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Save big with the TCL P635 TV anniversary promo

In commemoration of TCL Electronics’ 24th anniversary this month, the TCL P635 TV is getting a huge discount.

This 55-inch TV model features an enhanced entertainment experience with a quad-core processor, built for optimized hardware and software performance.

This chipset enables TCL’s algorithm for processing content in real-time, detecting the environment and upscaling display and audio. Pictures are optimized according to the content they provide. For example, oceans appear bluer while rainforests are depicted to be more lush.

Additionally, the TCL P635 TV has High Dynamic Range (HDR), which is the latest standard for UHD content. This feature provides users with more picture clarity, detailed shadows, and vivid colors.

As for audio quality, this is compensated dynamically through volume. The TV functions to eliminate distortion of signals and speakers, giving off an authentic auditory experience at any sound level.

Speaking of audio, this discount also comes with a complementary TCL S332W soundbar worth PHP 4,095. Users are treated to a superb television and more flexibility for overall audio experience with an immersive viewing environment.

Get the TCL P635 TV today with a discounted price of PHP 20,995, down from its retail price of PHP 30,995. TCL’s Anniversary Promo runs from April 15 to May 15, 2024.

For more information, you can visit TCL’s official Facebook page 312 or check out their official website here 316.

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  1. Avatar for Josphat Josphat says:

    Tcl is a bad TV. I regret buying it.

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