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PlayStation 4 coming this February 20

Sony has just posted a video that seems to concern the future of PlayStation. All set for announcement on Feb 20, we might finally see the highly anticipated PlayStation 4.

Last 2005, we saw the announcement of Sony’s gaming console, the PlayStation 3, and it went on sale in 2006. Prior to that was the PS2, released in 2000. Do a little calculations here and there, and it might get you thinking that it is indeed time for the console’s true successor – not just slimmer updates (*cough* ultra slim *cough*).


There wasn’t much shown in the video as it’s mainly meant to increase the hype. We can barely see anything in electricity, CGI and PS buttons that connect.

Reports suggest that it really is the PlayStation 4, and it’s aiming to grab the attention before Microsoft does with their Xbox counterpart. Earlier, there had been some talks about the PS4 (codename Orbis) not having the ability to play previous PS games and all the other crazy rumors. We are going to have to see it for ourselves this 20th.

It is expected to arrive within 2013 as well, for Microsoft and Sony to battle it out in the holiday season.

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Bob Freking occasionally contributes articles to the website. He is a UST Graduate of Commerce & Business Administration, Major in Marketing Management, and a full-time Sith Lord with three dragons.

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34 Responses

  1. aja says:

    The title is deceiving as it is unclear kung ano ang irereveal ng Sony sa Feb 20. Just a suggestion if posting about rumors then ilagay sa title or put it as a question perhaps.

    • Zooma Morena says:

      anong deceiving?! makacomment ka kuya wagas! as if alam mo naman lahat ng bagay, haller! magbasa-basa ka muna kaya kayo nadedeceive e. see, playstation, it means yung unang portable VIDEO GAME CONSOLE, bakit PSP lang ba alam mong playstation? kung tinutukoy me yung HANDHELD, alam ko namang ilalagay nilang title e playstation PORTABLE. gets mo?!

    • Devi-God says:

      oo nga. kung updated talaga ‘tong mga mokong na poser na to sa computer gaming world, e di sana alam nila na ang sinundan ng Playstation 4 e yung video game at hindi yung PSP?

    • Brickz says:

      Ang point naman ni aja guys is di pa naman talaga confirmed from SONY na PS4 nga. Yung mga news sites lang like WSJ and video game blogs like Kotaku ang nagsasabi na confirmed nang PS4 ito. So mas magandang ireflect sa title na di pa naman nga talaga confirmed ng SONY, malaki lang ang chance. Ako naniniwala akong PS4 na nga.

      Kayo naman eh kung maka comment high blood na kaagad. Chill, relax! Comment lang yan!

  2. bobongpinoy says:

    kaya may mga naiirita sayo eh walang kawawaan ka magsulat. mag aral ka muna nga iho.

    • Devi-God says:

      oh my! son of a becky, dumadami na yata kayo tanda. and I’m afraid that our country is breeding millions of spoiled brat basher

    • bobongpinoy says:

      freking ikaw ba yan? hahahahaha. grow up dude. anak ka pala ng beki eh hahahahaha buti inamin mo.

  3. garz says:

    I thought they were letting Microsoft to make an announcement first?

  4. GeN_GiM says:

    I think this more of a speculation as of now. These are just teasers and it might just be an announcement of a revamp/upgrade of the existing PSN structure – which might be a prelude or preparation for the new Sony gaming console. But what do I know? This will only mean more excitement for me of what to look forward for my gaming appetite!

  5. jaja says:

    the title of this article is misleading..

    • Zooma Morena says:

      No it’s not deceiving. the video game console was commonly known playstation alone. the handheld game console is playstation portable. Playstation 4 appertains to the first not the PSP.

    • Brickz says:

      @Zooma Morena The brand itself is Playstation. Doesn’t matter if it’s a PSP, PS Vita or PS3/4. They say Playstation when referring to the brand itself. So it could be anything still. But I do personally believe it’s going to be the PS4.

  6. ram says:

    sana lumabas na soon ang ps4, bibili pa naman sana ko ng ps3 nung december. nagdalawang isip lang ako kasi baka lumabas ng maaga ps4. i want to know the specs and price if it will be worth it or just set up a powerful gaming desktop. I’m weighing my options.

    • YugaFan says:

      Sana nga. Pero may nagsasabi rin na sa December pa talaga maibebenta sa market (Japan and US ang mauuna). Launching lang daw sa Feb 20.

  7. Not a Bob fan says:

    The post’s title is very misleading. Siguro naka-16 strikes ka na dito sa buong YugaTech, Freking boy. Take English refresher courses while you’re still in college. :D

  8. Give bob a break says:

    Maari nga na sa Ika-20 ng Pebrero lalabas na ang Playstation 4. Noong nakaraang linggo lamang sa Best Buy, yung 160GB model ay binabaan ng $70.

    Bob, just continue writing. Do not be discouraged by those who are watching you on your parade. That’s the only thing they can do, watch. They might have their own talents which others also watch and criticize, maybe that’s why they are giving you a hard time.

    Magaling kasi ang ibang tao manlait. Kung tumungin sila sa salamin, ang nakikita nila sa sarili nila ay kamangha-mangha. Hindi nila makita ang mga pagkukulang nila.

  9. Devi-God says:

    ay naku mga boklogz, manahimik na lang kayo. mas magmumukha pa kayong matalino kung di na kayo mamumuna, pare-pareho lang kayong mga ****

  10. Sony employee says:

    I have worked closely with the graphic design team (although primarily, I’m part of the hardware design). If you have watched the teaser and looked closely, you can see parts of the next generation console. Enjoy.

  11. Smokescreen says:

    If it’s the PS4, then the PS3 will only have a shelf life of two years at the earliest.

  12. vidjogames says:

    “PlayStation 4 coming this February 20”

    Misleading headline for the following reasons:

    – While all sources point to yes, it has not been officially confirmed that PS4 will be announced/unveiled in this event. IGN’s headline for this piece of news is “Is Sony Teasing PS4?” which is more appropriate

    – “coming in February 20 is misleading because it gives the impression that the PS4 is releasing on that date when it isn’t.”

    • Zooma Morena says:

      do you find the above title truly inappropriate? well it’s just okay for me because the above writer just want to create an attention-grabbing headlines, it is common to news media after all. and that PS4 inappropriate titling is trending over the internet, and I’m sorry to tell you that only a few and your IGN had passed your expectation in placing that question mark.

      And, who the hell really know when does Sony will release their product anyway? How can you say it is misleading if you yourself already proclaimed that it cannot be released on Feb 20? The writer say it is coming! Since it 18 days ahead, let’s wait after Feb 21 before we can say he’s a false prophet. We cannot deny the fact that he might be correct or misleading. And where’s the art of journalism if we’ll just always criticize their blog gimmicks? These writers are just fueling up our excitement.

    • anonimus says:

      @Zooma Morena, quote “And where’s the art of journalism if we’ll just always criticize their blog gimmicks”, a professional takes all criticism as a positive way of improving. Walang mali kung gusto nyo ipagtanggol ang writer, pero wala din mali kung may mg cocomment na misleading ang title because thats their impression after reading the article. Wag kayo masyado affected, kung yung writer nga hindi affected. Respect nyo din yung mga ngcocomment basta wala naman silang sinabeng masama.

  13. Mikoy says:

    “we might finally see the highly anticipated PlayStation 4”

    the titles is indeed misleading. the writer even said “we might” so basically its just rumors.

  14. mang kanor says:

    sana man lang nilagyan ng ‘?’ sa end ng title masyado kasing speculative and bias, anyway pagdating ng ps3 sa dec. konte pa lang mga games nyan so bili muna ako ng ps3 habang hinihintay ko ps4.

  15. Iyan Sommerset says:

    Let’s just hope it doesn’t cost 599usd and has less Giant Enemy Crabs this time.

  16. mdk says:

    How can most of you say that the title is misleading? Are you even sure yourselves that it isn’t the PS4 that’s going to be unveiled on that date?

    Nothing wrong with making bold predictions, especially if the signs are there. Even so, it is common practice for headlines such as these to be used to grab the attention of readers.

    When Feb 20 comes and it really is the PS4 that’s unveiled, the laughs on most of you.

  17. JoeTech says:

    Madalas kong inaabangan articles nitong si bobfreking, mas naaaliw ako sa mga comments ng mga anti and pro bobfreking kaysa sa actual article, not saying that his articles are bad, mascolorful lang talaga mga comments sa mga post ni bobfreking kaysa mga comments sa ibang articles.
    Bobfreking, ang mahalaga is nakapagsulat ka, and maraming nagbabasa, whether they liked it or not, nabasa pa rin nila. God bless everyone

  18. Chuck says:

    The reason that this title is misleading is that because it says that the Playstation 4 is coming out in February. It should be the Playstation 4 ANNOUNCEMENT is coming out in February. I’m 99.9% that the PS4 isn’t coming out this Feb. I’m 99.9% sure it will be ANNOUNCED this Feb.

  19. Yugatech Reader says:

    I agreed with the other comments above. The title is misleading. Maybe the author forgot to place “?” at the end of the title. Place take this as a positive criticism and move forward.

  20. gumblade84 says:

    Look at the first sentence on his article: “Sony has just posted a video that SEEMS to concern the future of PlayStation.”

    the title of your article tells the readers that IT’S A FACT, and that’s what the problem is.

    just as in legal terms, innocent until proven guilty. in this case, it’s just a TEASER VIDEO but no OFFICIAL announcement by Sony as of yet.

    As an unbiased decision, the title is definitely misleading. You are definitely not part of SONY and therefore you should not be getting ahead of them when it comes to announcements.

    Just my two cents guys. I hope you take this as constructive criticism.

  21. Zooma Morena says:

    hahaha! the article is misleading! and the writer as you say is a false prophet! shame on you guyz.. http://www.yugatech.com/news/sony-playstation-4-announced-what-you-need-to-know/

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