Sony PlayStation 4 announced

Sony PlayStation 4 announced

Sony has just announced the 4th iteration of their gaming console, the PlayStation 4. Though there were a lot of details missing, Sony has provided enough details for us to be excited.

Firstly and depressingly, we didn’t see any console. Yup, the actual PlayStation 4 wasn’t seen at the event; rather, the controllers, the games and the details were.

DUALSHOCK 4 got announced with a few design changes. Sony says it got more ergonomic through slightly curving some elements and improving some materials. Another thing to note is the absence of the start/select button – since they are both combined into the options button on the top right.

On the top left, you’ll find the share button, which will allow you to do many social actions. You may take screenshots with this feature and stream your content online through sites like Ustream. There’s also a touchpad for new game inputs and LED on top that will display different colors to identify players.

Through the light bar, the PlayStation 4 Eye, new 1280 x 800 dual-cameras, will be able to sense the depth and calculate the 3D location of the controllers. It has 4 microphones to take accurate sound, and Sony promises improved precision with PlayStation Move.


Some of the games announced for the PlayStation 4 are:

  1. inFAMOUS: Second Son
  2. Destiny
  3. Watch_dogs
  4. KillZone: Shadow Fall
  5. Driveclub
  6. The Witness

The PlayStation 4 even tried to recreate a human being though graphics. Maybe somewhere in the near future we could have some feature that will make a copy of our human bodies in the virtual world and command ourselves to fight zombies and to walk through the streets of Los Santos, San Andreas.

Also, 2nd screen features will be available with the PS Vita so that it can work with the PlayStation 4, and a PlayStation app will soon be available for both iOS and Android.

PlayStation 4 specs:
8-core x86 AMD Jaguar CPU
1.84 TFLOPS Radeon GPU
Built-in hard drive
6x Blu-Ray & 8x DVD drive
USB 3.0 & auxiliary ports
Bluetooth 2.1
Analog AV-out

So we guess Sony beat Microsoft to the announcement of their next-gen consoles. The question is, who will release it first? Sony has already stated that it will be available by the holidays.

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  1. dan says:

    Ipon mode na….

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    Shut up and take my money

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    shut up and take my wife.. pls.. i beg you… haha

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      Mang kanor… ayan ka na naman…

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    @Mang Kanor idol ko po kayo..araw araw lagi ko check sa piratebay kung may bagong seeds kayo..


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  5. mang tomas says:

    Is it just me or the launch titles still looks like PS3-ish? Anyway, I’m very sure that the future PS4 titles will be designed to push the AMD hardware inside it into the limits. At PS3’s launch, all of the launch titles does not seem to push PS3’s hardware to its limits but years later, it has been proven that PS3 is reaching its limits. Some of today’s titles on PS3 tend to have framerate drops and tearing due to the graphical power of PS3 not coming in terms with the developer’s demands. I really hope that PS4 gaming will be in the same level as PC gaming due to the PC-like specs inside the PS4.

  6. Aquinas says:

    Sexy controller!

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