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Will local TV networks & YouTube work?

Ok, it’s basically just ABS CBN actually. It’s been widely covered by other fellow bloggers since December last year. Rickey just sent me an update on that as well.

I guess the saying that you can’t teach an old dog new tricks also applies to media giants like ABS CBN. No wonder they’re not doing good in the ratings war and fiscally as well. YouTube is great for marketing and if you don’t believe in the long tail effect, you’re missing a lot of opportunities. I know the network needs to earn some more dough (to be able to pay its huge debts?) so locking off everyone and requiring them to subscribe to be able to view the episodes seems to be a logical maneuver to do.

I just hope that they did their homework first and checked how much they would gain and would lose if they did it their way. I’m not saying I’m pro-piracy or anything. ABS CBN can do whatever they want to do with their own properties. I’m just saying they need to adapt their mind-set with the changing times. They can’t even stop those pirated DVDs in Baclaran and Quiapo for years, how much more in the realm of cyberspace.

They should take a hint from CBS.

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7 Responses

  1. reyna says:

    Hi mr. abe

    This is the 1st time I’m going to comment on your blog ‘coz I knew something about it. Karla139, used to be my friend in youtube, in my humble opinion channel 2 did the right thing.

    kse naman karla upload too much episodes of maging sino ka man,to the extent she violates the copyrights law besides channel 2 doesn’t intrude in any individuals account on youtube or any video sites of anyone as long you’re not abusive, when abs saw sobra pag-upload ni karla doon na sila nag-complained and remember my mga commercials kaya importante ratings.

    I remember when I UPLOAD the MTV OF FILIPINO VERSION (PAG-IBIG NA KAYA? OST OF PRINCESS HOURS) at my account in youtube. they’re several people also asked me there to upload the whole episodes of princess hours, I mean nagkalat na un mga pirated and original cd /dvd of that koreanovela, then all of a sudden I’d received messages like that it was really funny.

    TV can’t be replaced by any video sites such as youtube,photobucket,etc. parang newspapers hindi kaya e-replaced ng mga blogs. Video sites / blog sites are all extension of another form of new media, but you have to play nicely or else you would face whatever consequences of it. Be considerate and have always respect with others.
    Yun lang po.God Bless us all(”,)

  2. Mike Abundo says:

    channel 2 doesn’t intrude in any individuals account on youtube or any video sites of anyone as long you’re not abusive

    Bullshit. ABS-CBN is indiscriminate. They’ve pulled clips that have absolutely no ABS-CBN content in them.

  3. Jim says:

    Thought you might like a clip of former Miss Collegiate Philippines singing national anthem at Miss Texas Philippines Coronation in Houston.


  4. Alfredo says:

    just something to share re your post and re recent experience w youtube


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