Smart posts up to 222Mbps via LTE Carrier Aggregation of 700MHz+1800MHz

Smart posts up to 222Mbps via LTE Carrier Aggregation of 700MHz+1800MHz

Further testing by Smart in their latest 700MHz-enabled cell sites showed a blazing fast speed test that went up to 222Mbps. This is according to a tweet by @iamMVP himself.

The LTE speed was possible with the combined frequency of the 700MHz and the 1800Mhz bands via LTE Carrier Aggregation. This is was for the cell site in Tanay, Rizal.


Some of our readers also sent in their own personal speed tests near the Mangahan cell site last night and showed improved LTE speeds.

Speed test results by a Smart subscriber tested near Manggahan in Pasig using a Nexus 6P.

Hat tip to @yumifaeldo

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16 Responses

  1. Dan Rivera says:

    Wouldn’t it be a bigger story if it comes with the headline, “SMART Removes Data Cap, Brings Back Unlimited Data.”

    As expected for a band with no users yet (except for Smart’s technicians doing the test), this is normal. I would be surprised if they get that speed once more users are using it.

  2. Tapos ang Data Cap ay 1GB lang Lolz

  3. diego delos santos says:

    sino ba pedeng mag lobby sa congress para mawala un data cap ng mga providers? wala bang party list ng mga internet users/registered plan holders?

  4. wilson wilson says:

    1st. tama si DAN REVERA, talagang mabilis dahil puro smart technicians lang gumagamit. pag napuno na dyan talaga masusukat ang speed.

    2nd ma-infuse ba ito sa mga regular plan holder or naka subscribe na. useless lang kung kailangan pa mag upgrade sa bagong plan(post paid). lahat ay marketing gimmick. para mag profit ang telcos.

    3rd i’ll still be happy and satisfiied if they can increase d speed to 6mbps, 7 or 9mbps. para hindi na mag upgrade ng bagong plan or bagong celphone.

    4th just add repeaters and cell sites to cover the unreachable.

  5. Neil Davidson says:

    Propaganda until proven by end users.

  6. Cheechee says:

    Maiba ako ng konti, pero related pa rin, bakit hindi ata uso (or lingid lang sa kaalaman ko) sa Pilipinas ang WiFi Hotspot na provided or run by a Telco, like for ex. sa Singapore or HK, me mga area na me Wifi Hotspot ng certain Telco Network/s, so parang nag-switch yung subscriber from mobile data to Wifi data and back kung gusto mo, part sya ng plan mo or prepaid package na pinili mo. ang login credentials ng hotspot ay kadalasan naka-link sa number mo (pre or postpaid)

    • Moosetech says:

      Meron dati pero hindi nafing successful. Naka tie up yun with smart. Forgot the company.

    • darryl says:

      globe already has their own wifi hotspots initally on ayala malls. for smart, i know they have like that one before i think SmartWiFi Zone ang name nun bundled either with your PLDT or Smart line. Medyo hindi lang hit tong mga ganito kasi wifi does not have extensive coverage per hotspot. Pang mall or any landmark lang cguro.

  7. P says:

    Data cap is a reality. Swallow the bitter pill.

    Mobile data is a luxury. If you want more, pay up. If you want unlimited data, subscribe to a DSL plan.

  8. Ronald says:

    Yup. malalaman natin yan pag may mga totoong subscriber na sa band na yan kung aabot pa sa ganyang speed

  9. Sef says:

    T*ng *na nyo. Speedtest sa hating gabi? Malamang mabilis yan. Try nyo kaya ng 12 noon.


  10. walang load says:

    boss, tanong ko lang.. ung ginamit mong pang speedtest na device, 700Mhz supported ba ung band nyan? e kung hindi nmn, mararamdaman ba nang hindi supported ng 700Mhz ung ka lakasan ng internet?

    • Dan Rivera says:

      If your phone or mobile wifi device does not specifically support LTE CA (carrier aggregation), you can’t take advantage of the increased speed. Usually, your phone’s specs (try list the supported bands and the maximum speed attainable by the device.

    • Darryl Arevalo says:

      If your phone is not 700Mhz compatible, may mararamdaman ka pa din naman kasi ung other subscribers who are compatible sa 700Mhz are connected sa network using the 700Mhz. So basically for example 5 kayong connected at naghahatihati sa 100Mbps on 1800Mhz bandwidth so that means tig 20Mbps kau each. if other subscribers are connected sa 700Mhz, for example dalawa, that means 3 nalang kayo na nasa 1800Mhz na maghahati hati that means your speed is now Up from 20Mbps to 33Mbps kasi lesser users na. tapos yung mga nasq 700Mhz, for example same 100Mbps total bandwidth dun, tig 50Mbps sila.

  11. Dan Rivera says:

    @abeolandres: The preferred LTE band can be manually set in the Galaxy Note 5 (and maybe other Galaxy devices) using the RF Band Selection Menu, *#2263#. This is a screenshot of the band selection menu in my Note 5, Unfortunately, I couldn’t test the LTE 700MHz band because I don’t have LTE in my area.

  12. hshsjasbsnd says:

    dito sa bacolod malakas padin ang h+ kaysa 4g+ d q alam bkit gnun

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