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Nokia returns to making hardware with a VR camera

Nokia is back in the hardware-making game, albeit this time creating toys for virtual reality where most of the tech giants are now heading into.



Called the OZO, the Finnish giant’s newest project is said to include eight f/2.4 cameras to create 360-degree spherical video and 360×360 surround sound, and weighs 4.2 kilograms. It can capture a wide range of detail at 185 degrees in 8K or 4K shooting modes, and can be edited with a software application made for Apple’s Mac platform.

The OZO isn’t some casual tech toy like the Gear 360, as Nokia aims to bring this to serious filmmakers. The price? A whooping $60,000 or Php2.79M when it was silently launched in the US last year. We all know we can’t afford that, and the Finnish giant also aims to create a cheaper VR camera aimed at hobbyists which will be introduced in the future.

Nokia OZO | Via WSJ

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  1. Easy E says:

    That is proof of what NOKIA can do. This is not for us to buy. Excited for more tech products from nokia.

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