Poll: Are you getting an iPad 2?

Poll: Are you getting an iPad 2?

So Apple finally released the iPad 2 last Friday both in stores and online. With thousands of people hurrying to buy one for themselves, all the stocks were immediately sold out (not a surprise).

On Apple’s US Online Store, the shipping delay started at just 3 – 5 days, which was quickly updated to 2 – 3 weeks the following day and now — it’s up to 3-4 weeks delay when you order online.


A friend in the US lined up close to 6 hours in one branch of Best Buy (where stocks were also limited). It’s also possible people are hoarding stocks (despite Apple’s policy of only 2 per buyer limit) to sell on eBay or bring home to other countries and sell for double the price. I’m still waiting for mine which will hopefully arrive on the 25th.

Just curious is anybody here also bought or is thinking of getting one (even from non-legit sources). I reckon Greenhills will be swarming with iPad 2’s in a week or two.

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76 Responses

  1. Joshua M says:

    If and only if affordable

  2. christoper abarilla says:

    09493606730…Apple products are pieces of shits

  3. Berns says:

    Im thinking of buying one for reading books and bible but dont know when it I should it be, iPad2 or next release.

  4. Kim says:

    Perhaps, if I convince my parents. :)

  5. Benchmark33 says:

    If my budget can handle it. Right now, I can’t afford Ipad 1…so how would I buy Ipad 2…but I am planning to get Ipad 1 (I am saving for it right now).

    But probably if Ipad 2 came in the country when I have enough money for Ipad 1…probably I’ll save up for more to get Ipad 2. :-)

    Also I am waiting for feedbacks regarding Ipad 2.

  6. nivla says:

    mukhang bigger form factor lang to sa ipod touch.. still without flash.. i’m waiting for more android gingerbread tablet..

  7. Alan says:

    Yes il buy one. waiting for it for all eternity!!! Steve Jobs is the MAN!!!!!!

  8. simplynice93 says:

    I’ll buy after a year siguro. By then, the ipad 2 is much cheaper. :)

  9. power says:

    astig (LANG) talaga ang apple products. but i would still go for honeycomb / blackberry tablets. i’m too techie for IOS

  10. I will definitely buy one!

  11. deuts says:

    Nope! pass ako jan, By September meron nang iPad 3. hehe

  12. YOPINTECH says:

    Here is good news for all apple users EverythingApplePro Has release a video how to o Jailbreak The New iOS 4.3 Firmware On The iPhone 4, 3Gs, iPod Touch 4th Gen, 3rd & iPad 1st Gen.


  13. maGadget says:

    How much official price? sa greenhills its 40k, 16G wifi only. taga naman ata. 499 dollars lang sa US alam ko.


  14. jackson says:

    yup definitely. im ready and waiting. im getting the 64gb wifi only

  15. Edwin C says:

    Ah, basta. Hintay ko iPad 2. Kailan ba darating sa ‘Pinas ‘yan, kuya. At ako ay bibili.

  16. lopau says:

    yup will get one, will use it for testing when i start developing mobile apps.

  17. Daryl says:

    Sir Yuga,
    How can I get an iPad 2?
    I tried the online stor, but I guess it’s only available in the US.
    How were you able to purchase yours?

  18. Messie says:

    Definitely, I’ll buy one. Sana lang dumating na siya ng mas maaga. Paging Apple! Hope it won’t take til December before dumating ang ipad2 dito. Helloooooooo! Magkakaroon dito ng December tapos by March may bago na naman?? Seriously, wtf.

  19. Karl Mac says:

    Yup, will get one.

  20. tonnichi says:

    No for me, maybe If Jobs changed his mind on flash maybe I’ll consider just like he did on camera’s on the 1st issue of this device.

  21. Leo says:

    ndi… may ipod touch n ko, ska prang ms mganda ang mga android powered tablets, ms mdaming features, may flash p.

  22. KennyV says:

    Nope, I won’t get one. If ever I’ll be given some cash to buy the a gadget, I’d get a 4.3″ android smartphone. I’m not a tablet fan. :|

  23. zj says:

    yep, if i can afford it hehehe..but 4 now only in my dreams..

  24. Fadil says:

    Nope. Unless Steve Job removes the chain (read: iTunes) that binds his devices and adds flash and then allow divx/xvid playback then I’d go for it.

  25. Messie says:

    Ipad 2 beats Motorola Xoom running Android 3.0 in benchmark tests by a LARRRRRRRRGE margin:


    I thought Tegra 2 was strong, but I guess, Ipad2’s PowerVR SGX 543MP2 is much stronger.

    Kudos to Steve Job and team for raising the bar higher when it comes to tablets!

  26. Fleeb says:

    Apple did not make the SGX543MP2 – even LG or Nokia can use that. Since the same chip will be used in NGP (four cores, so I heard), I bet that the GPU performance is really that good for a mobile device.

    I am more of a producer than a consumer. A good desktop (I am not mobile) is all I need for production and a cheap enough Android mobile for communication (synchs well with a Google account), casual browsing and gaming. So far, the only use I can have for a tablet is for reading documents and ebooks but there is a Kindle for that. So no – no tablets for me in general. (Subject to change in the future depending on what will the tablets offer. :P)

  27. Kei says:

    I’ll wait for the release of BB Playbook. then, I’ll decide.

  28. So here is what you’re waiting for, grab it while it is still hot, whew! http://iloveyou-mydear.blogspot.com/

  29. Cedd says:

    no im not getting it. im waiting for a meego tablet

  30. Mat says:

    Ill wait till Q3 or so before deciding on which tablet to buy. I’ve got a feeling there will be more interesting stuff then.

  31. Kevin says:

    Definitely not. I don’t want to be tied up to the iSheep ecosystem. Android equals freedom.

  32. Kimisha says:

    Nope, sir. Mababaw lang naman kaligayahan ko, I’m happy enough with my Archos 70 8GB. Wifi only but tethers well with my dumbphone (Samsung Shark2 S5550) if needed.

  33. Anonymous Freelancer says:

    probably… pero budget parin ang main consideration kasi you have to spend wisely these-days. hmm ok din naman ang honeycomb tablets specifically ang Xoom i haven’t tried the new UI but hopefully better than previous versions of android. in terms of iOS vs android ang iOS is very user-friendly ang android medyo for techies or power-users. pero if you want full control of your iOS device there’s a thing called jailbreaking. and if hindi kapa satisfied sa freedom na binibigay ng android you can root it and install a Mod android OS. to say this is crap and that is crap is kinda stupid. lahat tayo may different preferences. To each his own…^_^

  34. adam says:

    If I have the money right now then I’ll buy one.

  35. leeto says:

    hmmmp. im not interested about apple products, its uneconomically sound to buy one

  36. I am still observing the price war but I am not getting iPad instead I will get Android honeycomb tablets…

    Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1

    Motorola Xoom Wifi Only version

  37. maGadget says:

    the specs of the iPad 2 are definitely impressive.


    if i have the moolah i’ll get one

  38. Eugene says:

    No for now, I’m still happy with my iPad 1st gen.

  39. Messie says:

    With the current selection of tablets we have and will soon be available here in the Philippines, the Ipad2 is the only tablet to go. Right now, we have the Galaxy tab 10.1, Xoom, and Ipad2. These three sits mostly around the same price, with Ipad2 being in the cheapest with the 16gb wifi version.

    If you want a tablet, wait for the ipad2. Buying a XOOM or a Galaxy tab at this point in time is, IMHO, a big waste with what Ipad2 offers.

  40. wreek888 says:

    NOPE, im happy with my ipad1 if i got money to spare, ill buy galaxy tab 10.1 same speck as ipad2 and with flash.

  41. dulfo says:

    Em definitely getting the Ipad2. Not so sure though where I can get one at the soonest possible time. I can’t wait for its availability in the Philippines. Masyadong late na dating sa Pinas. Anyone with connections or contacts? Thanks.

  42. kyle says:

    A better choice than current tablets today. Even motorola xoom is trashed

  43. Ren says:

    I’d go for HTC Flyer!

  44. Jologs says:

    Yes when it becomes available here.

  45. Marites says:

    Definitely Yes!!! :)

  46. Romy uyehara says:

    I will, if i can sell my ipad 1 at a reasonable price.

  47. Nope. I don’t see the point in a 3rd-world country such as ours, and I definitely don’t see the point over a netbook/notebook.

  48. Raymond says:

    the tablet craze is in heat, am not going for the form bandwagon. its not practical.

  49. mr. bogus says:


  50. Edwin says:

    I really dont go for grey units. When I saved enough money, I bought an iPad last December in the US a few days before they launched here in the Philippines. I was also well aware that the iPad 2 will be coming out but I know that the upgrade would noe be significant and I was right. So Im very much happy with iPad 1.

  51. Jeff says:

    Maybe, If I have the money to buy one. ^_^
    iPad 2 has already been jailbroken

  52. Suplado says:

    Why settle for IPad if there’s HTC Flyer? :p

  53. Jonathan says:

    Mr. Yuga, can you try comparing motorolla xoom and iPad 2? I read good impressions for Motorolla xoom which is using android ver.3. Just wondering which is better.

  54. miguel says:

    definitely, going to buy one in Canada this march.

  55. john jom says:

    I’ll wait for the ipad 3

  56. Jovz says:

    Nope. Upgrades aren’t that significant from the iPad 1. Will wait for iPad 3rd or 4th gen. I’d recommend it for those who don’t have an iPad YET.

  57. Messie says:

    If the 2x increase in processing speed, and the 9x increase in GPU does not translate to significant upgrades, well, to each his own I guess.

    Anyway, there are already people selling ipad2 in tipidpc. Ingat lang sa pagtransact specially when paying in advance.

  58. Rj says:

    getting one when it arrives in the philippines. will wait for the price to normalize first though. i can wait :)

  59. cndy says:

    i want one too..but i have to save money first..i did watch some reviews in the youtube and i think it rocks!!.

    still,i will consider the opinion of one of our posters here to wait for ipad 3.. i still have a long way to thrift money for that one if thats the case.lol

  60. DAA says:

    I got my iPad2 64GB wifi last Monday. I passed up on iPad 1 when I saw an opportunity to get it last December because i knew the “2” was coming out. Wasn’t impressed with the Android tablets and was already enjoying the Apple ecosystem. (have a MBP and iphone). I’m using it mainly for email, reading books and comics, surfing, watching movies. The battery life is impressive. I’m getting better than 1.5 days on heavy usage.

  61. denznet says:

    Yes, im planning to buy it next month, i really can’t wait to have it.

  62. jdcrose_217 says:

    I’m thinking of buying it but I want to wait for it’s price to normalize first. Php36k on infomaxx is too pricey for me.. :D

  63. anobuzz says:

    hmmm… will likely get a galaxy tab. i’m already used to android.


  64. Fleeb says:

    Looks like I agree with the guys from Anandtech. I don’t think I would fit the iPad into my workflow either: http://www.anandtech.com/show/4225/the-ipad-2-review/19

  65. Kaloy says:

    nope. not a fan of apple. the first & last apple device that i have is the 3rd ipod nano and thats it. BB & HTC (android) fan here

  66. hmmmmmmmmmmmm……maybe

  67. Ginto says:

    Yes. Cash earmarked for my April purchase of iPad2!

  68. pixie says:

    i was only excited with garage band and when i tried it on my old iPad, i dont think i still need to get the ipad2. lol but ipad2 april in hk/sg? tempting!

  69. apol says:

    i’ll sell my ip4, get a bulok company phone, then buy the ipad2. call & text na lang sa phone.

  70. wreek888 says:

    I was about to sell my ipad1 and upgrade to ipad2 and shell out another 25k for ipad2. but upon seeing galaxy tab sale price of 20k, i bought the tab and retain my ipad. Its like having best of both world. I just buy the ipad 2 when it will be official here and maybe the price is down to 19 k like the ipad 1.

  71. Alwin says:

    will definitely get an iPad2, but not as soon as possible.

  72. ash says:

    im selling my ipad 2, it is mint, no scratches, with case from capdase, rarely used…. 16gig wifi, 20k fixed price with mac warranty. pm me 09276305001, im just located in lasalle taft.

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