. hahaha!

  111. mucha buena says:

    i’m not saying gumawa ka ng survey nohHH? Wuz just asking about it. harharhar! okay so malamgn your friends are connected through quick huh?

  112. redstrong says:

    buena, what made you decide ba to get one?

  113. mucha buena says:

    Nothing really. I saw it in a commercial and i saw this article so that’s probably how i got one. and i was convinced by the salespeople. well they haven’t disappointed me yet.

  114. ria_sonrisa says:

    oh is that right? I could hardly remember who that girl was. oh well, all that mattered was i got what i wanted and i had a good time. yesh!!!

  115. freddie kruger says:

    hello all! Mwahahaha! I got the QIK. Wala lang. Mwahahaha!

  116. redstrong says:

    mucha buena, ah so you’re saying na you’re just influenced by the paper and the ad? I know someone who was in that situation as well pero breakthrough product kasi yun dati kaya medyo na-convince. similarly, breakthrough din yung qik, in a way.

  117. bugsbunny01 says:

    HI-LO!!! grabe i didn’t know that my pldt speed of plan 999 woul dbe 1.9mbps. NO KIDDING! I just don’t know how to put upload a file here. would’ve wanted to show you but i’m not that technical literate. lol

  118. yellowcabsfinestbanana says:

    nice going bugsbunny. at least you know you’re getting your money’s worth. I bet you’re one of those skeptics huh? KIDDING!

  119. bugsbunny01 says:

    yuhhhh! Of course I want to know na sulit ang binabayad ko. i don’t pay attention to it that much basta surf away lang.

  120. yellowcabsfinestbanana says:

    oh okay. well with the economic slowdown, looks like every penny should be worth it, including our internet connection huh?

  121. redstrong says:

    ria, yes that girl’s an endorser although probably not in TVCs. Probably in billboard ads.

  122. yellowcabsfinestbanana says:

    ^^a girl endorser? Meron ba?

  123. redstrong says:

    Yeap, but I haven’t seen her yet. A friend told me about it when he came to the relaunch party of qik. I think it was either last month or early july. I forget.

  124. ria_sonrisa says:

    huh? Oh right the girl endorser. haha! Kinda forgot about this. So it’s not only Ryan but also some girl huh? Bakit wala siya sa press release?

  125. caliber 38 says:

    oh god, can anyone confirm that there’s a free wifi router if you get the plan of something like 3mbps ata? a friend of mine told me aboput it. meron daw qik nito. can anyone confirm? thanks.

  126. yellowcabsfinestbanana says:

    what’s the girl endorser’s name? Can someone post the picture here of her? Would be much appreciated just like how women can go gaga over Ryan for some reason.

  127. ria_sonrisa says:

    caliber 38, yeap there is. call the hotline if you’re interested for an upgrade (but i don’t know if they’ll give it to you that quick though). Try to negotiate with them as I don’t know the whole process and stuff. 101-885 is their number.

  128. mucha buena says:

    redstrong, yeah kinda. pero i’m not that easily persuaded. I just have a good feelng of what’s going to be a dud and what’s not. :) Ewan, women’s intuition i guess. heehee

  129. caliber 38 says:

    okay thanks. parang naeexcite naman ako sa router na yan with what seems to be included in a great package. NICE! WOOHOO!!!

  130. bugsbunny01 says:

    so pwede pala magpaupgrade from plan 999 to 3mbps and they’ll give you the free wifi router?

  131. redstrong says:

    yellowcabsfinestbanana, apparently there’s a woman endorser. She’s a bit hot…okay that’s rude. She’s a beauty.

  132. redstrong says:

    ria_sonrisa: ryan is the main star of the the qik brand. Since it’s easier to attract the ladies, perhaps they made him the center spotlight.

  133. redstrong says:

    mucha buena: so does this woman’s intuition of yours tell you qik is a good thing? Nice going for a review. hahaha! And oh, it’s great to know you’re a woman. Wala lang.

  134. ria_sonrisa says:

    ah okay. so is this girl any beautiful to endorse a product or just the typical maputi na pwede maging sales girl? KIDDING! hahaha!

  135. mucha buena says:

    ang sama mo girl! hahaha! If ever naman, maganda ganda naman ang pipiliin ng pldt. They won’t just get someone out of the ordinary. hehe

  136. andy barok ako says:

    can anybody tell me how this is done? Ano ba ang way para makakuha nito? salamat!

  137. alex says:

    For the past 2 weeks I have also noticed that myDSL internet connection here in Novaliches, QUezon City have slowed down. Previously when I download files I used to have a download speed of around 90kb/sec to 100kb/sec but these days I only have 30kb/sec to 40kb/sec. Did PLDT downgraded the service for the residential plan? I’m already thinking of shifting to a new ISP if this situation goes on until next month.

  138. Miguel says:

    Sa akin 1. 5 mbps pero mabagal pa rin… haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyy… problema talaga…. innacurae ang nakukuha kong speed..

  139. peyzaj says:

    Sa akin 1. 5 mbps pero mabagal pa rin… haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyy… problema talaga…. innacurae ang nakukuha kong speed..

  140. aldrin maramot says:

    so! its true n may 6mbps ang globe? san meron n? d2 b sa antipolo meron n ky? para mk pag apply n?

  141. dill says:

    Funny because my Speedtest revealed that I have slower connection than yours.

    My download speed is only 0.24mbps and I AM ON PLAN 999 PLDT DSL.

    Like you, it was superb for the first few months…then now, it has boiled down to this. My smartbro connect is even faster!

    Anyone knows a solution??

  142. NGSAISHU says:

    Always be Filipino PLDTMYDSL ATMs and several unscrupulous telecommunications operators?Monthly fee asking price is 20,000 PHP (Contract for HK $ 3500.00) 100-Mbps fiber-optic broadband, eat or drink in the month of the Philippines, a senior staff salary can only spend a broadband, the fact that only in the Philippines, officials and businessmen colluded to entrapthe country can tolerate people occurred in the high-paying high-cost business environment in Hong Kong 100 Mbps fiber-optic broadband just is not enough to be HK $ 78.00 (contract for the Philippine peso, 440.00), compare the Philippines, which is why I hate the Philippines, sothe speed of the need for such a great price. In other countries, they give you the real speed fast internet speed, but an affordable price.

  143. Greg Santos says:

    Satisfied PLDT user here. Check nyo rin po baka sobrang dami naka connect sa wifi kaya super bagal.

  144. Allan says:

    I have the same experience with my internet, Low dsl connection which I a.m subscribe as 10mbs but my actual Speedtest is Only 2mbps.
    I Dont what is happening to PLDT there days. They are pushing the subscribers to upgrade to fiber, which is more higher monthly due.

    I dont like the Service anymore of PLDT.
    I just feel sad and very disappointed.

    Planninh to switch to other ISP

  145. Reiner says:

    my average ping is 30+ my mbps is is usually3.40+ but my upload mbps is 0.20+ and sometimes it just cuts off

  146. Reiner says:

    if u actually touch ur pldt its very so i suggest turning it off if not used thats the cause it has a hard time rendering if its overheating

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