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Blackberry Storm arrives in the Philippines

Research in Motion (RIM) announced today the availability of the new touchscreen Blackberry Storm in the Philippines. The Storm is RIM’s first foray into touchscreen handsets, obviously aimed at the iPhone 3G market.

RIM announced the Blackberry Storm and partnered with Smart Communications and Globe Telecom on postpaid plans.

blackberry storm

The Storm is expected to be available from Smart in June. Pricing information and pre-orders are available through the respective Relationship Managers and Account Managers of the Corporate Business and Small and Medium Enterprise Groups, starting from free with the Plan 3500.

This will also be made available for personal subscriptions through the Wireless Consumer and Infinity Groups.

On the other hand, Globe Telecom also announced new Blackberry Personal Postpaid Plans starting today, including the Blackberry Storm handset:

Globe’s Personal BlackBerry Plans are available at Plan 700 for 5 MB of data, which is approximately 55 emails per day. The Plan 850 gives subscriber 8 MB of data for approximately 90 emails per day. The Plan 1100 allows 10 MB of data so its user gets approximately 115 emails per day. Number of emails per day is based on estimated emails using a BlackBerry handset. egular mobile Internet browsing rates of P0.15 per KB apply in excess of the plan.

See full specs of the Blackberry Storm here.

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64 Responses

  1. it sounds so business-y hehe

  2. Is it a sign that Philippine is not affected by recession. We can still afford to buy this kind of mobile hehehe

  3. LX says:

    Will only get a BlackBerry again if they have a service that has an flat-rate UNLIMITED data plan. 5MB plan? 8MB plan? What is this, 1999?

  4. Darren says:

    I’m jealous. Taiwan doesn’t have a shit of this~

  5. Jhay says:

    Could this give the iPhone serious competition here in the Philippines?

  6. Alvin says:

    Does Smart and Globe charge the same rate for internet browsing (per KB)?

  7. jojo says:

    boss , where can one get for prepaid ?

  8. yuga says:

    @jojo, there’s no prepaid plan for Blackberries

  9. Andre Marcelo-Tanner says:

    so Verizon in the US had this with NO WIFI, does the one released here have Wifi?

    cause if not you’re better off with any other phone with Wifi, or a BlackBerry Bold 9000.

  10. if you’re looking for a prepaid blackberry, you can check out a plethora of them at greenhills, it’s a melting pot of phones, so you’d most likely find what you’re looking for.

  11. blued888 says:


    You can get non-warrantied BlackBerry units if you’re planning to use prepaid.

    However, that completely defeats the purpose of BlackBerry’s push e-mail feature since you won’t be able to use it.

    I would highly suggest looking into other QWERTY phones if you’re not going to use BlackBerry-exclusive features.

  12. TechLord says:

    I still like the iPhone better, it’s much more intricate in design and the functionality fits me well.

    The devices they manufacture these days are too complicated to be made for mass media. We’re also not rocket scientists, so there’s no need in making a complicated-looking thingamajig. I don’t want to look like a uber-geek while holding this baby up, y’know.

  13. blued888 says:

    TechLord, the iPhone is definitely the “it” phone for casual phone users. If you need a more serious and flexible phone. Possibly consider Windows Mobile. Symbian is good but they need to work more on their touchscreen-based devices.

    Andre Marcelo-Tanner, this is probably the 1st generation BlackBerry Storm. RIM is set to come out with a 2nd generation which will have WiFi.

    Weird that they decided to manufacture a phone with a screen size this big, but with no WiFi capabilities.

  14. Pangit pag la wi-fi.. Bili nlang aq PSP – may wifi pa.. hahaha.

  15. Beau says:

    the reviews on it are really bad, I was going to get it but went for the bold. I will wait for the next blackberry storm to come out next year.

  16. thecritic says:

    Blackberry Storm was brought here because of all the intrigues (yah. bugs, build quality especially the moving glass screen? i guess) and sales of the device (which is really low). so that they won’t have a greater loss then they brought the phone to other countries.

  17. nizie says:

    what shops are the licensed dealers of blackberry phone? im planning to buy a blackberry

  18. ShanAlajas says:

    i called globe this morning, and i was inquiring about the Blackberry Storm. I was shocked that you can get this Blackberry Storm fone in plan 5000, and you have to apply for a new line…..Huwag nalang!!!Sobra na….

  19. rommel says:

    i just got my brandnew blackberry storm here in SG. Iphone killer for me!!!

    WTH is Globe’s data plan??? 5-10MB of data?? For a smartphone without wifi, the data plan is horrendous. Here in SG my subscription is 1GB/mo for SGD20.00

  20. clarice says:

    How much is it??

  21. Is there any black berry service center here in manila? pls reply to my e mail address and phone number of the service center thank you…..

  22. jameelah says:

    Any one who wants the unit alone? Blackberry bold at us$850 filip[email protected]

  23. chou says:

    hey guyz?? where can i buy that cool phone?? i want to have one tomorrow.. please???

  24. sandz says:

    which one is better? iPhone 16g or blackberry storm or bold?

  25. stephie g. says:

    @ sandz, here’s the sitch… blackberry storm has no wifi and has really bad reviews because of the SurePress touchscreen that makes texting slow. it’s the best-looking in my opinion (coz almost everyone has the iphone), but has usability issues. too bad coz its so hot-looking. The Blackberry Bold HAS wifi, so people tend to opt for this smartphone, although it is more expensive than the Storm (it is more functional but has a 2.0 megapixel camera only), and has a QWERTY keyboard lang (and may lalabas na Blackberry Tour that looks almost exactly like it but w/ a better camera at 3.2 MP so why bother…though i dunno when that will come out sa Pinas). The newly released iphone 3GS has the wifi feature, kaso apparently may limitations with multitasking between apps (you get signed off sa isang app before you can use another one), but still is the best-rated thing sa market. idk if that can be improved by apple anytime soon. wala pa rin perfect. Even the follow-up to the Storm (which will be called Thunder and will be released in October in the US), industry insiders are still unsure if it’ll have the wifi feature.

  26. mhacky says:

    can somebody give me some advise, im going to buy a CP but im torn between Blackberry storm or iphone 3g di ako mabusisi sa mga feautures ng cp kung ano lang maganda yun ang bibilin ko, ang dami kong nabasa na reviews for blackberry and iphone parang pareho lang cia. so please give an idea which one is better kung gagamit lang ako ng prepaid.thanks.

  27. pepperoni says:

    a friend of mine has one of those. personally, iphone pa rin ako.

    But what do you guys reckon about the Nokia N97? Iphone/Blackberry killer daw eh.

  28. wacky says:

    black berry is superb….. nothing can compare to it…

  29. thejujukins says:

    Hi! well ive got blackberry storm that I bought in the states and I have globe prepaid. is there a chance I could use globe’s wireless eventhough I’m not postpaid?

  30. thejujukins says:

    and it doesnt connect to my router thats why. I dont think it has wife, does it?

  31. thejujukins says:

    wifi sorry..

  32. meg pacheco says:

    Guys bka you’re interested to buy Blackberry Storm and Blackberry Curve 8900. It will be available on the 1st week of November.

  33. cher says:

    super mura ang bb phones d2 sa jakarta.

  34. naddish says:

    guys, available na storm 2 d2 sa pinas! yipeee! atleast i can sell na my storm 1 and get the storm 2! LOL ;-)

  35. ELLIS says:

    Id like to be reached by BB Storm seller in Manila

  36. mark says:

    blackberry 9700 BOLD……..’nuff said…

  37. pj says:

    guys i bought blackberry bold last night.. im here in Doha, and i will be going home on feb.. mgagamit ko nman cguro cya jan s ten nu? rpl please ^_^ thanks

  38. jane says:

    I’d like to know if Blackberry Tour (prepaid) bought in Guam can be used in the Philippines also? Need pa ba magpa unlock nun kahit prepaid?


  39. claire says:

    hello weres the adress of blackberry center her in philippines

  40. gat says:

    is storm 2 now available in the Philippines? where?

  41. Carlo says:

    just had my blackberry storm given by my kumpare last night from ireland.. pa unlock lang po ba sa greenhills katapat nito? and may crack ang display between outermost screen and LCD..(pag naka on kasi, di kita ang crack)..

    magkano kaya ang pagawa nito at pa unlock? salamat po.

  42. Shiloh says:

    Hi guyz! I want to buy a new phone…kindly give mesome advise on what to choose from i-phone, smart2 or sony experia…

  43. Liz14 says:

    I think imma go with iphone parin. Ive been using this for almost a year na. It has wifi and cool apps to download although ung iba may bayad. Touchscreen pa.
    Nkkpag.facebook pa nga aqo sa phone ko pagtunatamad aqong mgopen ng laptop.

    Anyway, gus2 ko sana ng blackberry bold 9700, pero wala nun d2 sa phils. Kung bumili aqo sa U.S? Pede bang magamit un dito? Like ung iphone pede ijailbreak?
    Repz kau sa email ko. Kc gus2 ko bgao aqo mgfourth year high bago na ulit phone ko. :))

  44. lexer says:

    i have blackberry 9700 bold and i wonder if i can use it back home to manila .I got it here in toronto canada…i dont know what should i do so i can use when i go back to the philippines…

  45. lexer says:

    i really need to know if i can use it because i just bought the phone , it’s brand new. it was connected to some network here but i disconnected in reason for me going back home…i really want this phone to get use wen i go back…pls reply

  46. lexer says:

    its blackberry 9700 bold…3G AND WI-FI

  47. Would you guys know any repair centres in Manila for blackberry gadgets?

    I bought a Blackberry STorm 9550. The latest in US but it is soooooooo defective. Grrrrrrr

  48. Nikka Manzano says:

    storm 2 9550 has a wifi..


    Hi! i planned to buy blackberry storm in the states.is there a chance I could use that in philippines?

  50. Jaq says:

    I’ve found a supplier for genuine openline blackberry in the Philippines. They appear on sulit and ebay.ph.

    I called them and asked if they can provide new units and told me they only sell blackberry mobile phones and accesories.

    Just wanted to know the opinion of the rest of the readers. Should I buy my blackbrry storm from blackberryzuela?

  51. Dah! says:

    Better buy from the official distributor. They can provide you with official BlackBerry warranty and the AirTime Loader pre-installed. Just look for the ATL sticker on the box.

  52. ppopex says:

    i can’t believe this, you’re just being dumped with a smartphone with lots of issues! nobody should buy a storm because storm 2 is already in the market.

  53. miamiko says:

    anybody know where to buy storm2 9550 here in manila?

  54. Salome says:

    Hi Miamiko

    You should check Blackberryzuela.com , they are the most reliable seller of blackberry mobile phones in the Philippines…I got a curve from them…

    I think they are directly authorized by RIM

    check it out!

  55. I have never been too techy with phones unlike sa pagkahilig ko sa laptop, kasi for one hindi naman ako nagkakapera sa phone, ako lang gumagastos. Pero ngayon I need to buy a phone na may web browser, pwede kong i hack ang internet connection (you, ang illegal connection, haha) tapos gusto ko din na makapagYM, GTalk with my clients, so ano bang pinakamura na phone na simple lang ang features at hindi ganun ka mahal? I would stick with my jurassic phone kaso I think I need to upgrade because I would be using Google Voice. Ak

  56. cherie says:

    i have a blackberry phone curve 8520…at first 3 days after i got it its actually fine i used the internet everything but after 3 days my internet service is gone and it wont let me to sign in on everything..very disappointing..and i cant find there service center here in the Philippines even the Smart wireless center cant fixed it..im really pissed off of with this phone…

  57. @pj @jane @lexer @PHIL MARC LABRAMONTE

    Blackberry bought from the States or other network provider/country can be used in the Phils. or even any other countries, it just need unlocking
    even prepaid or Pay As You Go mobile phones needs to be unlocked

    contact me for BB unlock/openline
    [email protected]

  58. arnold says:

    for those with golden heart and rich person, please give me gift blackberry phone..its my birthday

  59. John says:

    Be aware, if you get your BB through a plan with Smart, I got mine with a Infinity Plan, supposed to be the best they can offer???, mine require work even while in warranty, then smart will not help, they say, buy a new phone, or, it will take 6 months for warranty repair and no replacement while its away!!!!
    Smart are full of shit when it comes to warranty, I also had a Sony Ericson, with a faulty screen, they had it for 5 weeks, came back exactly the same, not repaired.
    Smart connections are also bad with BB, always losing the signal, and very difficult to report faults.
    Cannot comment on Globe or Sun, but Smart??? full of shit service. Never again.

  60. Anne Marie Laqui says:

    does anyone know a repair center for blackberry storm 2? desperately in need to fix my handset. brought it to greenhills but i can’t trust them to fix it… please email me asap

  61. REGIE MANALO says:

    my BB 9500 LCD was broke… is there anu repair center here in philippines? how much is it if you think? thank you….

  62. Aldrin says:

    @regie, . .it only cost $24.06 if i am not mistaken, shipping fee inc. .

  63. Aldrin says:

    email mo ako if you have a question ..

    [email protected]

  64. worthing francis says:

    hello sir

    we are hole sale market in Cameroon that deal with all types of phone and will like to do long time business with your company we need blackberry 9500 about 300 pieces for the first order please kindly send to us cif price .thanks

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