Edimax 3G Broadband Router

Edimax 3G Broadband Router

Here’s another 3G broadband router sent in for review — the Edimax 802.11b/g 3G Router. It’s like your regular DSL router with additional USB ports to hook in a 3G modem and also acts as a Printer server.

edimax router

If you have a regular DSL at home hooked up to a wireless router, you can use your SmartBro, Globe Visibility or Sun Wireless Broadband as alternative source of internet connection when the DSL goes down.


edimax router

Not sure how much this one costs but it’s being sold at eBay.ph for Php3,900.

edimax router

I’ll bring this on the road and set it up inside the car so we’ll see how it fares.

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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81 Responses

  1. bertsan531 says:

    where is it available? 4k estimated price only?
    I want to buy one.

  2. hm…this is pretty cool! now I am having second thoughts if I should get me a Sun Broadband + this router over getting a Smart Bro connection (which from what I read over the net pretty much sucks).

    I heard Sun’s speed is pretty fast and stable when you are still inside the Metro. Does this hold true to anyone? Any average speeds perhaps?

  3. Deo says:

    great review again sir yuga… hope this one will work fine so that our visibility can be share throughout our place or even in the car…

    OT: anyway please visit also my deo’s web blog, Thanks!

  4. Jean says:

    3G only sa ok din sa 3.5G mas ok to http://bit.ly/1alCMz

  5. yeah says:

    nakabili na ko nito last saturday 3,900 gamit ko sa sun sulit na sulit !!!!!!

    3G lang yung tawag na term 3.5 G speed works :P

  6. Ardz says:

    Pwede rin ba itong gamitin as NAS? Kasi may USB port sa likod and pwede syang print server.

  7. You can also connect a printer to that router Abe! to acts as a print server allowing all users to share the printer through the network.


  8. Reggie says:

    is it possible to plug in a flash drive or usb external drive and share?

  9. LX says:

    @Deo No offense, but how is this a review?

    @Yuga looking forward to the review.

  10. dan says:

    @ deo read again. maybe ur being too excited or just being a moron. tsk tsk. Even a 12 year old knows that yugat didn’t review it based on the article above…

  11. niel says:

    @yeah. San available 3G router?

  12. Ordnacin says:

    This sounds interesting a few questions though:

    1. Who handles the warranty ?
    2. Anybody tried it with Smart WeRoam already ?
    3. If the DSL fails does it automatically connect to 3G ?
    4. Can you combine the 3G and DSL bandwidth ?

  13. Chris says:

    Woe ganda ng looks..USB port for Globe/smart wireless broadband?

  14. Beau says:

    The problem is that most times when you are using any of the 3G connections they are really slow only really good when you are out of town or on the road. More then one person using the 3G connection would be super slow.

    Cool idea if the 3G was really good here.

  15. MP says:

    I got the exact link from ebay: http://cgi.ebay.ph/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=140319606879&_trksid=p2759.l1259

    I am looking on the details and will buy it if I am convinced on the specifications.

  16. Franz says:

    wow! this is nice, i want one..

  17. Cool, and more cheaper than other brands.

  18. hi sir yuga,

    hoping to see the reviews very soon! :)

  19. Tech Blog says:

    I tested this out last monday, the thing doesn’t support Huawei E160 modem, so if you have globe tattoo it won’t work, if you have Sun prepaid or Eazy Connect(plan) it won’t work, the menu is easy to use, but it doesn’t match the screen shot on its manual so don’t bother reading the manual for configuration of the 3g/3.5g, the other features such as print server and wireless is pretty easy to setup, one feature that is unique to this one is the fallback connectivity, if you have 3g connection and dsl connection at the same time and the 3g fail it can fallback automatically to the dsl connection, you can buy this for 4k, i found a shop at bf homes selling this thats where i test my sun Huawei E160 modem and found out only the Huawei E220 is supported, even after the firmware update.

  20. @Tech Blog ano yung name ng shop sa BF? eto ba ung sa along Aguirre?

  21. Otie says:

    Huawei 160E, Huawei 160G, Huawei 160 Modems are already supported by this model using firmware version 2.07c, the firmware is available from there local Edimax I-Care Support – just message them @ [email protected] or call the Hotline @ 412-EDMX (412-3369).

  22. Erin says:

    @Reel Advice: my office mate has a Sun 3G modem and it is fast. however he told me that torrent traffic is blocked. if this is true then no thanks. not all torrent traffic is illegal.


  23. jon says:

    Take it from me. I live in Quezon City, and because of the nature of my work, I need to have connectivity anywhere I go so I bought a globe visibility, a smart bro wireless , and a sun broadband wireless modem. i’d say sun broadband is amazingly fast! even if they claim to have speed of upto 2mbps, I actually get up to 2.7mbps! smart is fairly good, 1mbps on the average, but choosy when it comes to 3G signal (good in Quezon City, but poor in Makati). Globe is the worst actually. Poor signal everywhere! It’s only good you’re in an open space like a Mall or outside the house so when I’m inside my room, I had to use a 3-meter long USB cable so that I could hang the globe visibility modem outside the window in order to get a good signal. Inside a closed room, Globe Visibility/Tatoo really really sucks! So, I suggest, you guys avail Sun Broadband Wireless if you live in Metro Manila, or a Smart Bro if you travel a lot, but don’t EVER buy globe vis/tatoo coz it really really sucks. Take it from someoone who has actually tested all modems for more than 6 months already…

  24. I think I like this better http://tinyurl.com/r4la2g

    it has it’s own advantages and disadvantages though.

    I like mine small :)

  25. gamemaro says:

    sun prepaid kit – 2Mbps pero bumabato hanggang 3.7.. mabilis din… i suggest mag-sun na lang kayo…kung ang prepaid lang din nman..

  26. Tech Blog says:


    Trust me its not supported, E160g is different from E160, I have personally tested this for hours and hours and trying to make my e160 work as I really want to get it.

    Did you personally made it to work with E160, because I’m only able to make it work with e220, and I did the testing not just base on hearsay.


    yep yung quest logic ata name nung shop

  27. mmmm much better if edimax make it a 3in1 offer a modem, router & print server ;)

    “bagong gadget hanef sa lufet, budget ba ay sulit?”

  28. Otie says:

    @Tech Blog

    Yes sir we personally tested it, Huawei E160 is working with this 3G Router, just put http.globe.com.ph sa APN ng router configuration.

  29. boowee says:

    I’m really looking for a 3G MOBILE Router. May nakita ako na binabenta sa US pero exclusive sa network provider. Yes, it’s a mobile router, something similar to this one pero mas maliit and battery operated.

    Is there any thing available like this in the market na pwedeng ilagay ung Globe/Sun/Smart sim?

    Imagine Globe Tatto or SmartBRO Prepaid na battery operated na router. Tipong pag nilagay mo sa bag mo, may mobile router ka na. It’s handy kasi sa iPod Touch and PSP. Kasi kailangan nasa WiFi zone ka para magamit mo yung browser. It’s like converting 3G signal into WiFi.

  30. boowee says:

    This is it, they call it MiFi:

  31. ratata says:

    Mabilis po ba ang gaming sa mga 3g broadbands?

  32. Another great product from Edimax. How i wish matibay talaga at ok ang after sales. Wait ko muna na medyo bumaba ang price…

  33. franc says:

    What a great product from Edimax!!! Netgear have the same product, MBR624GU, but sad to say their site doesn’t include Philippines in their site :(

    Please check Edimax’s site for compatible models of USB 3G modems.

    You can check it from the router’s product page then click download..here’s the link:

    or you can check it directly from this link:

    I called up Smart Bro hotline just now and they confirmed the model of their USB modem in circulation and here’s what I got

    – E-surfer wm62
    – Huawei e226 / e156c (common stock)
    – ZTE mf622 / mf627 / mf626 – dark knight limited edition

    I was expecting that the rep will tell me about Huawei E160 at E160G as previously tested by Tech Blog but he failed to mention it. Basta refer nalang kayo sa compatible list ng USB modem ng Edimax for information.

    Hope this helps a lot ÜÜÜ

  34. edimax says:

    The product description says that dsl connection automatically kicks in if ever the 3g connection fails.

    Is it possible to set my DSL connection as the primary connection instead of 3g?

  35. Vince says:


    i just finished upgrading my firware to 2.09 so it can support the zte mf626/627 used for smartbro and weroam.

    got it working fine, and i noticed that you can actually configure which connection the router will treat as PRIMARY. you can set it to be the 3G connection OR your wired broadband. cool noh?

  36. Dong says:

    hi there everyone.. I really need help. i recently purchased this Edimax 3G in Cybermall and tried to install it using my SUN Broadband however I can’t seem to get a connection with SUN. my laptop can get connection with the router but it prompts to dial up to SUN.. I even sa the # to SUN it’s *99# and then I get an error that the line is busy… I already seek help from an Edimax Tech but he wasn’t helpful.. he only asked to change the APN to ffband then it’s good to go but still failed :-(

  37. Nestor L. Anito says:

    Find interesting to hear from YOU experts. thanks a lot!!! Anyway dito ako sa china and have a Huawei EC1261. Want to know if this thing will work sa pinas if lagyan ng smart bro or sun sim cards? at gagana kaya sa Edimax 3G Bband router? Thanks…

  38. Otie says:

    @ dong

    anu po model ng 3G modem nyo.

  39. Epheiron says:


    pwede na ba sa bagong usb modem ng sun itong edimax? e1550 ata yung new modem gamit ng sun.

  40. Dong says:

    To Epheiron: Yes Edimax is compatible and will work with the SUN E1550. Just follow the instructions and make sure to change the APN to minternet then you’re good to go :-) Hope this helps

  41. NetCrazy says:

    Good Day Sirs!

    You can find that 3g router at PC Hub at gilmore for only 2,900, its quite nice but the firmware isn’t that good, it crashes when you create too much filtering, and huawei 1550 could’t dial don’t know why, I suggest get a better router, like linksys, dlink, etc… but if your really need a router to share your 3g connection Edimax 3g6200wg would be fair enough

  42. Eduardo Nemis says:

    where can i find your product?

  43. Ice says:

    I just availed a Sun Postpaid Plan and got a HUAWEI E1550. Do you think it’s compatible with this router? I also have 2 Globe USB dongles, HUAWEI E160 & E160G.

    The compatibility list is only for firmware v2.08, it is not yet updated with v2.09.


    Please guys help me. Thanks!

  44. Mokz says:

    I Just want to ask if this model is also compatible to WEROAM usb internet? like smartbro wireless internet. please advise i want to have and test this cool devise for one my internet connection solutions.

    need your confirmation

    Thank you guys…


  45. Ice says:

    @ Mokz

    What is the model of your USB Weroam? Here is the compatibility list:


    Anyway, where do you plan to buy Edimax 3G-6200WG?

  46. Master Dan says:

    Yes its working on weroam mf627 i just bought one yesterday and set it up it works with this model, but if you have the mf622 model of weroam its not working because i tried it and wont work i havent called the tech sup of edimax ill it tom if they can help me with mf622 model

    • Charles says:

      I have a weroam mf627 but I can’t seem to connect it to the internet. Changed APN to weroam; inputted [email protected] as user and used pldt as password. It won’t connect even at 2.09 firmware. It’s actually compatible in th list. Any suggestions?

  47. joey says:

    hi! need help, i just purchase a edimax nLITE 3G-6200n, can’t figure how to set-up this thing. i’m using Huawei E160. can anyone can help me on this router?

  48. LETTY says:

    pwede po ba ito sa wi-tribe?

  49. gheoski says:

    joey replied on Feb 28th, 2010 at 10:15 pm (50)

    hi! need help, i just purchase a edimax nLITE 3G-6200n, can’t figure how to set-up this thing. i’m using Huawei E160. can anyone can help me on this router?

    Same here but my modem Huawei is E1550, i can’t connect to my router to share it to my 8 pc,, I reall need help how to set this up.. TY

  50. MMM says:

    I would like to buy the 3G-6200n or 3G-6200wg, but i’m not sure if i is compatible with Huawei E156C.

    The compability list in the site of Edimax is showed just the firmware v2.08 and don’t have information of the las version v2.09.

    Can any enyone tell me something about this.

  51. knedgal says:

    I suggest you just bring your 3g modem when buying it. Then try it out sa store bago bilhin…just to be sure… I just hope papayag ang store buksan ang product at i-test hehehe some stores dont allow it.

  52. jbitpc says:

    @Master dan: Can you post the weroam settings you used? I have a pldt weroam mf627 and I’ve updated my firmware. It can run a sun e1552 with minternet/fbband APN on *99# dial up number. Please help?!

  53. Otie says:

    PLDT WeRoam has a username and password: usually the username is [email protected] password is pldt, apn is weroam, at dial script is *99#

    • Charles says:

      I’ve tried the settings but it didn’t work. It won’t connect, even on firmware 2.09. I even tried connecting the sim to the web on an huawei e-1552 usb modem but I’m having no luck. Any more ideas? I’ve ran out.

  54. jbitpc says:

    Thanks otie, i’ll try this too and feedback.

  55. Tommy says:

    Tried the G-6200N using the smart bro USB modem (color white) and it works flawlessly. It’s Plug and Play, you just set up the WiFi for security ready to go ka na.

  56. Mike says:

    can you bridge the connection of dsl and 3g? is it possible to get 2 connection?

  57. edward says:

    meron po akong ipod touch, pero wala po akong internet access s bahay po nmin. gusto ko po sna n internet access s ipod ko khit saan ako pumunta(like in lrt)..ung bang ilalagay ko n lng cya s bag ko tpos pwede ko ng gamitin ung ipod touch ko sa loob ng lrt o kahit saan!?..ang gagamitin po eh ung mga usb type broadband(prepaid)..pwede po ba ung gnitong setup!?..pra anytime pwede po akong mgbrowse s internet..kung posible po b ung ganitong setup, ano po b ang dapat kong bilhin?..

  58. Jbitpc says:

    @ edward: I have an ipod touch too and the edimax 3G6200-WG is good enough for my room. I connected it with my Huawei E-1552 USB from Sun and it works nicely. I have upgraded the firmware to support my huawei device. Signal is okay over the 30sq mtr place where I stay. Maybe if you strategically locate it, it may cover a bigger area. Else, use a stronger receiving antenna.
    @ Otie: I am still unable to use my Pldt weroam with my edimax router. I have tried downgrading the firmware but alas, that’s not the solution. Maybe the weroam given by the office is password protected and uses a different apn.

  59. jr says:

    hi jbitpc! Where can I download the firmware to support the E1552? What is the firware version #?

    • Charles says:

      First firmware upgrade ko un, matagal na, 2.05 pa yta, now on my second upgrade, it’s 2.09 on the edimax website.

  60. Rene says:

    For those wondering, the Netgear 3g Router MBR624GU product works fine with the Sun Broadband 3g service offered in the Philippines. Make sure you add all the updated firmwares. Since the item I purchased was from North America a power inverter was needed for the Phils or you risk blowing it’s power adapter. Unfortunately you cannot cross-flash firmwares from North America & Other(World Wide). I ended up using the North American firmwares and it worked okay. For Sun Broadband make sure you configure the 3g APN portion to: fbband

  61. bachoi says:

    Rene anong model po ang ginamit ninyong sun broadband usb modem?

  62. 09186638881 says:

    @ All

    Please kindly indicate your APN: when using this router. (3G-6200n)

    how to find your APN: on your usb 3G broadband modem.

    1: open your portal or dial up.
    2: click Tools–>Settings–>Profile Management.
    3: and tha APN apears.
    4: please remember or write down on your note what is your APN name.

    every usb 3G modem have a its own APN please be aware.

    thankyou ^_^

  63. 09186638881 says:

    @ all

    the 3G-6200n or 3G6204Wlg/wg is need to fill up you APN when your using 3G broadband modem.

    this is how to find your APN:

    1: open the Portal or Dial up software.
    2: click tools–>Settings–>Profile management.
    3: and the APN will apear.
    4: please write down your APN apears on your portal, because you need it in you 3G router configuration procedures.

    every Usb 3Gbraodband modem, have a different APN name.

    Thankyou ^_^

  64. 09186638881 says:

    the 3G-6200n or 3G6204Wlg/wg is need to fill up you APN when your using 3G broadband modem.

    this is how to find your APN:

    1: open the Portal or Dial up software.
    2: click tools–>Settings–>Profile management.
    3: and the APN will apear.
    4: please write down your APN apears on your portal, because you need it in you 3G router configuration procedures.

    every Usb 3Gbraodband modem, have a different APN name.

    Thankyou ^_^

  65. Nestor Anito says:

    Is there any 3.75G broadband router that serves also as a signal booster? Thanks…

  66. 09186638881 says:

    @Nestor Anito,

    Sir, try the Edimax 3G-6200n. because it has a detachable antenna, and you can replaced it by another High gain antenna, for your much better wireless coverage.

    just go here:
    Edimax 3G-6200n (3g router with detachable antenna)

    Edimax EA-008D (highgain antenna)

    thi si also avilable in local market.

    Goodluck :-)

  67. james davis says:

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  68. james davis says:

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  69. james davis says:

    you can call or txt at 09267495464 or 09205111963 for inquiries

  70. jheom says:

    ask ko lng kung pwd ung globe tattoo na huawei e1552 pero ang sim is sun kc ung sun is naka postpaid… i unlock the modem para sun ung magamit ko sa e1552 n usb… ask ko kong gagana ba un pag sun at hnd original na globe ang ilalagay ko sa modem… whch is globe tattoo tlga ang usb modem ko…

  71. toolkit1031 says:

    im using 3g 6200n edimax 3g router smartbro modem is notworking model: WM66A i use the apn SMARTBRO DIAL *99#

    any one can help me globe tattoo is no problem
    PS san po makikita yung ip address from the isp need ko po gamitin ang port forward thanks

  72. khristine says:

    hi..!! pwede poh bang magamit ng sabay ang smartbro at globetatto sa iisang router..??samin kasi hindi gumagana ang smartbro..ano poh ba pwedeng gawin para sabay gumana..??

  73. arlie says:

    ano pa bang compatible na router sa pinas? smart bro ang gamit namin na connection. Pro balak ko bumili ng router dito sa UAE. Can u give an advice?

  74. Charles says:

    Sabi nga nung isa, mas maganda dala mo yung usb modem stick mo to try before buying. Edimax is a good and cheap brand, I’ve bought 2 devices from them, sadly, I can’t run my office weroam usb on it, probably setting issues. Sa pinas ka na bumili.

  75. Jj says:


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