Viliv S7 makes the Vaio P's head turn

Viliv S7 makes the Vaio P’s head turn

As in literally turn a 180-degree with a swivel and touch screen display — the Viliv S7 is more or less similar to the Sony Vaio P, plus the added bonus of making it a mini touch screen tablet.



Viliv S7 Mobile Internet Device
Intel Atom Silverthorne (1.33GHz or 1.86GHz)
7-inch (1024×600 pixel) touchscreen display
1.3MP webcam
16GB SSD or 60GB HDD
WiFi 802.11b/g, Bluetooth, WiMAX, HSDPA, GPS
SDHC card slot, 2 USb ports, 1 USB(Link), VGA output
Windows XP

Specs sheet indicates a plethora of connectivity options. It’s a bit heavier than the Vaio P at 1.8lbs but if you consider the battery life of about 7 hours (continuous playback), then that’s much better. No product price available on the official  website (via Viliv Product Page).

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15 Responses

  1. Huan22 says:

    The Vaio P is still the better choice between the 2. When it comes to the specs and aesthetics, the vaio P pretty much owns the S7.

  2. calvin says:

    there’s still space for the screen. the frame is a bit wide.

  3. Techticles says:

    and don’t forget. Sony Vaio owns your pocket as well…

  4. TechPinas says:

    No trackpad or pointing stick? Interesting. And ultimately, tiring. :)

  5. Jonathan says:

    It’s a touch screen thing anyway..but you’ll definitely miss the boat without a trackpad.

  6. Katherine says:

    It has a trackpad on the upper right corner, better than the nipple on the Vaio P. It runs XP and has a standby time of 200 hours on a standard battery. It also might have a 3MP (not 1.3) camera on its underside based on the photo gallery at UMPC Portal. Plus the swivel touchscreen convertible to tablet and 1.86GHz Atom, I’m giving this one a serious look. A bigger screen would be nice, but not a deal breaker.

  7. Anna Florence says:

    If you have a touchscreen gadget as “big” as this one, OC people would not appreciate seeing a lot of thumbmarks on the screen. A vaio is still a vaio. :)

  8. Velik says:

    Sorry, the sales can speak for themselves. I’ll be buying either this or the x70 atom. I preferr the x70 but i want the 1.86 processor… depends on how well the 1.3ghz processor performs i guess. The vaiop can fit in a pocket, yeah, but the 2×1 aspect ratio on that thing is enough to make it too awkward to even consider. mabey you fanboys can keep the product line from bankruptcy ;)

  9. alvin says:


    If you are interested, we are distributing Viliv here in the Philippines.

    [email protected]

  10. vaio p wins unconditionally. It is the ferrari among netbooks.

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