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Goodbye Zune Player!

A report from Bloomberg says that Microsoft is putting an end to their hardware music player, the Zune, after years of struggling to get a significant market share over Apple’s iPod.

MS announced the Zune back in 2006 and will no longer be selling them this year {via}.

Had a Red Zune and a Zune HD before (and loved them both) especially the wireless synching on the Zune HD. It was also ahead in including an FM radio tuner compared to the more popular iPod Touch or any iPod for that matter.

The Zune player (software and service) is still alive though and is incorporated in Windows Phone 7. ahead

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25 Responses

  1. Jam. says:

    Zune HD has a better design than iPod touch. Wish they could make a Zune HD again but w/ WP7 OS. So that there will be more apps and games.

  2. tipler says:

    “… and both loved them”
    loved them both

    “It was also first to add an FM radio tuner, ahead of the iPod Touch.”
    Do you mean it was the first media player to incorporate an FM tuner?

    Link to the bloomberg article?

  3. JUn says:

    hmmm i hope they sell it so cheap on grey market :) i definately will get one if the price is right :)

  4. deuts says:

    Huwat?! I haven’t even yet laid my hands on these gadgets….

  5. Messie says:

    “It was also first to add an FM radio tuner (way ahead of the iPod Touch or any iPod for that matter).”

    – ehrm, which ipod touch has an FM radio tuner? Or does this pertain to those special headsets which has an fm tuner?

  6. kamote says:

    Yup ZUNE is greater than Ipod and a little too late in terms of beating the market share. The advertising of the gadget was very poor that up to the last minute if i’m not mistaken the gadget is only available to US Only and Canada.

    Microsoft should have listened to the users of Zune and followed what they have suggested.

    It’s just sad that PMP is dominated by Ipod. I am so sick of seeing the same old piece of gadget. I think if there’s one PMP who will and can beat them given the right attention and marketing strategy it’s no less than the ZUNE.

  7. tipler says:

    “Had a Red Zune and a Zune HD before (and loved them both) especially the wireless synching on the Zune HD.”

    Take out the fragment in parenthesis:
    “Had a Red Zune and a Zune HD before especially the wireless synching on the Zune HD.”

  8. Suplado says:

    goodbye to the best mp3 player! huhuhu!

  9. Joshua M says:

    And the winner is…

  10. bursky says:

    if only they could make the WP7 units as sleek as the ZuneHD. :( i wanted this PMP. hay…

  11. Gumz says:

    To continue to enjoy zune, buy windows phone 7… :-(

  12. Nick says:

    Good riddance. iPod Touch FTW!

  13. adam says:

    Goodbye to Zune.

  14. If it haven’t work why let it stay, go for better. http://jonaflormicfren.blogspot.com/

  15. Rey says:

    they are going to kill it now because of the WP7 not only the market thingy.

  16. Ethan Tremblay says:

    shoot… Zune really is better compare to iPods. Only few people sees this comparison because most people just choose what is hot which is not. Maybe because MS lacked in ads about the product. So sad, and a very disappointing defeat.

  17. Tejeron says:

    Sometimes not all products that are discontinued are losers. Its just herd mentality that rules the world.

  18. Paul says:

    Zune isn’t dead, the technology was transferred mostly intact to Windows Phone 7 mobile devices.

    Okay, maybe it really is dead.

  19. Bjie says:

    The Zune is not yet dead. They will still continue to sell and support Zune HDs. It was only a rumor by Bloomberg.

  20. zune_fanboy says:

    Correction: The Zune HD had HD Radio.

  21. zuner says:

    The zune software is way better than iTunes. The only problem with the Zune is that it was only released in the US and lately, Canada. $15/month for unlimited song downloads? That’s a steal.

  22. kyle says:

    Comparing this one over the iPod touch is like comparing apples to sextoys.. Competition is targeted to iPod without the touch

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