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Philips SHE8005 In-ear Headphones

Been trying out a new set of in-ear headphones recently sent over by Philips. It’s not yet been released locally (Philips SHE8005, SHE8010) but I am told will be out in stores in a month or two.

philips earphones

While almost all of the in-ear headphones I used before were solely dedicated to music players, the Philips SHE8005 comes with a mic attachment along the wires so you can also use it for taking phone calls.

There were 3 sets of earbuds that came along with it (small, medium, large) but I found out my comfortable size should be somewhere between the small and medium size buds.

The cable, has a soft rubber coat, runs about 1.2 meters with the sliding volume control and the mic placed somewhere in the middle. The tip of the jack or connector is gold-plated to reduce distortion or attenuation of the signal coming from your phone or music player.


philips she8005

Sound fidelity of the unit is pretty good (not the very best I’ve tried but way up there) with great bass quality and clear audio even with heavy ambient sounds around. Volume levels are good but I’d wish there was a better or accurate way to control that volume aside from a small slider along the cable.

Tried it with a phone to make a phone call and while the voice on the other line is quite clear, I kind of found it awkward to hold up the mic the whole time we were having a conversation (it’s a minor discomfort with all earphones with built-in mics so I’m not complaining).

Coming out in a month or two, the Philips SHE8005 will retail for about Php1,399 — a very decent price for a very capable earphones.

Disclosure: Philips gave this and another on-ear headphones (SHL1700) to me for free.

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11 Responses

  1. edson1to says:

    i-raffle na yan! LOL

  2. Mark says:

    Quick question.

    Does this allow track control when paired with an iPhone like the stock iPhone ear phone does?

  3. yuga says:

    @edson1to @technobaboy – gusto ko sana i raffle kaya lang nagamit ko na. kakahiya pamigay. hehehe

  4. jun says:

    This is what i’ved been looking for with vol. control and call. . . Sana matibay din. . .
    Nakakarami na ksi akong a4tech earphone, this year 3 na agad. . . huhu

  5. Drey says:

    Cheap! Thinking of getting one ah.

    Thanks Sir Abe!

  6. bOkz says:

    ilagay na yan sa yugadeals! haha

  7. user says:

    I use to have two Philips branded earphones. I’m never going to buy that brand again… The cord quality is really poor and prone to breaking after two months use (becoming brittle). Same problems with the input jack (the braided plastic won’t prevent the cord from wear and tear) while the volume control would be loose and inconsistent due to normal wear and tear.

  8. Toby says:

    Instead of holding the mic up, you can just wear that earphone and will find the mic just beside (or beneath) your mouth. I’ve just got that and find the earphone sounds OK, especially the bass.

  9. ezekiel says:


  10. dtn says:

    available na po ito locally!! kaso mahirap makuha ung perfect fitting s tenga tsaka nd comfortable s ears pero mgnda ang sound nya mlkas ung bass.

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