ORII voice assistant ring turns your finger into a phone accessory

ORII voice assistant ring turns your finger into a phone accessory

The ORII voice assistant ring is a device that turns your fingers into sort of a phone accessory, letting you take calls or activate your smartphone’s voice assistant.

Origami Labs developed the ORII ring that lets you make and receive calls straight from your finger when worn. The device connects to a person’s smartphone and handles the voice assistance with just a push of the finger to the ear. It uses bone conduction technology which sends vibrations to the person’s skull from the finger. The same technology is also being used in certain audio devices like this.


The ORII ring has a built-in microphone with noise canceling capabilities which is useful in loud environments. It can also access Apple’s Siri and Android’s Google Assistant anytime. It can also manage notifications with the help of the ORII application on the smartphone in which you will need to download first. The ORII ring has 4 LED lights to filter which notification is which.

Here is a promotional video of the ORii voice assistant ring.

The ORII voice assistant ring is splash-proof, and comes in four different colors to match the user’s preference.

To check their early bird offer, you must need to sign up on their page here. The device will be shipped starting in February next year.


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