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Cherry Mobile Fusion Bolt first impressions

Just this week, Cherry Mobile launched the Fusion Bolt, a 7-inch Android tablet with a quad-core processor. Although its specs seem to be common for tablets nowadays, its sub-Php4k pricetag is not.


As we have mentioned in our recent article, the Cherry Mobile Fusion Bolt is a relabeled Ainol Novo 7 Venus Lite. It sports a quad-core processor clocked at 1.0GHz, 1GB of RAM, and 8GB of internal storage. In addition, it has an IPS HD display, a microSD card slot, an HDMI out port, a 2 megapixel rear camera, a VGA front-facing and runs Android 4.1.1 Jellybean.


Aesthetic-wise, the Fusion Bolt looks like a regular Ainol 7-incher minus the Ainol logo. It’s plastic rear, however, is quite different. Instead of having a glossy or matte finish, it has a diamond-patterned back that gives an illusion that it’s made of rubber. It actually feels good in the hands and fingertips as the texture makes it less likely to slip. Overall, the device looks and feels solid.

We did a series of benchmark tests of the CM Fusion Bolt using AnTuTu, Quadrant, Vellamo and GLBenchmark. Check below for the results.

AnTuTu gave it a score of 5,985 while Quadrant Standard gave it a score of 2,722.


For Vellamo, it scored 905 on its HTML 5 test and 218 on Metal.


With NenaMark 2, it gauged its Vivante GC1000+MP GPU at 34.9fps.


As for GLBenchmarks, take a look at the table below:


Note: Games shown in the video above are played in the highest graphics setting.

Cherry Mobile Fusion Bolt specs:
7-inch IPS LCD 720p HD display @ 1280×800 pixels
Actions Semiconductor ATM7025 ARM Cortex A9 1.0GHz quad-core
8GB internal storage
up to 32GB via microSD
WiFi 802.11 b/g/n
2MP rear camera
0.3MP front-facing camera
HDMI out
Li-Ion 4,000mAh battery
Android 4.1.1 Jellybean
186.2mm x 126.9mm x 10.8mm (dimensions)
320 grams (weight)

Check back on us in a week or so for a full review of the Cherry Mobile Fusion Bolt.

For the meantime, you can read our explanation about the Actions Semiconductor quad-core chip here.

This article was written by Louie Diangson, Managing Editor of YugaTech. You can follow him at @John_Louie.

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53 Responses

  1. dezcescan says:

    Not bad at all for that patapon price. :)

  2. Kenz Perez says:

    Hmm.. I’m still buying this! Gotta use this for video monitoring for my DSLR.. as well as for movie and gaming pleasures.. :)

    • sykes says:

      be careful though with the GPU,it may not support high-end games even though its got a quad-core chip.”You get what you pay for”.But for its price tag,you can’t really complain much…it explains.

    • garz says:

      I doubt you’ll get gaming pleasures with this one.

    • mang kanor says:

      well.. wala naman siyang sinabi na high-end mobile 3d gaming.. so….. kung mga temple run, tap tap, logo quiz lang lalaruin nya, kahit sumakay ka pa, pwede na yan.. wag masyadong maarte.. dalawang araw na sahod lang price nya kaya walang magrereklamo..

    • scandaldownloader says:

      Mang Kanor, ayan na naman .. para kang galit…

      Pag sumakay yung nagsabi sa taas sa 7 inch na gadget na to, eh hindi ka makakalaro ng temple run part 2. kasi:

      sa laki ba naman ng pwet ng tao eh malamamng wala ng space para sa mga kamay mo (mahina ka pa rin)..

      Yung pwet mo na lang sa SEX VIDEO ang ipakita mo… ok??… hehehe

  3. DRose1 says:

    kung my pambansang cellphone ng mga alipin
    my pambansang tablet ng mga alipin lol jk lang

  4. robert john says:

    i love the model and the price…
    kaya bawal mag mayabang… dapat nga matowa pa tayo dahil sa price

  5. sykes says:

    It looks sturdy-face down….hmm,but i still doubt CM Builds..even though its Ainol originally.The CM Brand provokes distrust in me.

  6. BernarDroid says:

    medyo mabagal-bagal pero ok nman. Good nman ang price at ok nman ang processor

  7. Freeje says:

    I thought my regular Venus was relatively slow compared with other quad core tablets but the lite version is really slow. Can’t use it for gaming as its GPU is only dual core and not that good. Only good for getting online and watching movies. Got it for $110.

    • ahok says:

      please.. kung gusto nyo ng gaming tablet bumili kayo ng gaming tablet… dapat alam nyo kung para san tablet nyo wag ung bili kayo ng bili.. just saying…

  8. rui says:

    What firmware version? Also, kanino manggagaling yung firmware updates? Ainol or CM? Does this come free of Chinese bloatware? Rooted na ba siya out of the box?

    By the way, score ng Venus (1.2GHz) ko in AnTuTu 3.1.1 is just 5,299 with 0110 firmware. I think with new firmware, it’s around 10,000. Sira touchscreen ko so can’t do any more testing with the tablet right now. Bit the bullet and bought a replacement (alas, $150 inabot with express shipping).

    Will try to look through the screenshots I took and post results for the original Venus here for comparison.

  9. William C says:

    For your full review. Please try to test video playback of 720p or 1080p files. If this is not a gaming machine, then let’s hope it can be video player. That’s where the ips screen could shine. Kasi for if for ebook at web browsing Lang. Then even those 2999 cdrking tablets will do.

    • rui says:

      Not really. A lot of cheapie tablets only come with 800×480 or 1024×600 displays. Even with a smallish 7″ screen, the higher 1280×800 resolution and increased pixel density really helps quite a bit when it comes to reading. The increased resolution is the reason I opted for Nexus 7 instead of the Galaxy Tab 2 despite the lack of microSD slot.

      That said, the Venus 7 (and presumably the rebadged Fusion Bolt) worked well with the 720 and 1080p MKVs I’ve tried with MX Player (HW Decoder).

  10. Jen says:

    I was thinking of buying the Asus MemoPad, but with CM Fusion Bolt, I’m thinking of getting this one.

    Comparisons, please!

  11. Comparisons says:

    Wow, sinong magsasabi na at 4k magkaka quad core tablet na ang mga Pinoy???

    Whatever the Class A people say and mga hypocrite matapobres balk, let the masses have a taste of Android technology! I am happy that we are bridging the gap.

    Long live, Android!

    • OSpoangandroid says:

      OS po kuya ang android…. :D but i still agree with you, 4k+quadcore.. not bad..

    • Comparisons says:

      Of course, I know Android is an OS.

      But the latest Android build, Jellybean, will run well in quad core devices like CM Fusion Bolt.

      Yun ang point ko, you bring the best of Android to the masses with this inexpensive CM device.

      Ikaw ba yung paulit-ulit na nagreremind na Android is an OS not a phone? Most of us know that.

      Understood na yun pag sinabing Android, no need to be specific. Get it based on the context, ok?

  12. nico says:

    Ok po ba yung skype pede yung front camera gamitin… well im just dissapointed parang mas mabilis pa dual core phone keysa sa quadcore anu ba naeexpect eh ang presyu 4k pero i reaaly wanna buy that tab

  13. s says:

    anyway…this is perfect for a chopping board..or a boomerang,,or say a roof tile..just kidding..I’ll save my money for something worth more buying…sony ericsson is releasing a 3Ghz quad-core..if in any way CM builds or rebrands a tab with this chip on board paired with plenty ram,storage and fast gpu..i’ll buy 2(with the freebies)hahaha..

  14. CheapTabletUser says:

    FYI, This Is A Cheap Version (Tapyasadong Specs) Of Very Cheap Ainol Novo 7 Venus Not A Rebranded Version Ainol Novo 7 Venus

    • rui says:

      This is almost exactly the same as the Ainol Novo7 Venus Lite (ATM7025 1.0GHz). Pinagkaiba lang, 16GB yung Venus Lite while the Fusion Bolt only has 8GB. Besides, kahit naman 1.5GHz ang nakalagay sa specs ng regular Venus, actual clock niya is only 1.2GHz so performance-wise, hindi magkakalayo yung dalawa. However, at this point in time, firmware/kernel updates can make a big difference since napaka-bago pa ng ATM7025/7029 and I expect there are quite a number of bug fixes and optimizations they can do.

      Yun nga lang, kahit ano pang optimization gawin nila, I don’t think this will ever cut it for 3D gaming.

  15. PataponNaTablet says:

    Katarantaduhan To kaya nga Tayo Bumibili ng Tablet is For Gaming Purposes tapos nag lalag pa yung Dead Trigger

    Look at the Performance Tests Mas Mataas Pa Yung Performance ng LG Optimus 2X (mag tatatlong taon na sa pedestal)

    • lolkabro says:

      haha, wala kang alam eh, kung gusto mo ng gaming tab bumili ka ng project fiona.. o kaya mas maganda gaming console!! haha Bopols…
      o kaya mas maganda PC! haha dami bopols sa yuga

    • lolkabro says:

      isa pa pla bro, gamitin mo naman sana google para di lang puro nguso alam mo hahaha search mo nalang ha para may alam ka….

    • PataponNaTablet says:


      lolko lolloko ka ah, Im just expressing my point of views and I just cant believe na may mga Die Hard Fan pala dito

      Im expecting somebody to refute my thoughts hindi yung mga kagaya mong Fan Boy na irerefer ako sa Google

    • LOL says:

      haha, hindi ako die hard natatawa kasi ako sa mga taong bibili ng tablet para sa gaming. lol pero mga binibili nyo di naman pang gaming hahaha.. kakatuwa ka kasi eh.. dapat alam mo purpose ng tab mo lol

    • garz says:

      FYI. Hindi lahat bumibili ng tablet para sa gaming. Some bought tablets for eBook reading, others for multimedia purposes, and some just for mobile internet browsing alone.

    • uknow says:

      well, not actually, I bought my tablet for social network and reading ebooks or e-magazine. Besides if you really opt for gaming tablet you should buy a well known tablet that could satisfy your gaming purposes and don’t buy for the cheap ones. I actually bought an expensive one but then there’s this thought that I should have bought the cheap ones since I just wanted it to use for reading and social networks.

  16. LOL says:

    tama.. ” kaya nga Tayo Bumibili ng Tablet is For Gaming Purposes tapos nag lalag pa yung Dead Trigger” pero binibili nya hindi naman pang gaming.. kea nga sinasabi ko dapat alam nyo kung para san tab nyo and seriously kung gusto mo mag laro sa PC ka.. o kaya gaming consoles wag sa tab..

  17. alwayshornygirl says:

    curious question here..

    im interested to buy this tab, it’s cheap tapos quadcore na.
    but with what im reading on your responses, di tlga xa entirely for gaming.

    i just want to know, would you think SIMS can be played here smoothly?

    just curious :) thanks!

    • alwayshornyguy says:

      Well, yes pwede ung SIMS dito although mag-lalag sya.

      Let’s watch porn nalang instead.

  18. Joe says:

    for the price of 4K, all is forgiven. mabuhay ang masang pilipino!!! like pc’s, gadgets can only be as good as its user.

  19. RexG8571 says:

    Sa akin, ok na ito for e-books, movie at sa mga chess programs ko! Quad core para ma-utilized ang multi-thread ng Stockfish chess engine ko (sa Droidfish GUI)! Thumbs up!

  20. agenthunt says:

    wow! galing! i’ll save for this… my needs will definitely fit for this affordable offer. long live CM!

  21. techgeek says:

    Can’t wait for this. Been looking for a nice, cheap e-book reader tablet. Mukhang tamang tama toh.

    Kung balak niyong bumili nito, yung screen dapat target niyo (HD IPS!), di yung CPU/GPU. Maiinis lang kayo pag games hanap niyo. Yung quad nito parang dual-core lng ng iba. At GPU nito mas malala pa sa iba. Hanggang 2D games lang malalaro niyo ng maayos dito.

  22. han says:

    mataas ung specs nya, mababa naman ung score and rating nya sa benchmark.. di natin maloloko ung benchmarking ng android on how they rate your phone hardware specs performance..
    i have a branded phone single core. 6735 ung rating ng antutu benchmark.. mas mataas ung single core ko compare to fussion quad core ng cherry mobile..
    if bibilhin ko to, it is not for gaming purposes jus for viewing purpose only..

  23. Nene says:

    11.9k na score nya sa bench mark ! lupet .

    • DontBeDeceived says:

      He he, ang lupit ng Cherry Mobile hinack pa pati results ng Antutu Benchmark! 11k for real?

      I cant believe this trick of Cherry Mobile, People will be deceived with this GIMMICKS

    • John says:

      Anong 11.9k?
      Puro 5k+ kaya Antutu score nito kahit sa ibang pinoy tech reviewers.

  24. dasda says:

    di updated yun firmware mo

  25. jose chito agravante says:

    its ok for ds android after all every gadget has its own limitation d question is anong pag gagamitan mo?4 me its the bestfor e book/ movie

  26. ian says:

    curious question, how is the CM fusion bolt compared to starmobile 7hd? in terms overall performance?

    i’m choosing bet the two, any suggestion is much appriciated. thanks.

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