Nokia Oro is the C7 in Gold and Anna

Nokia Oro is the C7 in Gold and Anna

Nokia today announced its latest luxury handset, the Nokia Oro — a replica of the Nokia C7 running Symbian Anna and plated with 18-carat gold, sapphire crystal and leather.

The Nokia Oro will carry all the specs of the C7 but with the added bells and whistles on the finishing.

Nokia C7 specs:
3.5 AMOLED display @ 640×360 pixels
Symbian Anna
350MB internal memory
8GB mass storage
up to 32GB via microSD
680MHz CPU
8MP camera with dual LED flash
720p HD video recording @ 25fps
WiFi 802.11 b/g/n
HSDPA 10.2MBps, HSUPA 2.0Mbps
Bluetooth 3.0
FM Radio Tuner
FM Transmitter
1200mAH battery


The handset comes in white + gold and black + gold. This unit is only for those who have tons of cash to spare and just want to be different.

It’s been a Nokia tradition to build a limited-edition, high-class handset for years and it’s the Oro’s turn this year. Expect to shell out over Php50,000 for this baby when it hits the stores.

I remember some premium Nokia handsets used to sell around those range — Nokia 8800 Sapphire at Php56,500 and the Nokia 8800 Arte for Php47,500.

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31 Responses

  1. anon says:

    wala ng magawa ang nokia

  2. Wella says:

    Wow..Very luxurious nga! But I still love the color of the original C7.:) But for the ones who love gold, and the status that comes with having that kind of phone, then that would probably be a great buy.

  3. 1001 says:

    how about a gold nokia n8 with symbian anna?or an gold nokia E7? para di lang nokia c7 ang meron.
    pero dapat available na ang symbian anna update para sa symbian^3 phones

  4. Fleeb says:

    @anon, this is not the first time Nokia is doing this. Nokia’s Vertu luxury brand was founded in 1998.

    • anon says:

      now that they are losing market shares, this kind of strategy, although not new, makes them look desperate.

    • Fleeb says:

      They were doing it even when they are not losing market shares.

    • leeto says:

      bakit kaya may mga taong panay ang negative comments? We should remember that we have our ownchoice which differs from the choice of others, so please respect.

    • tfcnow01 says:

      kung ang gusto mo eh alang negative comments, di hindi pagrerespeto yun, bawat tao me karapatan sabihin kung ano opinyon niya gaya mo. maaring sayo negatibo maaring sa iba hindi.

  5. TDroid21 says:

    Outside skin is all glamour and flashy BUT look at teh inside specs! It’s like buying a Pagani Zonda F with a toyota engine under its chassis! XD

  6. Jay Quing says:

    parang ginawang kikay ang NOKIA C7… as usual pang-sosi lang ang mga gnyang phones ng nokia… why buy ng ganyan kung parehas lang ng specs sa C7…

    • Fleeb says:

      You’d be surprise how many are willing to pay higher for a cellphone of the same specs just to be smug. I had a colleague who is an authorized retailer on the sides. Some of the items he sells are those “special edition” phones that cost as much as PHP70K+ and he told me people buy that stuff.

    • tfcnow01 says:

      i won’t be surprised at all, people have different taste, different likes and dislikes, different amount of money to spend on stuff they like. it would be really boring and unrealistic if everybody wanted the same thing and this is most of the time other people can’t understand or comprehend. because people have different levels of comprehension too :-)

  7. nexusboy says:

    no amount of GOLD can get NOKIA back on top. give it up NOKIA, you’re no good. at least for now.

    NOKIA should stop talking ’til the MANGO is in!

  8. mr. totoo says:

    before you say anything bad about the product, please ask yourself this…. “is the product intended for users like you?”

  9. sa u ako says:

    tama ka dyan mr. Totoo…h0w ab0ut giving nokia haters that advice’ -n0t even intentd f0r you..

  10. jugs says:

    If you know that you don’t belong to the target customers, it really is wise to just keep silent. after all, there really are people who belong to the “money-is-no-object” class and for reasons not acceptable or understandable to lower economic classes, they buy stuff that they themselves(the elite ones) know are too costly and even impractical or way overpriced. i know a person who is filthy rich (though we’re not close at all) and he buys things that are up to his “class.” and you know what? he doesn’t say anything about cheap products and of those who buy them. he somehow knows how to keep silent about other things when saying something won’t do any good nor help. i guess there is wisdom in that. from that, i myself learned not to make unnecessary comments about things like what nokia is doing with their nokia oro. oro by the way means gold. and not everyone can afford to buy gold… especially if it’s on a phone.


    • jill says:

      “Target market”, yes. These folks should shut up because the product is certainly not for them. Some people simply go out and buy things because they like it, and not just to show off that they can afford it. “Class” is not bashing products or people.

  11. phets says:

    The design’s reeeeeaaaaally pretty! But the expected price isn’t worth the specs.

    • kize21 says:

      it’s not the specs that your paying here.. parang relo lang yan, same functionality with other watch, sa brand lang and how it was made ang pinagkaiba. STATUS SYMBOL lang yan… :)

    • phets says:

      Yes, I’m aware of that.. I’m just sayin’..

  12. KitiwiT says:

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  13. adam says:

    This phone is really not for everyone. Just looking at the video it feels like it would cater to business people or probably if you have lots of money.

  14. JuanMarco says:

    this is a phone for people with money to waste. too bad it would have to be wasted on an outdated OS. Nokia would probably have done better to wait for one of their upcoming WP7 phones to have adorned with this kind of bling since they seem to be allergic to android. then again it is one of their traditions. it’s still a shame they didn’t wait for a better spec’d phone.

  15. idoraemonslair says:

    Over P50,000? Waahh… Bili ka na lng ng Iphone 4 kesa nito… mas praktikal pa… hehe

  16. nexusboy says:

    all the rich and famous i know do not carry a Nokia. people don’t buy products like Nokia C7 Oro just because they can afford it nor just because it’s gold. :)

    remember the Nokia 8850 Gold? it was a sell-out, coz rich people believe its worth it, during that time.

    • nexusboy says:

      By the way,

      it’s common knowledge that GLAM today means Blackberry or iPhone. Blackberry Gold or Gold/Diamond iPhone, pwede pa.

      What’s NOKIA’s reputation these days? “high-end”? if you can name a TV personality who owns/endorses a Nokia, I’ll take back what I just said. ;)

  17. Obed says:

    If nokia can develop a new platform that fits the lifestyle of today’s consumers and make lots of apps in there Ovi with a cheaper price probably they can roll out again.

    But I don’t know, Nokia really did great in there marketing in there first few years after Nokia 5110’s debut, but they release too many new units every year, making their brand depreciates fast as well.

    Saka parang wala nang bago, every unit has a lot of similarity with just a different look. Don’t know.

  18. no amount of GOLD can get NOKIA back on top. give it up NOKIA, you’re no good. at least for now.

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