Green Mobile Solar Chargers

Green Mobile Solar Chargers

{Live @ CEL Manila} Green Mobile is a new company offering a number of mobile solar chargers and solar-powered backpacks — really useful for traveling gadget geeks.

The pocket-sized solar chargers come in 3 models with battery capacities from 1,000 to 1,200mAh.


Each one comes with a Lithium-Ion battery so you can charge them under the sun as a stand-alone device and hook them up to your mobile phone later. They also come with a USB cable so you can also charge the device thru a USB power outlet or a laptop (for faster charging).

Charging time to mobile phones take about 1 to 2 hours and can recharge a single phone battery up to two times in a single full charge. Price ranges from Php2,245 to Php2,548 but they have discounts at CEL of up to 30%.

The solar-powered bag (Green Mobile explorer) doesn’t have any Li-Ion battery with it so charging has to be done actively (while exposed under the sun). Price tag is Php1,700.

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29 Responses

  1. cris says:

    that’s nice

  2. jazzy says:

    yes, I aggree but it will be much better if they have a solar laptop charger and a battery than can power the laptop at least 5hrs. then i will be the first one to buy. Are there also some solar chargers that will under light bulbs are flourescent lamps or as long as there is light not just sunlight?

  3. Patrick says:

    @jazzy: I agree. After reading the first few lines, I was hoping it would say that it also charges laptops. :D

  4. yuga says:

    @Pat – max voltage of this one is 3.7V. They actually have much bigger solar panels (3×2 feet) that can charge laptops. :D

  5. I have seen similar solar panels like these at CDR King and of course they are much more cheaper. The quality is questionable though.

  6. I also seen a laptop charger sold on ebay philippines.

  7. Ninoy says:

    Hi Abe, would you happen to know the contact details of Green Mobile? Would like to ask them if their promo is still ongoing.

  8. Jay-ar says:

    i know a travel charger that can charge netbooks and loptops and all devices, i saw it in SMX last exhibit there.. its not solar but it can charge your loptop up to 3 hours and almost all your gadgets

  9. Jay-ar says:

    anu b specs ng charger mga bro? d ko kc mhanap s net eh.. price lang nkalagay… wala po b website?

  10. Benedict Philip Yayock says:

    Kindly send us pictures and details of your Green Mobile Solar Chargers.

    We will like to purchase some samples.

    Thank you and best regards.

  11. yuga says:

    @benedict – you can call them up (tritec Integrated Philippines) at 807/4211, 8073819 or visit their site at

  12. Jawo241 says:

    wow pede po ba PSP!?? saan po makakabile I really want to buy one!!!

  13. RhAy says:

    hi,,is green mobile charger are available here in zamboanga city?

  14. AnonyMouse says:

    Has anyone tried this? im really thinking of getting one, especially after all this calamity that is happening right now. And some feedback on the CD-r king solar charger is highly appreciated too.


  15. AnonyMouse says:

    ..and where to get the solar powered backpack

  16. gm90 user says:

    GM90 Solar Charger

    I found this item in MetroActive magazine last year and for a month I convinced myself that I need it to be part of my shack. This solar charger became another crazy purchase I made on a rainy season.

    I find it impressive on the first week, a full charged GM90 could recharge three mobile phones; I was not able to fully charge it under the sun but I could say that it was able to harness and convert solar energy into power even on rainy/cloudy days. Using USB it could get fully charge in a little less than 4 hours.

    After two weeks, I surrendered the unit for check up; it’s no longer working as expected. The symptoms begin to show as early as week one, the unit stayed for another week for the scheduling of the pick up. USB charging takes longer (it should go for 3 – 5 hours) and goes beyond 6 hours. An hour and a half of charging to one mobile phone will render the unit drained.

    After three weeks, I got the unit back, according to the report…

    Not properly charging using the USB cable, not sufficient for charging

    Normal charging time using its USB, was able to charge two (2) units from a single charge thru USB

    Two (2) times tested, twice for the charging the Solar Charger thru USB, twice for charging two different phones, for return

    Determined to make it work as promised, I tried to isolate the issue between the mobile phones (LG KU250, Nokia E63, Nokia Supernova, and Nokia 6300) and the power supply (IBM ThinkPad, HP Pavillion & Zebra Regulated Power Supply). Unluckily the GM90 still doesn’t work as expected. I had a series of tests already and there seems to be no significant difference in its ability to fully recharge a phone. I recharge the unit for 5 to 6 hours on a regulated 5V power supply (it’ll take longer if I use either laptop or desktop USB). The “fully charged” GM90 could only go for an hour and a half to recharge a phone and in my case it’s from empty to 3/4.

    It’s not reasonable to recharge the GM90 for six hours that could only go for an hour and a half and can’t even fully recharge a mobile phone.

  17. char23 says:

    san bang mall pwedeng mabili ang green mobile charger?

  18. Jay-ar says:

    Madami p yan sa Mall.. s greenhills madami din.. try to go there.. sa Virra Mall..

  19. anony says:

    @gm90 user – thanks for your review! I was really looking for some honest feedback on the unit. I will put the buying on hold til they have the best version.

  20. beth says:

    saan po makakabili ng usb charging
    model samsung yp k3 2007-08 mp3..
    ang tagal ko na po naghahanap wala naman sa mga malls yu.

  21. Redge says:

    i like the bag. where can i buy ?

  22. it is popuplar solar charger in the market,cool!

  23. rosemae says:

    backpack solar charger is nice ive seen a very small solar charger that looks like a mp3 player solar charger its cool and cheap :)

  24. ma.claire says:

    where can I buy those? contact nos? and address please..tnx.

  25. raffy santos says:

    i want to become a reseller of your products.pls send me an info my no.09263016543 Raffy Santos

  26. raffy santos says:

    i want to become salesagent of your products.pls send me an info my no.09263016543 Raffy Santos

  27. luuis says:

    where can i buy these? pls reply anytime. thanks!

  28. cath Reuteraz says:

    where is the location of this company?

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