AVT offers portable GPS in the Philippines

AVT offers portable GPS in the Philippines

AVT today announced a whole line of GPS devices specific for the Philippine market. That’s turn-by-turn GPS navigation available for the entire Greater Metro Manila and all national highways from Abra to Davao.

AVT introduced their most affordable GPS device, the Navigator A800, for an introductory price of Php18,500. The device has a 4.3″ LCD touchscreen, pre-loaded with maps of greater Metro Manila, has turn-by-turn voice direction, 2D/3D map display with some multimedia capabilities (photo, video and music player).

gps philippines

Powered by a Samsung ARM 400MHz, the A800 stores all data on a memory card (up to 32GB) that you can switch anytime if you want to add more maps or multimedia files for playback. AVT will provide updates to your device every 3 months for 2 years for free. A minimal fee per update will be charge after that. Updates can be downloaded on their site and saved to the SD card.


Maps are developed and provided by Accu-Map Philippines. It covers 100% of Metro Manila and National Highways Road Network and has 12,869 points of interest for Metro Manila and 40,276 nationwide.

gps philippines gps philippines gps philippines

We went around Makati to try out the device. My first impression is that the touchscreen is very responsive, GPS tracking was also accurate. The system is also aware of the one-way streets in Makati as well as u-turn (or no u-turn) slots along EDSA. It’s not 100% MMDA-proof (I asked!) but it’s fairly accurate that it even knows how to go around gated communities or subdivisions.

Check out AVT.ph for more info about the other models.

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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63 Responses

  1. Jerome G. says:

    The investment for such could be worth it considering how bad street navigation can be in Metro Manila especially for inner parts of cities. And the cost of the device isn’t bad at all considering its has touchscreen. I wonder though if it offers some sort of API or SDK for possible 3rd party development.

  2. Jhay says:

    My grandfather would love this! Especially if the service would expand to include more detailed maps of the CALABARZON region, it would help local tourism a lot.

  3. yuga says:

    They offered 50% discount to the press so I ordered one. *hehe* Will do a full review once I get it.

  4. Obed says:

    I read a review in T3 Mag I think for a GPS system, its a 2006 map so wala pang SM Marikina when they tried it. hahaha

  5. Andre Marcelo-Tanner says:

    needs to support stuff like OSM so it can be up to date :)

  6. dee says:

    NICE. this is perfect for street idiots like me. haha.

  7. Glenn says:

    Wow! This is very nice for those people who love to go on road trips! 18,500 is, I think, a reasonable price if this device is really accurate. :)

  8. bp000 says:

    WHOA!!! A fully functional gps in manila.. and at an awesome price of 18.5k! This is worth-it!!! Were can i get them???

  9. chris says:

    wer i can get this one?

  10. yuga says:

    It will be available in malls and car accessory stores by the 28th.

  11. Levi says:

    you may contact me, if you will be interested to buy some. e-mail me at [email protected]

  12. john says:

    actually matagal nang merong GPS dito sa pinas. the maps are community supported and are free pero pang garmin lang.

    community supported meaning yung mga map updates libre basta mag contribute ka ng trax at waypoint. full rp coverage.


  13. Lheem says:

    Actually Obed, SM Marikina is already in the Navigator A800.

    Yes Jhay, I agree with you. A detailed CALABARZON map particularly the NCR suburbs must be added soon.

  14. AsiaDriver says:


    18K is really too much for a simple navi,in US or Europe those cost 50%less!!!

    Check out http://www.car-navi.ph, they offer units with maps for the whole Philippines and not only Metro Manila for starting at 10.000P. And they also offer units with Bluetooth Handsfree and in-dash devices, like luxury cars have it.



  15. Jomar Dela Torre says:

    I did compare it with Packard Bell Compasseo 370, and found out it is more accurate and a user friendly device. the best thing….., it is more cheaper…. I purchase the unit @ Pixeltone Multimedia Co.(sole distributor) 726-0199/724-4692

    (San Miguel Corp.)

  16. Erick Dela Cruz says:

    Hi guys, Packard Bell Compasseo is better! at a reasonable Price of 15-16K …….it’s more accurate! Ive seen this unit in one of the Car exhibit @ SMX Mall of Asia even celebreties buy this nice GPS Device…. nice gadget to show off.
    For me don’t just consider the promotional add on TV or via new paper add test the unit first!

    Erick (Smart Communication)

  17. ok na ok ‘to pag road trip!

  18. aoh says:

    Guys, the AVT A800 is available mostly in CAR DEALERS (eg toyota quezon ave, honda quezon ave, toyota commonwealth, etc) you can check em out there, they sell it at 18,500 too, good price for a CASA bought item

  19. Dmitar Berbatov says:

    SORRY BUT AVT A800 SUCKS!!! DOES’NT MET MY EXPECTATIONS, But thanks to the info given by mr. dela torre, now i’m using packard bell compasseo 370… and this works really well.. Great product and very user friendly…. thanks packard bell!!!

  20. michelle says:

    I saw on TV this morning on ANC, they featured the Navigator A-800. Good review from that guy of Gadgets magazine. I’m yet to try it though.

  21. Just spent three hours searching for this product in Alabang malls and dealerships. It’s absolutely not available anywhere. Hard to understand how a company can launch a product and not have it available in one of what should be its best markets.

  22. Ok, within an hour of sending a note to AVT via a website form, I received a call from AVT’s Mark. The units arrive Monday at Toyota and Ford. But he will also drop one by my office Monday as well. Now I’m impressed. Hopefully, I’ll be impressed with the device as well.

  23. LUIS Kodumal says:


  24. aoh says:

    Luis, vat included in 18,500. no senior citizen discount. check out http://www.avt.ph, u can ask there where u can purchase one

  25. Mich says:

    can you use the AVT GPS unit if you install other maps and use it in other countries?

  26. DopeMan says:

    Hi Guys,

    Is this thing worth it? I’m planning on getting it for my CRV. It’s about time GPS becomes a standard here. Your feedbacks are appreciated.

  27. mikko says:

    A800 is great..if ever nagkamali ka pa din sa direction automatically it will recalculate ur new route…

  28. Tina says:

    The street data on these gadgets are not as detailed (or even correct) as you might think. For a gadget like this to be worth your hard-earned money, you should be able to get regular updates of the map that’s installed in the on-board navigator. Currently, there is no decent street-level map for areas outside of Metro Manila, so this gadget will not really be worth it.

    If you really want to buy the gadget, make sure you ask if you get free updates on the map, and how often they update their maps.

  29. Hello, Abe.

    Allow me to ask something technical, please?

    AVT A800 gives me the following error messages:

    “dt init fail,code(6030200)”
    “OnAppInit Fail”

    Fatal Application Error
    Application Navigator.exe has performed an illegal operation and will be shut down. If the problem persists, contact the program vendor.
    Program: Navigator.exe
    Exception: 0xC0000005

    Two Questions:
    Who is the “program vendor”?
    Am I doing something wrong?

    I already tried resetting. Nothing, same errors. Before this happened, the A800 failed to read my position several times.

    But I clicked here and there and it fixed itself.

    I lost the manual (somewhere in the paper piles around me in the office) and all I was able to download was a flyer.

    Help, please?

    [We met at Shang Palace–Dell launch?–and I was very interested to know about your successful blogging career. Very inspirational! Congrats!]



  30. I think I found the vendor:

    Suite 114, Columbia Tower
    Ortigas Avenue, Greenhills
    Mandaluyong City
    Philippines 1550

    Tel: +63 2 744 6262
    Fax: +63 2 727 6053

    I really need my Navigator fixed. I’m lost without it!

    If you have stuff that can help, anyone, please reply.

    Since I lost the manual, I don’t even know where to put my media files!

  31. anly says:

    wer can i buy paccard bell compasseo 370?

  32. sherwin says:

    I am interested in buying AVT car stereo and is considering also a unit with GPS. can you please help? I need to know the specs, the price and of course, if it would fit in the TOYOTA FORTUNER.. Thank you.

  33. Mimi says:

    The biggest “no no” with all the navigation devices is taking out the SD Card without shutting down the engine first. Pulling it out abruptly can corrupt the unit.

    Simply return your devices to the dealers where you brought it from, so they can reformat it. I’m sure it has warranty.

  34. jexean says:

    Do you have dealers along las pinas area?

  35. Vernon says:

    sa mga gustong maka tipid.. bili nalang kayo windows mobile device na meron na gps..

    you can use this following programs:

    *map asia (not freeware)

    *garmin (not freeware)

    *googlemap (freeware but needs internet connection)

    *NaviComputer (freeware… use predownloaded maps of google earth or yahoomaps)

  36. navigator list says:

    yung gusto makabili ng gps meron ako updated lahat pati map direct from manufacturer…
    call lang for info: 09198633754 or email: [email protected]
    tested ko na tong gps ko 1 year ko natong gamit….

  37. yung gusto makabili ng gps meron ako updated lahat pati map direct from manufacturer…
    call lang for info: 09198633754 or email: [email protected]
    tested ko na tong gps ko 1 year ko natong gamit….
    as in mura lang talaga….

  38. Mariz says:

    i know where to buy this for only 15k asap!!!

  39. lukin4gps says:

    really mariz? where?

  40. Mariz says:

    i am selling car accessories with 1 year warranty that includes the avt gps asnd avt stereo

  41. Arvin says:

    I compared before AVT and those original Garmin units from several garage companies (sulit, ebay etc.) and also the new upcoming Garmin clones (units with pirated Garmin XT software), they can not even scratch on the funcionality and quality of the carnavi. So I bought a unit from carnavi [http://www.carnavi.ph], the map details are really awesome. Check it out, you will not believe. And beside this they offer service, what I really miss with all the other GPS sellers.

    Look at this videos about AVT:

    Look at the details at carnavi:


  42. alex says:

    sa sm north annex may nagbibinta din ng GPS kaso GARMIN brand…..

    anuh kaya ang mas maganda garmin or avt?

  43. anonymouse says:

    18.5k are you kidding?! there are stuff similar to that offered for 12k -that itself is already expensive. some crappy china gps’s cost as low as 5k -but its a bad investment tho :/

  44. baron says:

    Try to search some gps gadgets…Orion GPS gadgets is more advantages…try to search somewhere in Mandaluyong…..

  45. D' tour guide says:

    pag gps hanap nyo meron ngayon mura lang pocket pc na all in na yun mp3, flash, radio, movie player etc… mga 7k lang yung updated pa lahat ng map sa pinas, maganda pa nun kahit sa labas pwede mong gamit kasi di namimili ng map… spend wise lang… im using mine for 2 years na nag update lang ako ng map ko…

  46. ricky says:

    parang mahal, bili na lang ako ng mapa sa national booksgtore..

  47. julie says:

    i have gps touchcreen,,,who ever interested to buy free to email me,,.,ty

  48. Napoleon says:

    map of makati including Bonifacio global city

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  51. can u give me a gps conection

  52. vill says:

    dude do you know where i can buy here in manila a global sat usb type gps? if you know please email me [email protected]

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