Cool WFH items you can buy at IKEA PH under PHP 1K

IKEA Philippines is now online, which is good news for those who want to buy their products but can visit their physical store. It’s also a convenient way to go window shopping so we decided to look around and find some cool work-from-home items for under PHP 1K. Check them out below.

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Signum cable manager

Everyone wants a tidy home office, however, that’s a bit of a challenge to maintain especially if you have lots of cables lying around. The solution to that is to use cable managers those codes in place and elevated to avoid snagging and tripping on them. This Signum cable manager from IKEA is made of steel with a pigmented powder coating. You can’t use it on glass tabletops, though. The IKEA Signum cable manager only costs PHP 300.

Baggebo shelf unit

If you want a tidy home office, then you can’t just have your things cluttered on your desk or floor. Shelves are the solution to that and we found this IKEA Baggebo shelf unit. It’s made of a steel frame, mesh shelves, and has a white epoxy/polyester powder coating. It can accommodate books, decorations. This shelf is priced at PHP 990.

Bortberg lumbar cushion

Working usually means sitting on a chair for hours, which could lead to lower back pains. In this case, you’ll need a lumbar cushion like the IKEA Bortberg to help you sit more upright. This one uses polyurethane memory foam with a 100% polyester fabric cover. It also features a hook and loop faster and an elastic strap so you can secure it on your chair. The Bortberg lumbar cushion is priced at PHP 500.

Dagotto footrest

Although you’re mostly sitting during your work hours, doesn’t mean you should forget about your feet. Having a footrest helps you sit in a good working position at your desk and can reduce strain on your legs, back, and neck. The footrest uses a steel frame and ABS plastic plate, and can easily tilt and adjust to the angle of your liking, has a non-slip textured surface, and is equipped with rubber feet to protect surfaces from scratches. The Dagotto footrest is pried PHP 790.

Tjena desk organizer

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Aside from cables, there are many other things that can clutter your desks such as pens, notebooks, flash drives, and other small items that can be easily misplaced. For that, you’ll need a desk organizer like this one. It is made of paperboard (100% recycled paper), and consists of five separate boxes of different heights and sizes but can be easily grouped together for a more organized look. The Tjena desk organizer is priced at PHP 290.

Mojlighet headset and tablet stand

If you have a smartphone or tablet and a headset, then you know that it takes a lot of desk space. That’s why there are stands made like this one. It’s a two-in-one stand meaning you can use it to prop up your smartphone or tablet, which is great if you’re watching something while working, and hang your headphones when not in use. The Mojlighet headset and tablet stand is priced at PHP 100.

Lennart drawer

Storage is important when it comes to organizing your work-from-home space and drawers are just one of the things you can use to do that. But if you want something that looks unique, you can take a look at the Lennart. The frame and the panels are made of metal and have casters to make them easy to move around. The drawers can hold letter-size paper and feature a mesh design so you can see what’s stored in it. It’s great for storing office supplies and snacks if needed. The Lennart drawer is priced at PHP 990.

Tertial work lamp

A work desk is not complete without a lamp to help you work in the dark or provide some ambient lighting to your workspace. This lamp features an adjustable steel arm and head and can accommodate E27 LED bulbs. You can clamp this on a table or mount it on a wall. The Tertial work lamp is priced at PHP 590. Light bulbs are sold separately.

Skadis pegboard combination

Pegboards are a great addition to your workspace if you want to take advantage of that empty space on your wall. After mounting, just add pegs and you can turn it into extra storage, hang stuff like keys and headphones, or use it as an inspiration board. Not to mention, it will turn your boring wall into something that looks exciting. It is also made of fiberboard, a stable and durable material made of leftover wood from the wood industry, and features a durable outer layer of paint or laminate. The Skadis pegboard combination is priced at PHP 990.

Byllan laptop support

Tired of working on your desk the whole day and want to continue working in other places in your house? Then you will like this laptop support. It basically acts as a small table on your lap so you can place your laptop or just use it as a regular tabletop.. You can use this on your bed, couch, or car. It also features a washable cover and is stable thanks to the formable base filled with small plastic beads. The Byllan laptop support is priced at PHP 890.

And that sums up our initial finds. IKEA is a big shop and has plenty of products available for your work-from-home needs. If you have recommendations. Let us know in the comments below.

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