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The complete X-Mini Speaker Family

We don’t seem to be getting tired of these portable capsule speakers from X-Mini. I got this package yesterday which came all the way from Singapore, from the X-Mini headquarters — the entire X-Mini speaker family.

Been a huge fan of these speakers since I first tried them over 3 years ago (starting with the original X-Mini capsule) and then a few more designs and form factor were introduced last year (with the twin-speaker X-Mini Max).

Since then, I’ve tried several other portable speakers of similar kind (mostly, much more affordable ones). However, from experience, the X-Mini still trumps them in terms of design, material construction and audio quality.

So our line-up of X-Mini speakers include (posing for a family photo op, from left to right) — the X-Mini Max v1.1, X-Mini Max II, X-Mini 2nd generation, X-Mini v1.1 and the X-Mini Happy.

You can actually line them up together to form a serial audio connection and fire up the speakers all at the same time from just one single audio source (it’s the speaker equivalent of Voltron or Voltes V). Each speaker has a power output of around 2 watts and audio quality is still that same vibrant, loud and full of bass that we’ve gotten very familiar with since the first generation of X-Mini’s.

The speakers also come in various colors — white, blue, black, red — and retail price ranges from Php800 to Php2,500 (the X-Mini Happy is the most expensive, I think, which retails $79 in X-Mini’s online store). They’re being sold practically everywhere — from retail PC stores, electronic shops and even Multiply stores.

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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19 Responses

  1. Darren says:

    I had one x-min 2 in red, really worthy and valuable purchase!!!

  2. Maren says:

    nice love it! pa contest ka na ng ganyang prize lol ganda inggit much!

  3. Eros says:

    Contest! Contest!

  4. I would love to purchase one and try it for myself.

  5. Cute ones, i would like to know their sound impact. http://doshareit.blogspot.com/

  6. Harley Son says:

    super gorgeous!

  7. Gumz says:

    aside from cute… it’s portable…

    ipa.contest mo na lang yan sir yuga… like first 7 comment will get 1..

  8. Messie says:

    Iyung V1.1 ba na worth 800 sounds decent already?

  9. adam says:

    My bro has this speaker yung hamburger style so far ok naman yung sound. Pero ang mahal around 2K.

  10. Max says:

    Thats so cute! I want one Sir Yuga! :D

  11. I wanna get these. look great for traveling to hook up to your laptop or ipad..

  12. Benchmark33 says:

    wow! ayus yun ha…pinapadalhan lang si sir yuga ng gadgets…for free?! wowa! Sana ako din…probably ang ipapadala sa akin…credit card bills! HAHAHAHA

    Hopefully i will try one…if i can afford it na. hehehehe

  13. Marites says:

    Same here I’m also a fan of X-MINI Speakers. My first was also the original x-mini capsule. I think mga 2007 pa yun.

  14. bloghauz says:



  15. dulfo says:

    I have the X-Mini MaxII. Bought it from a store in CyberZone Mega. Ang liit ng speakers pero magugulat ka sa lakas ng sounds! In this case, size doesn’t matter. Its the performance.

  16. Berns says:

    Hi Yuga,
    Among the models which one sounds better?

  17. Ryann says:

    Where can I buy this stuff? Here in Philippines

  18. JhnAdrn says:

    Guys tanong ko lang, saan po kaya maipapagawa yung cord ng xMini Capsule. Nasira na po kasi yung sa friend ko eh. Wala pong alam na mapag-gagawaan. Thanks!

  19. charleshrac says:

    can anybody tell me where can i buy xmini 3?

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