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Ikea makes wireless charging on your furniture possible

It seems like Ikea is planning to dip its toes in the tech scene and appeal to its tech-savvy customers, as the company expresses intentions of introducing a series of furniture that readily accepts and supports wireless charging.


In addition to tables, desk, and lamp stands that will have built-in wireless chargers, they will also be selling charging stations that you can integrate to your existing furniture. There are two options to go about this: One is to get a $30 (approx. Php1.3K) Jyssen charger and a $5 drill so you could cut up a hole and place the charging device there, or go for the wireless charging pads that go on top of surfaces so you wouldn’t need to use a drill.


The charging pads use Qi wireless charging standard, but if your phone is not compatible Ikea says they might just have the thing to accommodate different smartphones.

The furniture with wireless chargers will be available in the united States this coming spring.


Kevin Bruce Francisco is the Senior Editor and Video Producer for YugaTech. He's a Digital Filmmaking graduate who's always either daydreaming of traveling or actually going places on his bike. Follow him on Twitter for more tech updates @kevincofrancis.

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