Microsoft reveals Xbox One’s price

Microsoft reveals Xbox One’s price

Of course, Microsoft isn’t just gonna let Sony’s new brainchild steal the show in this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3), as the company shares some of the things that are on the pipeline for the XBOX One including its price.

xbox one

The XBOX One, which is bundled with wireless controller and a revamped Kinect, has a price tag of USD499 – a hundred bucks pricier than the PlayStation 4 (USD399). It’s now up for pre-order and will reach the shelves the same time as its competitor (November).

As a consolation for shelling out an extra dough to get the XBOX One, Microsoft promised that consumers will enjoy exclusive titles including Forza Motorsport 5, Ryse: Son of Rome and Call of Duty: Titanfall.


Here’s a sneak peek at the upcoming version of the COD:

And speaking of XBOX-exclusive game titles, Microsoft also announced that a new version of Halo is currently in development and is said to run on 60 frames-per-second. Details about the FPS game remains scarce, but the team behind the title (343 Industries) claims that the game will debut next year.

So what’s it gonna be? The XBOX One or the PlayStation 4? Hit the comments field and let us know.

This article was written by Ronnie Bulaong, a special features contributor and correspondent for YugaTech. Follow him on Twitter @turonbulaong.

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21 Responses

  1. awdog says:

    So how is this thing going to sell here?

    (1)Need nito internet connection every 24 hrs – kung wala hnd sya gagana. This is dead in the water dito sa atin. Kagaya ko I dont have internet sa bahay.

    (2) Meron pa sya restrictions sa game discs. Hnd mo pag aari ang nabili mong game. Hnd mo pwd ibenta kung halimbawa tapos kana laruin at gusto mo ng additional pera pambili ng bago game.

    I say buy PS 4. No brainer.

    PS. Yugatech must be paid by MSFT. Hnd na kailangan i report ang XBOne dito satin since hnd naman sya applicable sa general pinoy consumers bec of ite inherent restrictions. Maybe this will sell a few cgro 99 lang all in all.

    • westbluef says:

      point (1) correct, not all Filipinos have the privilege of internet connection much less a decent one.

      point (2) I’ll just leave this here:


    • kirye223 says:

      Playstation country naman talaga ang Pilipinas. Simula PS1 hanggang PS3 pati handhelds sobrang supported dito satin. Pero siguradong may bibili pa rin ng Xbox One kahit konti. Tingin ko rin Playstation 4 ang magiging dominant next-gen, pero pasalamat kayo na may Xbox dahil kung walang competition ang Sony baka pangit ang kinalabasan ng PS4.

      Pano mo naman nasabi na yugatech is being paid by MSFT? He’s just doing his job as a journalist kasi baka may interesado pala kung anong meron sa Xbox One? Just curious.

    • RJCA says:

      Most people who have the money to buy this and would be willing to buy original games probably have internet at home, reliability is a different issue.

    • westbluef says:


      good point. Ahh “reliable” internet, kelan ka dadating sa Pinas. >.<

    • dodong says:

      reliable/reliability is out of the question. affordability is. you can always get an IDS or pay a premium for CIR. but then again if you’re not affluent, you need to have multiple kidneys to sell.

    • Oni says:

      kahit may stable net connection k yari k p rin kc may min speed requirement p sya 1.5mpbs ata

    • oni says:


  2. Noir says:

    PS4 for me. As much as I LIKE HALO series. Needing internet connection is a no-no(no internet connection in condo) and sharing games as well

    Go watch the PS4 sharing a game steps :D

  3. J.P. Reyes says:

    @awdog. ditto

    halata naman lagi si yuga e hahaha. though good, sometimes iba handling niya sa mga cases. lalo na smart % globe. bias na bias lol. Alam na! hahha

    • Digest says:

      Tama kayo. Halata naman na may under the tebol c yuga. Well, nadadala niya lang naman yung mga madaling madala.

      Xbox One
      -no indie titles
      -requires internet connection (24hrs) ??? WTH w/ 24hrs? Ganun din naman.
      -requires you to pay $60 for subscription per year para lang mapagana multiplayer via online and play w/ friends w/c is free sa Playstation.
      -heavy on FPS games that are just like a narrative walk in the park shooting. I dunno but Halo doesn’t even appeal to me when I tried it when it first come out.

    • Miss Call says:

      Good thing it was Ronnie Bulaong who wrote this.

  4. IOSgamer says:

    I will go for the PS4 or the redesigned XBOX 360 or even the wii u (sources said that wii u will have a price cut)
    PS4 > XB1

  5. Armin says:

    Oh ano nanaman nangyari sa mga comment dito ? Anong mayoon ? Nagsusulputan na naman yung mga utak talanka at mga hindi naturuan ng mabuti ng mga magulang nila. Inggitero. Baka pag may contest ng PS4 at xbox one dito sabay sali din naman kayo. baka praise pa ang aabutin ng site na to. sana di na dumami lahi nyo.

  6. Manuel says:

    medyo mahihirapan to sa pinas dahil medyo masama mga ISP satin laging down. Pero siyempre may bibili parin niyan dahil sa exclusives at kinect. at sigurado walang jack sparrow. Dito ako sa america panay used games bili ng mga kaibigan ko. di naman lahat kaya bumili ng bagong game dahil working students lang kami at magbayad pa ng bills dahil di uso nakatira sa magulang. Medyo malabo talaga ginawa nila dito pero sigurado babaguhin nila policy kasi mahihirapan talaga sila neto. ang kagandahan lang di mo na kailangan mo magrent ng dvr sa cable companies eto nalang. Pang america and europe talaga yung xbox one di pang asia, marami silang mawawalang customers

  7. lawrence says:

    IMO, if you can afford to buy a high-end gaming console plus games, you definitely have the resources to have internet connection. Just saying…

  8. red says:

    Everything will go down to game performance and offered game.
    syempre PS4 ako, exclusive ang FF15 sa PS4 ehhh
    still i believe both console will have its own flaws once it came out!!

  9. Iyan Sommerset says:

    I loved the original Xbox. I preferred the x360 over the PS3. Definitely passing on this one. Microsoft forgot that they have non-first-world customers/fans with this generation.

    I have friends that pool together their game library and just share games that they’ve already finished. I think our (legal) copy of Halo:Reach has passed through at least 5 different hands/consoles.

    Always-on internet required…ha…ha…ha. So much for bringing consoles to barkada hangouts/school/etc (which I’ve also seen my fair share of.).

    To top it all off…mas-mahal pa siya sa PS4? Jeeze. Ewan ko ba M$.

  10. Kamera says:

    To sum it up, the XBOX One favors only the North American/Europe audience.

  11. Albert says:

    As a PC gamer, I’m always reluctant to buy consoles at launch due to their history of problems like software bugs, heat issues and such. Me and my friends usually wait a year or so and see how the console war pans out; pricing will surely change by that time, even more if microsoft can get its stride back.

    As for me, PS4’s lineup looks promising and if i had the luxury, i’d pre-order One now. For the sake of the consumer’s I hope MS lifts its policy on used games.

  12. IOS7 says:

    Ni-lift na ng Microsoft ung restrictions about used games and Internet connectivity requirements

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