Sky Broadband offers 112Mbps for Php19,999

Sky Broadband offers 112Mbps for Php19,999

Heard about this yesterday but wasn’t able to verify it until today when I visited their booth and asked for a demo. Yes, you read it right — Sky Broadband is offering up to 112Mbps residential cable internet.

Then, I saw this banner/standee that says it’s really 112Mbps and not the 12Mbps we already knew they’re offering for about 2 years now.

Yeah, I couldn’t believe myself. So I had to see and test it. So here’s the YouTube clip I took while testing it on SpeedTest:


From our tests, it was able to register 86Mbps downstream and 4.3Mbps upstream. Sky Broadband reps tell me the theoretical speed is 112Mbps down and 5Mbps up.

I tried viewing YouTube HD (720p) and it was playing really smooth and I could really see the buffer status going faster than the playback.

There’s a catch here though — the subscription costs Php19,999 per month and it’s currently only available to residents of Manansala Tower at the Rockwell Center, Makati. They sure do know which condo residents have the cash to afford this service.

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69 Responses

  1. nexusboy says:

    Rockwell residents spend most of the time traveling, buying cars, shopping abroad and probably has more than 5 houses. they dont visit youtube that often or stream pirated online videos, so why subscribe to 112 mbps (and get only half the speed in reality)… and spend almost 20K per month just because they have money to burn. hehehe

  2. carlospalmaaa says:

    @abeolandres san yun? Pero kukunin mo nga???? Sarap! Abe may DM ako sayo.

  3. baka tulad lang din yan ng ibang broadband, false promises.. tulad nung pinost mo about it (yung “up to…”) Nakakahinayang naman na gumastos ng 20k tapos di pa rin aabot ng 112mbps.. hehehehe

  4. nexusboy says:

    here’s another “UP TO blah blah speed”… untrue and deliberately misleading rich customers. LOL

  5. nexusboy says:

    is this a 24-month contract lock-in? grabeh, almost half a million pesos for the internet subscription in 2 years. hahaha even if i can afford, i don’t think i’m dumb enough to fall into this trap.

    BUT YEAH WHATEVER, having 112mbps internet at home truly rocks! even if it means getting only half the speed in actual, its still super fast but being shortchanged by Skybroadband on the other hand. hahaha

  6. diablo3 says:

    sarap manuod porn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. gschan says:

    @abeolandres Of course. But joking aside, 112Mbps is pretty amazing amazing considering the relatively archaic infrastructure we have here.

  8. drichhhh says:

    @abeolandres holy shit

  9. lolipown says:

    if you we’re living in the places mentioned by abe in the post, 20k won’t mean much to you.

  10. Dan says:

    Is there any bandwidth allocation per month? hehehe

  11. mr. bogus says:

    holy cow!!!!! (faint!!)

  12. arnoldgamboa says:

    @abeolandres the question is why would you pay P19k for your residential broadband :)

  13. drew says:

    WOW… sobra2x na to. :))

  14. JunAlquis says:

    they should first roll out their regular plans to more provinces before making this big move. people like me here are waiting for sky broadband to arrive in my place so we can enjoy the 6 to 12mbps

  15. Jiro Yan says:

    Wow.. Sky broadband can now supply that bandwidth?

  16. kimdeloria says:

    @abeolandres I think that’s a bit too much for broadband. We’ll have to wait a few more years before prices really drop.

  17. Lezuric says:

    seriously if they can offer a 112mbps for 20k, they should also offer a 24mbps for 5k so it can easily be affordable. :3

  18. godric says:

    there’s a rumor that a major telecoms company has already set up fiber-to-the-home in posh makati residential areas. they’re currently in the testing phase and will be offering speeds from 60 to 100mbps by next year.

  19. Jason says:

    its no longer a rumor, PLDT has Fiber already

  20. I Rate says:

    They could start by calling me back. I called their hotline to ask if my area was available. No. I gave my cell number so their sales could call me back after they check. Nothing. I guess, no service. Bye.

  21. lawrence says:

    maganda to kun may package sila ng IPTV at VIOP phone service.. mala At&T uverse.. masyado malaki ung bandwith na yan for internet stuffs alone..

  22. Dunno. Personal broadband that costs more than most people’s monthly salaries? Doesn’t sound right. Social justice-wise and all.

  23. Kinny says:

    20k a month for residential broadband?
    Who will get this? Parents who spoil their gaming fanatic sons/husbands rotten. OR a techi super rich anti social bachelor whose favorite TV show is Big Bang Theory, can afford to fly to Comicon every year, and bid on movie items/props.

  24. lawrence says:

    well ganun tlga.. may mga target market parin ang mga to.. like the 24k gold-plated iphone 3gs, stupid idea pero nabenta. may mga taong sadyang handang magubos ng pera, kasi kaya nila.. kayang impractical lang tlaga tingnan in any ways..

  25. drealmarlon says:

    Pwede na siguro yan na pang realtime video conference sa Skype?

  26. marvin says:

    bagay sa kanila ay batuhin ng isang batyang KAMATIS. Who gonna pay for a 20k residential internet? They are out of their mind.

  27. manaka_junpei says:

    magandang nagagawa ang 112mbps
    pagdating sa panood nang Anime in full HD 1080p at 47″ LED TV/PC Monitor, imagine that

    makaka-Skype na Face 2 Face in High Quality 1080p or less

    perfect for Internet Cafe na mahigit sa 20+ PC’s na sabay-sabay mag-youtube at manood nang sabay in full HD

    imagine you’ve been hosting a website na maraming nag-visit in no time

    but the downside is the Price itself, who could afford a P20k MSF for this, malamang hula ko yung mga bigating Artista ang makaka-afford yan

  28. gringo says:

    wow! 112mbps for almost 20k… too much costly!!

  29. Jhay says:

    It’s cable internet right? So what happens when there are a lot of other subscribers using the pipelines?

  30. RJCA says:

    Contrary to what others here are saying I think you should be able to spend your own money on what you see fit, if that means spending 20k on internet, why not? We do live in a capitalist society you know.

    Way to go judge and generalize that they’re spoiled.

  31. Lito F. says:

    Whew! Pwede i negosyo yan ah!

  32. mr. bogus says:

    ganyan lang talaga ang buhay mga tangang mayayaman lang ang papatol dyan.. mga di makuntentong sila lang ang makaka afford nyan na kahit di nila alam basta mahal ang presyo..(yabang yabang lang ikanga) kaya nga sa rockwell lang available.. not practical

  33. Bri says:

    Nice aus to Docsis 3.0 sa Pinas! Maglabas lang kau ng maglabas ng 100Mbps+ services para pag dating sa APO ko affordable na yan. Good job Sky.

  34. yizhan says:

    wow nice speed pero not very affordable….

  35. Herce says:

    First Forbes Park (Globe) now a single condo in Rockwell? The Forbes rollout was more than a year ago and it hasn’t expanded. What’s the point? These guys don’t seem interested in extending it to the rest of us.

    Sky Broadband is not even available to the vast majority of Makati, where people who can afford to pay the higher cost live, and that’s been out for years now. Let alone the rest of the Metro. Screw that!

  36. H says:

    @yuga there’s something wrong with ur iphone app. Iba ang lumalabas na article when i touch ur updates. I tried to comment, nag eerror lang. Im using safari to write this. Sana maayos kaagad.

  37. BrianB says:

    This is still through phone lines?

  38. jay says:

    it does not have to start with the rich people

    internet should be an equalizer

  39. jay says:

    guys how bout chipping in for a month or 2 ?

  40. JP says:

    One word — BUYANIHAN!

  41. yuga says:

    Here’s a hint on why they chose the location — Rockwell & Sky Broadband are both owned by the Lopezes.

  42. Eason says:

    in 5 years maybe that speed will only cost around 2k a month.

  43. rommel says:

    For sure Up To lang yan.. kalahati lang yan. but who would notice right? hehe

  44. businessman says:

    OK pagkakakitan yan. kung may kilalaka or relative sa rock, share kayo sa bayad tapos gamit ka ng wifi para sa netcafe mo. hehehe

  45. Josh says:

    Hehe, if you could afford PhP 20K/mo for your DSL, you probably don’t spend that much time on the internets. Unless you got rich off the internet.

    Although I guess there could be a few kids on Manansala Tower begging their rich mommy and daddy for this right now, hehe.

  46. Kyle says:

    Fiber optics to wala ng iba pa. Pero ibang fibre optics gamit nila, nakita ko kac ung post ni danny choo ung kinabitan xa ng internet na 100mbps fibre optics daw sabi nya pero ibang klaseng tech na gamit ung plastic lang. ECE students kung alam nyo tech na to paki elaborate please.

    Maganda to kung meron ka ng servers na inaalagaan kac di mo na kelangan mag subscribe sa paid hosting. eto na mismo un. kelangan mo lang ng storage at kung ano ano pa

  47. adam says:

    Very expensive. Very few can own. Maganda yan if merong 10 people ang mag share. For sure hindi naman yun sabay sabay gagamit. So share na lang din ng bayad. Sun wireless broadband new offer

  48. fr0stbyte says:

    Uh wait.. SkyBroadband’s infrastructure sucks when it comes to downloading from torrents, right?

  49. hakenslash says:

    maganda to pang business

  50. RaGe Einzeln says:

    very impractical
    if they can offer the bandwidth for TV, phone and Internet that’s good but only for Internet? no thanks

    can’t they offer anything that can attract the ‘masa’ than to impress the rich people?

  51. nexusboy says:

    i guess this is the 20 thousand peso question: BAKIT 86 Mbps lang when you are paying 20K a month for a 112 Mbps subscription? poor infrastructure?

  52. dane says:

    @kyle… tama k fiber optics nga malamang ang gamit pero s ganitong speed kelangan ang single – mode n fiber optic saka ang senter core nya ay glass.

  53. dane says:

    remember that the losses of fiber optic cable is about 2 db/km so very suitable for high speed transmission.

  54. Miklos says:

    Internet here in the Philippines is retardedly expensive.

    To compare – everything in Denmark (where Im originally from) costs about 5-10x of what it costs here – only gasoline is less than that.

    Expect internet – in Denmark a 40Mbit/4Mbit is roughly 4000 pesos. A 10Mbit/2Mbit is roughly 1300 pesos. And those are not ‘up to’ but garuanteed bandwidths and all include phone lines also with free 24/7 landline calling within the country.

    Singapore has 100Mbit for less than 3000 pesos….

  55. Bon says:

    Sheesh! Crappy price… crappy availability. Nag-offer pa sila.

  56. astig says:

    hi yuga – may i ask where is the exact location of the demo booth? thanks! =)

  57. 09186638881 says:

    @ all please give the exact location for the booth .

    thanks ^_^

  58. bogus says:

    wow. if i can afford it & if i live in that area i’ll definitely subscribe.

  59. Jason says:

    112Mbps?! wow. Hopefully they open up to businesses. Even half of that, e.g. 50mbps for 10K that would be awesome!

  60. Mark says:


  61. manny says:

    i actually didnt believe this is possible for residential service when i first saw this post. but, browsing on online news, i see this… Next-Gen broadband, that can offer 150Mbps at S$86 (a little shy to Php2800/month).

    and i know and hope that Phil infrastracture will catch up soon.–More-choices-for-consumers

  62. If you think that plan was too expensive try their Skybroadband promo and bundle rates. A friend just sent me that flier.

  63. Jeremy says:

    That target market with those rates?

    Parang di bagay sa mga condo owners. Though afford dapat nila ang ganyang rates, ang mga condo owners usually di naman nagsta-stay-in ng bahay. Their either working or partying not staying at home specially sa dami pa naman ng pagtatambayan sa surrounding area. I would have to say na mas practical sa Forbes though yun nga lang, the area have only two kinds of people: really old rich that doesn’t need the internet o mga employees na di din pwede gumamit ng internet. Mas practical pa ata kung sa isang subdivision i-offer yung net [though sa price, bilib ako sa kakagat]

    Plus sa rates nila, you really have to have a good reason why you need that much bandwidth. Even streaming 1080p videos [such as porn] wouldn’t need that much.

  64. Pat says:

    Haha, you go to either Korea or Japan, and you get more than that speed with less than 1500 pesos. What a retarded pricing they have here.

  65. keith says:

    Hi all

    Ha ha ha ha, you got to be kidding, I get 50+MBps for around 2,000ph a month in the UK, this is so very laughable, and so funny, corruption at it’s best in the Philippines, sorry I just can’t stop laughing, I love this country, but they are so very bad when they get just a tiny piece of power here, just look at the Mindanao massacre, and the event at the Peninsular Hotel, not to mention the tourist bus a couple of months ago, and that unforgivable mess at the polls this year, I can go on and on what has gone on here, been here for 12 years.

    In the UK I downloaded Aliens versus Predator (15gig) on steam in just 1 hour and 15 minutes, a friend of mine here in the Philippines took 4 days, and I pay way less than he does.

    Pat your right! they can’t even make a 2MB stable, and the speed is only BURST, and not continuous, its all in the wording, UPTO blah blah blah, which they never deliver.

    Try playing WOW (world of warcraft online) in the UK very smooth game-play, here its hard to even get online to play the game, they have no local servers, even if they did, it would still be jerky with a 2MB connection.

    I hope the people get this country going, because the government sure as hell won’t, even Noynoy is going to have a hard time, it’s not him, it’s the corrupted officials around him, way to many for him to wangle out.

  66. jojo says:

    Sa mga idol! ang tanong ko?nag inquire ako sa customer hotline nila. e bawal sila mag install sa internet cafe! alam nyo kung bakit? kasi po mabagal sila sa online game. lalo na pag maraming pc ang bagal na. grabe talaga! eh 3t speed sa USA e convert d2 eh 3,000 pesos lng per month. anak ng lintik d2 lang sa pinas eh 20k? hindi kakayanin e enjoy yan ng ta-ong masa! tas lagi pa patay signal ng cable nila. e kung walang cable wala din internet! please lang maawa kayo sa taong bayan! kaya lagi tayo huli sa uso…

  67. L says:

    Fiber optics is an affordable 43 USD in Japan, or was it another country?

  68. Netro47 says:

    I’m sad to say but KEITH is RIGHT. Our country is full of bullshit. I’ve been enduring my suffering on my very very very very son of a bitch slow internet in my province because Skybroadband don’t have any branches in here. Now I pay P1500 for a 1.5mbps plan that is always slow and only has an average of 100 to 80 kbps in a normal day.

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