Lawmaker wants additional taxes on excess gadgets

Lawmaker wants additional taxes on excess gadgets

We just heard somebody wants to impose taxes on beauty products. Now, a Congressman is seeking to pass a bill imposing additional taxes for having too many gadgets as well as appliances.

PBA Party-list Rep. Mark Aeron Sambar said that nobody needs five or more phones, thus the purpose of his bill is to prevent consumers from buying devices excessively and generate income for the government.


The tax identification number could be used for monitoring according to Sambar. It’ll be used to keep track of the gadget purchases of a taxpayer. If the number of items bought did not exceed the limit, the customer could use the receipts to avail of a tax rebate.

A five-percent tax is planned and the collection will be allocated for Electronic Waste Disposal and Management Program for old gadgets. The bill is still in works and there’s still no certain list of products to be affected by this and what are exempted.


This article was contributed by Daniel Morial, a film school graduate and technology enthusiast. He's the geeky encyclopedia and salesman among his friends for anything tech.

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15 Responses

  1. Ren says:

    hmmm. somehow makes sense, but i think doesn’t make a large relevance in pinoy’slifestyle.

    • Ren says:

      if i may add. some people like me who doesnt want an all in one device. i have sa feature phone for call/text, ipod touch for music, ipad for social media, a digital camera, a convertable notebook and planning to get a 3ds for gaming. it sounds far fetched but i believe there are tasks dedicated for a certain tool with singular use. vat is okay but no to additional tax.

    • ronelm2000 says:

      It also adds a huge detriment to a minor who saved up money to buy a smartphone or handheld console, only to be met with: “Oh, you need a TIN for that.”

      Let’s not even get to people straight-up importing these items from a friend on foreign countries instead of buying it in the PH.

  2. ronelm2000 says:

    These people are idiots.

    End of story.

  3. NotASheep says:

    Yugatech and getting taxed… lol.

  4. Wil says:

    For crying out loud! These so called “politicians” should be taxed for being too greedy and having IQ’s of less than 25.

  5. Anonymous says:

    If they want to implement this, bigger taxes on expensive (high-end models) electronics on each category instead. The rich should be able to afford. Not on the affordable mid-to-low end models.

  6. luffy says:

    Hmmmm, I think this is only for let say you don’t 2 ipods, 3 tablets, 5 cameras etc.,

  7. Penduko says:

    I deserve better than this. Tax on top of tax on top of tax? Really? I have 5 kids. I bought them all phones so we can keep in touch. I bought phones too for my mom and dad on their birthdays on the same year. How do you justify it? Track, yes. Justify? For those who voted for whoever this is? You derve it.

  8. WrongMovesPlus says:

    GG tech reviewers in Philippines. ????

  9. Xtian says:

    Stupidity at its highest form possible!

  10. AngryAndroid says:

    Bakit ba dinadamihan at nilalakihan ang taxes? Tumigil na lang yan sila sa pagkurakot at tanggalin ang pork barrel nila, Pambihira. Ang tatakaw ng mga buwaya.

  11. richvil says:

    idiot lawmaker, stupido , gungong. wala nang maisip na matino.

  12. Ronald says:

    L***e! Dahil ba ito sa proposed plan for a higher SSS pension na kukunin sa tax and lesser tax bracket for employees? Kung baga gumagawa sila ng paraan para hindi mabawasan ang mga ibubulsa nila. Lesser tax bracket nga pero dagdag tax naman sa goods and services, ganun din hindi rin kayang ma-afford dahil sa high tax on goods and services.

  13. Ely says:

    Just have higher taxes on more than 1 car. 1 is enough for necessity, 2 or more just to so you can avoid color coding is excessive.

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