ST-Ericsson to unveil a 3.0GHz quad-core SoC on MWC

ST-Ericsson to unveil a 3.0GHz quad-core SoC on MWC

This year’s Mobile World Congress is said to be a momentous event for ST-Ericsson, the company behind the NovaThor chipset, as they are said to announce their first ever quad-core processor which is believed to clock in at blazing fast 3-gigahertz.

NovaThor, the product of the joint venture between STMicroelectronics and Ericsson, isn’t exactly a popular choice for device manufacturers for the obvious reason that other providers have more competitive offerings either on performance or pricing.


In recent times, however, the company has been making short but significant strides to improve their portfolio which is evident on the recent release of the 2.5GHz dual-core processor earlier this year. But apparently, it’s just a primer for the bigger (and faster) chipsets to come.


Dubbed as the NovaThor eQuad, ST-Ericsson’s upcoming SoC consists of four 28-nanometer Cortex—A9 cores which are put together using FD-SOI MOSFET (Fully Dispersed Silicon on Insulator, Metal Oxide Semiconductor Field-Effect Transistor) technology, enabling to not only be fast but also power efficient.

novathor equad

The able processor will be accompanied by a 600MHz SGX544 GPU and a slew of chips which expands its capabilities such as the ability to feature up to 20-megapixel camera and LTE and HD Voice support.

It’s going to be interesting to see how the new NovaThor processor will perform in the real world. Having a 3GHz clock speed will certainly catch the attention of manufacturers, but it’s going to be a bumpy ride on the way to the top for the new SoC, especially when it has Exynos 5 Octa, Snapdragon 600/800, and Tegra 4 breathing down its neck.


This article was written by Ronnie Bulaong, a special features contributor and correspondent for YugaTech. Follow him on Twitter @turonbulaong.

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16 Responses

  1. mang kanor says:

    gusto nyo makarinig ng Thor joke??

    NovaThor… Bwahahaha..(xet ang corny ko)

  2. sleeper says:

    no word on pricing?

    • mang kanor says:

      bakit? magtatayo ka ng factory ng smartphone?? di yan for sale sa mga retail store kaya never mong malalaman pwera nalang kung may planta ka nga ng smartphone.. mang hingi ka ng quotation tapos hingi ka na din ng quotation sa sharp para sa igzo screen at sa sony para sa exmor r.. dali dali dali..

    • hahaha! says:

      wag u naman maliitin si sleeper baka cya ang kauna-unahang pilipino na gagawa ng sarili nating smartphone na pantapat sa iphone at samsung!

    • Name: garz says:

      It’s a SoC. Not a phone….

    • scandaldownloader says:

      Mang Kanor…. Your the OLD MAN!!!!

      Ang dami mung alam… pero hindi mo nakita?

      SLEEPER – means inaantuk pa yan kaya hindi mo sya dapat husgahan (mahina ka pa rin)….

    • rod says:


    • Abu ZalZal says:

      LOL @ sleeper…..bakit ka mamamakyaw ng mobile CPU? parang tanga lang Hahahahahahahaha

  3. anOnymous says:

    whats the ST in ST Ericson?

    A sexier sony ? :)

    • xox says:

      NovaThor, the product of the joint venture between STMicroelectronics and Ericsson..

      tingin ko walang kinalaman ang sony jan..naghiwalay na sila ng ericsson

  4. niel says:

    Ang ST-ericsson ay sa sony Ericsson??tanung lng

  5. Johnny Blaze says:

    I hope it’s power efficient.

  6. noob says:

    cortex a9 are the thing of the past.. cortext a57 will rule them all.. cant wait xD

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