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Nokia Locate Sensor spotted at CES 2009

This one didn’t get the spotlight in the recent CES because it wasn’t that much of a news or something but for people like me who always forget where I put stuff like car keys, the Nokia Locate Sensor is a big thing.

Basically, there’s this small device which you attach to things you want monitored — like a bag, keychain, and other small valuables.

Nokia Locate Sensor

Realme Philippines

The device can then communicate with your cellphone to locate it. There’s an application/software you install in the phone to be able to tag and locate the device — most probably via GPS and/or Bluetooth since it’s only effective up to 100 meters {via Electricpig}.

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At the same time, if you have the device, you can activate it so you’d find your phone via sound alarm or something. Pretty nifty, huh? Hopefully, this prototype makes it to market and will be priced real cheap.

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13 years ago

Its like an anti-theft device. Hmm. There’s an application for mobile phone that does the same thing. You can even locate your phone thru GPS at Google Maps. They call it Guardian. :)

Firmware Programmer
13 years ago

so how is it? is it saleable?

13 years ago

when i was in high school i used to have something like this which i attached to my keys. Whenever I misplaced it all I have to do is whistle and the gadget start playing a tune.

And that was 20 years ago.

Firmware Programmer
13 years ago

Oh yes! this is what I was thinking of the past few days, but this device seems to be very expensive…I was thnking of sme other tech like the one inserted to pets. But the advantage of this device is you can track it wherever you are

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