5 LTE Pocket Wi-Fi Devices for a Faster 2016

One of the things we should move on from last year is a slow internet connection. Although there’s still a lot to be desired when it comes to speed, the LTE coverage, on the other hand, has improved, so why not upgrade our pocket Wi-Fi devices to LTE? Here are five LTE pocket Wi-Fi you can buy for a speedier beginning of the new year.



A major player in this segment is ZTE, and their MF90 is the cheapest in the list for just Php3,588 on Villman. We had a hands-on of this before when it was still at an expensive price of almost 6k. It’s a utilitarian-looking pocket Wi-Fi with its LED strip of indicators and a couple of buttons up front. Its battery capacity is quite big at 2300mAh.

Huawei E5573


Huawei has been known to be a good player in telecommunications and they are starting to have a strong local presence. The Huawei E5573 is officially on sale for Php3,990. Its size is just slightly bigger to a credit card and it’s a good-looking device overall. It also supports external antennas for a stronger reception and can last for 6 hours straight.

TP-Link M7350


TP-Link M7350 is probably the most feature-packed in the list incorporating everything in one device. It has a TFT-display to show the device’s status, dual-band Wi-Fi, long 10 hours of battery life with its 2550mAh battery, and can act as a wireless storage devices using its microSD card slot. All these for just Php4,450 on PC Express. It’s also neat looking as well, which is a good bonus.

Huawei E5377


We bought the Huawei E5377 last year and were pretty impressed with it. It has an informative 1.45-inch TFT LCD which displays operator’s name, signal, and your Wi-Fi credentials. It’s said to last for 6 hours with its ample 1500mAh battery. It is listed in Villman for Php5,590.

Huawei E5770


A power user might want this Huawei E5770 Mobile Wi-Fi Pro. Its whopping 5200mAh battery is rated to last for up to 20 hours, which is just perfect for long travels. It can also act as a powerbank for your other devices since it’s got a lot of juice to spare. Other than that, it’s also got a lot of features expected from a high-end mobile Wi-Fi. It’s currently being sold by HotGadgets for Php7,980.

If you’re in for a pocket Wi-Fi upgrade, be sure to check these five devices out. These are unlocked devices so it will work on either Globe LTE or Smart LTE. If you were able to find a better LTE pocket Wi-Fi deal, share them in the comment section below!

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This article was contributed by Daniel Morial, a film school graduate and technology enthusiast. He's the geeky encyclopedia and salesman among his friends for anything tech.

29 Responses

  1. Avatar for Maj Maj says:

    Can this be used abroad?

  2. Avatar for Charles Bay Charles Bay says:

    LTE in the Philippines is a joke. I’ve managed to only find 2 or 3 (tiny) places in all of Metro Manila that have speeds over 20 mbps. Such as Power Plant mall which is no surprise since it’s a small exclusive mall for the rich. The average is 3-7 mbps around Manila. My provincial town which supposedly has LTE gets a staggering download speed of 1 mbps.

  3. Avatar for Celine Celine says:

    Which one performs BEST indoors?

  4. Avatar for jake jake says:

    in my area i could only stream youtube video only at 320p during peak hours, at midnight pumapalo speed ko up to 900kbps actual download speed i guess its 21mbps sa speed test? correct me if im wrong.

  5. Avatar for Sheila Sheila says:

    What technical specification of the pocket wifi should I check to make sure that they will work in a different country the way our mobile phones do?

    I’m interested in buying an unlocked pocket wifi to be used when I travel abroad. The idea is to insert a local sim of the country I’m visiting to the device. That should work, right??

  6. Avatar for Arkane Arkane says:

    hi I have problems in my huawei pocket wifi.. it has to very slow connection even though it signal is 4G.. and it is better to use Data connection of my phone than using this damn Huawie.. it make my blood high damn it..

  7. Avatar for Borgy Manotoy Borgy Manotoy says:

    Anyone tried checking the maximum speed test results on any of these devices, specially when the result is more that 50Mbps?

    I tried some LTE phones with 70+ Mbps, but I wanted to buy a pocket wifi that can be as fast as my tested LTE phones, or even better.

    I just hope those devices below 5K can reach 42Mbps or better. I am still hesitant of buying a pocket wifi with more than 5K price tag :)

  8. Avatar for Lester Lester says:

    I currently have smart bro pocket wifi and planning to buy another pocket wifi because the unit is already close to retire. Will the LTE pocket wifi work even if you have 3G capable only sims?

  9. Avatar for Gene Gene says:

    Guys, I am from Calubian, Leyte… Pa advise naman ano ang pinka maganda na WiFi device na pwede palitan ng sim card ng Smart or Globe. I would like to go home for good and I need a (nearest to) stable connection. I have the 4G device of both Globe and Smart, I am hoping for a better one if there is. Salamat ng marami!

  10. Avatar for Karl Johansen Karl Johansen says:

    Cherry Mobile W900 LTE smartphone is on sale in Lazada for P3299 minus any discounts you might be able to get

  11. Avatar for Josh Josh says:

    Saan po kaya ako pwede makabili ng huawei e5770 sir?slamat

  12. Avatar for Kuya Pogi Kuya Pogi says:

    My gf lives in Dimataling, Zamboanga Del Sur. Anybody recommend a Wi-Fi that will work in that area? We have tried a few that only work in the city. Right now she is using Huawei E5330Bs-26.

  13. Avatar for Sherrrrph Sherrrrph says:

    At Huawei Store in MOA Cyberzone. — “The Huawei E5573 is officially on sale for Php3,990. – Saan po nakasale? “

  14. Avatar for Zenon Valdez Zenon Valdez says:

    The Huawei E5573 is officially on sale for Php3,990. – Saan po nakasale? Kindly give direction or website, where i can purchase one. Thanks!

  15. Avatar for hack__you hack__you says:

    or…or…we could use skk lynx lte mini as a wifi hotspot for just 2399, me bonus ka pang phone and txt :)

    • Avatar for c c says:

      +1 kamamahal ng mga ito. kahit sa lazada merong less than 2k na lte mobile wifi. nakalimutan din yung cherry mobile ultra on the go kaso parang ayaw gumana ng smart 3g sa akin. globe 3g + lte working

  16. Avatar for JRex JRex says:

    I’d say ZMI Pocket WiFi should be on the list. Powerbank feature + LTE for around 3k pero you only get it nga lang sa mga grey market or import ka din sa labas.

    • Avatar for Natasha Romanoff Natasha Romanoff says:

      Nakagamit ka na ba ng ZMI sir? Interested ako dun sa item na yun. Ilang oras kaya tinatagal nun? Buong 7800mah din ba?

  17. Avatar for Miss Call Miss Call says:

    A nice mifi would be one with an ethernet port. I think Abe reviewed one years ago and liked it because he can plug it into a hotel’s Ethernet socket or use wireless while on the go.

  18. Avatar for val val says:

    Can you please investigate or do research on what really is LTE or 4G? I think these telcos are misrepresenting by promoting LTE but in reality it’s just increased bandwidth from 3G service. For instance, my phone is LTE capable but its only H+ that is appearing even after Globe replaced my SIM to a supposedly “LTE” sim. What should appear is LTE. Look at the technical terms and see if the technical term of LTE has ever been mentioned in any ads or promo of any telco. Maybe this is the reason why the LTE they are providing is far far way slower than the LTE of other countries …

    • Avatar for Jejomar Baenay ng Buhay ko Jejomar Baenay ng Buhay ko says:

      This might help you: http://www.androidauthority.com/4g-vs-lte-274882/

    • Avatar for Lynnell Emmanuel Neri Lynnell Emmanuel Neri says:

      You are right. However, regarding on the signal, I would say that even though the handset is LTE-capable and you have an LTE sim, if the area is not yet covered by LTE, only the max H+ will show. In our area, 4G ang lalabas kung LTE-covered ang area. Pero if not, hanggang H+ lang or sa ibang remote places ay H, 3G, E or worst ay walang data connection na available.

    • Avatar for Daniel Morial Daniel Morial says:

      Hi Val. Aside from an LTE SIM card and an LTE device, your spot should also have LTE coverage in order to utilize the LTE network.

      Setting aside technicalities, telcos have been using the term “4G” for their HSPA+ network.

    • Avatar for Meh Meh says:

      Yuga needs to list what LTE bands are supported, example my friend has a nexus 6 and gets globe lte in my area, but my huawei E5776, B593s and xperia z2 don’t get lte with th same sim. Globe is using new lte bands that no one can seem to verify at globe

    • Avatar for kan kan says:

      To really experience LTE you need:
      1. LTE sim – in your case it is supplied by Globe
      2. You smartphone/pocket wifi should be within the line-of-sight of Globe LTE antenna (take note: it should be a LTE antenna, not 2G or 3G)
      3. Your smartphone/pocket wifi should be LTE capable
      4. Your smartphone/pocket wifi should be configured to receive LTE signal

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