Aigo F478 Multimedia GPS

Aigo F478 Multimedia GPS

This is the 3rd portable GPS we’ve tried and the Aigo Multimedia GPS does a good job not only with turn-by-turn navigation but also adds a little bit of multimedia features.

The GPS device is actually pretty slim and light considering it comes in a 4.3-inch touch screen display. It’s got a built-in GPS module and antenna so there’s no need for an external antenna cable (my AVT GPS has one hooked up from the back).

Aigo F478 Multimedia GPS
• 4.3-inch screen
• SiRF Atlas-V, 600MHz
• 2GB flash memory for mapping data, multimedia and personal files
• Official Business Search Directory: YellowPages
• Multimedia Features: MP3 music, MP4 video and Photo viewing


Best part of all, Aigo offers free lifetime map updating where others will charge you a minimal fee for regular online updates.

The maps are pretty extensive and the turn-by-turn navigation is good (although I’ve encountered it becomes confused from time to time, especially at the first run). The female voice-over on the device is clear and detailed it even tells you how near you are to your destination from time to time.

The Aigo GPS also has an internal battery so it can operate for several hours without direct power. Saves you time to reconfigure the navigation when you turn on/off your car (or, you can actually take it with you outdoors away from any power source).

The Aigo GPS retails for Php12,500 over at Top Electronics (the cheapest locally distributed GPS device we’ve tried). The set includes a car kit — charger and cradle.

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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26 Responses

  1. coollearner says:

    sir yuga on all the 3 gps you tried and tested did you had accuracy problems on the locations (my question is not on the gps brand but on the gps signal)? How about when you are surrounded with tall buildings did you encounter problems? Thank you very much

  2. Ed says:

    You will surely encounter signal loss and multipaths whenever you’re in places surrounded by tall and solid obstructions such as buildings.

    Worse, you won’t be able to lock enough GPS satellites to get a “fix” location (minimum of 4) depending on current positions of satellites because the only available satellites to your GPS receiver will be limited to those currently located in higher elevations only (more likely 80º+ elevation). The geometric configuration (will affect GDOP, PDOP and TDOP) of the satellites available to you also plays a big part on positioning accuracy.

  3. sam says:

    nice. does this gps supports map updates?

  4. Andre says:

    12500 is the cheapest locally available? No way… you can get Garmin Nuvis at a guy selling them at for < 6-8K. I got a Nuvi 365W there, very very nice piece of hardware.

    • TP says:

      Yuga actually narrowed it down to “the cheapest locally available GPS device” that they’ve tried. He didn’t say that it’s the cheapest anywhere in the Philippines.

      The Aigo F478 is for those looking for a GPS device w/ multimedia features. Its closest rival is the Garmin 1690 which is actually a bit more expensive.

      Now, if you just want a GPS device then neither the F478 nor the 1690 is for you.

      Lastly, i just want to point out that the Aigo can search one’s destination given just a business landline number (via pre-installed Yellow Pages). It’s a differentiating factor from other devices that can be useful to a lot of people.

  5. yuga says:

    @andre – does Garmin provide local maps too? I thought it’s grey market GPS units lang sila?

    • Mike says:

      I would love to see a head to head comparison on the maps of Garmin SE Asia, this GPS and the one one they sell at S&R, and I have 3 garmin units and I’d be willing to lend you, say, my Garmin 205w (cheap one) if you need.

      I especially am interested in provincial comparison (Cavite and Davao).

    • cooldude75ph says:

      Here’s my visual comparison (via Mapsource) of Garmin’s own City Navigator® Southeast Asia NT (v6.5) and’s contributor version (v1.25)

    • Eugene says:

      @yuga, no, Garmin does not provide PH maps. They once tried to get an agreement with and OpenStreetMap to provide the map similar to what they did in Malaysia/Singapore with MalSingMaps, but they wanted it to be an exclusive arrangement. Naturally, both mapping projects rejected it. As cautionary tale, contributors to the MalSingMaps disliked the Garmin agreement and forked the project into MalFreeMaps.

  6. Num Lock says:

    I got mine here in gulf for only 2,500 pesos then I just downloaded local map.

  7. cooldude75ph says:

    @yuga – Garmin provides local maps via City Navigator® Southeast Asia NT ( but you can get free routable maps from when you’ve achieved contributor status.

    Achieving contributor status is relatively easy for those who have the patience to know the standards used by

    Map updates from are relatively frequent. You should visit their forums :D

    Also, kzapkzap is right, you can already get Nuvis for less than P7k locally.

  8. cooldude75ph says:

    Check out for comparison between Garmin City Navigator® Southeast Asia NT and (Contributor version) maps.

  9. Drey says:

    If it ain’t Garmin. No deal.

    Garmin is the best for me both software and hardware, imo.

    They’re right. Just hop in, buy a Garmin. Be patient and make yourself a map contributor. All will be happy with free updated maps!

  10. yuga says:

    Thanks for the input guys but I think the general consuming public (I mean moms and pops) might not have the technical skills, patience and aptitude to contribute, install maps or go thru the unconventional process.

    • cooldude75ph says:

      I forgot to mention that another alternative to the paid City Navigator® Southeast Asia NT and the is the totally OSM-PH Maps.

      Anybody can just download the most up-to-date gmapsupp.img and load them into their garmin devices. I couldn’t think of anything more simpler than that ;D

    • zer0ice says:

      I so agree with you Sir Abe!

      Kulang na nga oras ko sa pag-ba-budget (family budget). I have 2 kids, a working wife, and walang household help. My wife and I do everything.

      I want to buy a device that I’ll be able to use as soon as I open it from the box.

      Can’t the other guys understand that? I just want something I can use immediately if I were going to buy something like this.

      Sa dami ng bumibili ng iDevices, I would say, it’s the selling point, di ba it’s so easy to use? That’s the point why consumers want something like this.

    • cooldude75ph says:

      Most of the Garmin Nuvi’s being sold locally are already prepackaged with local maps already.

      If one is on a budget, needs gps and would like that can be used immediately, check out CDR King’s cheapest GPS Navigator ( It’s already loaded with licensed Philippine map. Since this device is Garmin IMG compatible, you can just load maps form Garmin City Navigator® Southeast Asia NT, (contributor version) or OSM-PH.

      With Garmin-based devices, you’re not limited to just OEM maps ;D

  11. another redundant piece of crap. You would not need this unless your job requires you to be in the car all day, like a family, company, or taxi driver.

    Besides, does this point you where the best restaurants are in the area?

    • Torrent says:

      “You would not need this unless your job requires you to be in the car all day, like a family, company, or taxi driver.”

      Dude, you just itemized a huge market for GPS devices.

  12. Andre says:

    Here’s a comparison of OSM PH Maps and

  13. Aigo is the official partner of McLarens Mercedes Formula One racing team. Not bad at all for the price of 12,500. The maps were purchased locally by the software creators, hence you are sure to find that important establishment that you are looking for. Its outstanding feature is its built-in business Yellow Pages database. Simply input a landline business number and it will take you there. If not for the navigation, I use it in place of my Ipod. I can watch movies on it and store my favorite pictures in it.

  14. wellborn says:

    sir yuga, how can i use the GPS of my omnia pro b7610? is there any software to download? if possible, i want it free…

    if you have tym, please reply me on my email… thank you very much…

  15. Compasseo says:

    Can someone who owns a Aigo F478 set, look into the folders of the SD card and extract the information of “agisnavigator.lic” file by changing to agisnavigator.txt

    Paste the information here. Would like to try out on Compasseo sets.

  16. VAmpdr0st says:

    im using free gps program on android phone (Galaxy Ace)called Sygic great apps its support PH map PM me if you need a copy

  17. Dennis says:

    i just got this F478 while visiting Singapore but i need the Philippines map.
    anyone can tell me where to get them and replace the original ones or add them on?

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