Do you put a premium on the mouse?

Do you put a premium on the mouse?

I think one of the most neglected devices in a computer (especially the desktop PC) is the mouse. As a pointing device it’s one of the most used peripherals (more often than the keyboard) in the PC. I always have uneasy feeling whenever I see someone using a defective mouse.

So I wondered, “do people put a premium on the mouse as a pointing device?

I think for a segment of the population — i.e. graphic designers, hard-core gamers and the likes — the answer would be a big yes.


I, for one, love using a huge trackball — particularly the Logitech Marble Mouse. I think it’s very accurate and more comfortable to use. Besides, it’s not that expensive either.

I think the most expensive mouse I’ve ever spent on was around Php3,500 for a Logitech MX1000 (which was damaged after a single charge due to voltage problems).

How about the rest? How much do you spend for a mouse and which type do you prefer to use?

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43 Responses

  1. Mark Obra says:

    I use a Logitech MX Air.. so yeah I put a big premium on them, Im actually thinking of buying the Revolution MX too with Darkfield.

  2. rommel says:

    genius mouse ranging from 300-900php lang :)

  3. P says:

    I prefer a mouse over, say, a trackpad. I go for the branded ones (preferably Logitech, by habit) because in the cheaper models (ESPECIALLS CDR-KING), the padding underneath the buttons tends to wear out easily after just a month…it’s something I can no longer tolerate, as my right index finger strains easily.

  4. IC DeaDPiPoL says:

    been using CDRKing mouses lately. Most expensive mouse I’ve bought was a Genius Optical mouse that had 2 additional buttons on the left and right sides (for web browsing) and two scrollers which was priced at P800.00++ more than 5 years ago and its usefulness ended when a house rat “raped” it (losing the rubber of it’s scrollers AND flayed wires).

    Lately CDRKing mouses tend to have some inborn defects with those using a rubber scroller tend to lose it’s internal grip while those with plastic scroller suffer from shakey controls (cursor tends to vibrate when left alone)

  5. I got a nice bluetooth mouse and a rf mouse from logitech, expensive but worth it, no wires and laser. Used to like the marble, but it can get difficult to use in gaming or graphic uses.

  6. neis says:

    got a microsoft arc mouse – better than any logitech wireless i encountered – my hands are a bit small so just fits :) and very responsive (compared to logitech wireless devices i used)

  7. Jedd says:

    I try to buy new mice that is exactly the same as my last one. The hand adapts to it over extended use, sort of becomes like a part of your hand. A new, different mouse always feels awkward no matter how expensive it is. You gradually get used to it though.

  8. LunaTech says:

    i have a A4tech g7-630 gaming mouse… im still saving money for cyborg R.A.T. 9 para bagay sa m11x ko…. imo

  9. Rom says:

    Best mouse I’ve spent money on is my Logitech MX Revolution. Unfortunately the newer Performance MX is a disappointment to its predecessor.

  10. Ving says:

    I also use the Logitech MX Revolution. It’s pretty awesome for a mouse. :)

  11. Chris says:

    Magic Mouse for me. Replaced it with the magic trackpad for the desktop though.

  12. Jhay says:

    I use the typical optical mouse from Logitech, black to go with my laptop since I’m not a serious gamer. Tried a trackball but I never got used to it.

  13. paul e. says:

    i use a cdr-king mouse for the home laptop. but for my netbook i’m a bit more picky… it’s currently paired with an a4tech bluetooth mouse that i got for just under 1k.

  14. Val says:

    I’m using a cheap mouse right now because my A4tech X-7 broke. Been wanting to get the G5 as I hear good things about it. Either that or the MS Sidewinder; however, mahal. Prolly will wait until this mouse breaks down.

    Sir Yuga,
    Where did you get your Logitech trackball and for how much? I might use that if its cheaper than a gaming mouse.

  15. sky says:

    I am currently using a Logitech M505 wireless mouse. What’s important for me in a mouse is its portability and battery life, as I own a notebook and a netbook. It’s small but easy to grip thanks to its rubberized side grips. And it has that Logitech unifying receiver which I can use on my future Logitech purchases. So yeah, I put a premium on my mouse.

  16. I’m loving my LOGITECH M305 mouse. i just love it! :)

  17. sylv3rblade says:

    Wired Mouse + Wireless Mouse + Tablet for it’s uses :)

  18. ogago says:

    im using that m305 like mouse from cd r king, 480php only and not bad. coz i prefer using trackpad on my notebook kaya im not that into mouse

  19. manaka_junpei says:

    Wireless Mouse is the stupidiest idea kaya nasira yan dahil sa Overcharge, back to the basic mouse, neither may Bola sa loob, 2 buttons or 3, scroll button na, basta huwag lang kakaibang itsura, at isa pa, sukatin mo ang kamay mo sa mouse na angkop ba sa controls mo

  20. razorous says:

    I bought the BT Mouse from Logitech which costs I think around 2k+ back then. I didnt really like the way it performed after a couple of use… Very big difference when using wired mouse talaga. Nagla-lag kasi, but it think its because of the crapy buitin bluetooth in my netbook… Haayy…

  21. ApplesH says:

    I hate using a defective mouse and cringe when watching people try to beat theirs into working properly. I personally use a Logitech M505 which I bought for $50.

  22. harv3y says:

    I’m using A4tech G7-630 gaming mouse for about a month. I’m not into gaming though. I used it on my MSI u230 while surfing the net. The design is nice and it function excellent *for me*. It’s the expensive mouse I bought @ Php780 hahaha

  23. Calvin says:

    im using the microsoft arc mouse although parang i want to have the bluetrack instead. or even logitech’s darkfield mice. anyway, ok na rin yun kesa CD-R king na gamit ko before.

  24. Phryxes says:

    i am using a Razer Mamba gaming mice.. it fits perfectly and the accuracy is just awesome. Pwede siyang gamitin wireless or wired. its abit pricey for a mouse but definitely worth it, so yeah, i do put premium on my mouse.

  25. d00dz says:

    Using a Razer Mamba and Razer Naga on my desktops and an Arc Mouse for my laptop (got for $5 from Amazon due to a pricing error).

    My first premium mouse was a Logitech G5 which got replaced by the aforementioned Razers after the left button got stuck.

  26. d00dz says:

    Using a Razer Mamba and Razer Naga on my desktops and an Arc Mouse for my laptop (got for $5 from Amazon due to a pricing error).

    My first premium mouse was a Logitech G5 which got replaced by the aforementioned Razers after the left button got stuck.

    All in all, I believe premium mice actually do have sizable performance benefits over cheap mice especially if you’re a gamer.

  27. NonesenseLife says:

    i use lexma wireless mouse,its worth it,ive been using it for a year still i dont change the battery the price is 1.8k :)

  28. batang henyo says:

    hindi, minsan lang ako gumamit ng mouse lagi ako nasa ‘terminal’

  29. Kinny says:

    I use the egg mouse Php250 or a glow in the dark Ghost mouse which I got for 20 US dollars. I prefer the wired ones vs. the trackpads or cordless variety.

  30. I’m currently using an A4Tech mouse, the one with “disco lights”. It was a gift from my partner. LOL.

    Anyway, even though I don’t do much graphics designing nowadays, I still want to make sure my right hand holding the mouse is comfortable. I’ve been experiencing pain on my right wrist because of the old mouse I was using, the A4Tech generic black mouse. So, yes, I now put a premium on my mouse.

    I’m planning on buying a mouse with trackball and you suggested on Twitter that I can find the one I was looking for at Logitech in Megamall. Haven’t been there yet, but, will buy my first trackball mouse when I get a chance to. :)

  31. rhyan says:

    I’ve used A4-Tech wired mouse with 2x click button for my desktop before. When I bought my laptop, I used a CD-R King mouse that serve me well. Then i tried to go wireless with Logitech M505. I’m having problems with my hand lately, I just hoped it was not caused by the mouse.

  32. I use an Apple Magic mouse for general use, and a Wacom Intuos for graphic work.

    If only wacom could make a pen for the iPad… Sigh….

    The trackpad is my LEAST favorite pointing device. Wacom pen is my favorite.

  33. Ton says:

    Logitech for as long as I can remember. These things last long after you’d want them to.

  34. MrOrange says:

    Logitech. Have two Logitech Trackballs. A cordless optical trackman I got for close to 3k and an optical trackman without scroll. I would like to use a mouse but problem is space… make it the lack of it.

  35. squishy says:

    stopped using a mouse altogether and relied on a wacom pen and tablet for my pointing needs. although i prefer logitech or genius mouses, not too cheap, not too expensive.

  36. MyMaria says:

    Apple magic mouse for me :)

  37. Alec says:

    I use an Apple magic mouse in combo with the Apple magic trackpad.

  38. Razer Naga. Great gaming mouse. Also great utility mouse – programmable buttons rule.

  39. Michael says:

    Apple Magic Mouse, no area for dirt to creep in. Scroll with momentum, FTW! (momentum scrolling doesn’t work in Windows 7 though)

  40. mrkwuzhir24 says:

    san sa PI nakakabili ng razer mamba? at magkano!!!!!!!! salamat po sa sasagot! hehehehehehehehheehe

  41. E says:

    mine is logitech M215 optical wireless… not so expensive for a wireless mouse..

  42. paparapapa says:

    Mine is a COMPAQ Mouse equipped with mouseball. Still works fine since 2000.

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