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Sol Republic Amps In-Ear Headphones Review

Yesterday we brought you a review of the Sol Republic TKDK On-Ear Headphones, and this time we’re testing its in-ear cousin, the Sol Republic Amps. It comes with an unusual StayFit Design, in-line mic and controls, and powered by the company’s i4 Sound Engine which promises deep bass with high clarity. Find out how the Amps perform by reading our review below.

Design and Construction

Sol Republic is known for adding some flair on their audio products. One good example is the Sol Republic TKDK we reviewed a couple of days ago. While the TKDK went for color and art, the Sol Republic Amps invested on form. Rather than the usual design with round housings the Amps features a distinctive look that might not appeal to everyone.

For starters, the design employs lots of curves and edges. The outer part has a disc with a metallic finish which is then attached to the rest of the plastic housing that curves to a slight degree towards the nozzle and sleeves. It’s a bit difficult to make sense of its overall design but it does serve one of its purpose which is to stand out from the rest of the pack.

From left: Sol Republic Amps, Xiaomi Mi Piston V2, Sennheiser CX400-II

When worn, the Amps feel awkward primarily because of the its unusual design especially if you’re more accustomed to smaller in-ear headphones. It might feel that it will easily fall off the first time you wear it but once you get used to it you will notice that it snugs well and won’t come off even if you shake your head vigorously.

This also makes the Amps a good companion when you’re out running or hitting the gym. Just make sure you choose the right size of sleeves (package includes four pairs of sleeves) and you’re good to go.


Sound Quality

The Sol Republic Amps sports i4 Sound Engines which promise a bass-rich experience. True enough it is capable of producing warm, clean and punchy bass. Unlike the Sol Republic TKDK which is weak when it comes to highs, the Amps is also good when it comes to delivering mids and highs – sweet, smooth and articulate.

If there’s a weakness, that would be the low bass and high highs. We’re missing that deep rumbling when it comes to bassy tracks and that bit of harshness when it comes to rock music. It’s not serious issue though and the Amps probably does this to prevent the music from being muddy or sibilant. We might be nitpicking but overall, the sound quality is good.

Like the TKDK, the Amps also features an in-line mic and controls which are optimized for Apple devices. It also works on our Android device but only the Pause/Play/Skip button. You can also answer calls using the Amps and so far sound and voice quality during calls are good.


The Sol Republic Amps is a good pair of headphones that can deliver Bass and Highs well. It’s versatile so those who listen to different types of music, whether club, party or rock, will definitely enjoy the Amps. Design-wise, this puts the Amps in a love it or hate it situation. It looks unique but might not be everyone’s cup of tea. So if you like the looks of the Amps, then this could be your next headphone. That is if you’re willing to shell out Php4,000 for it.

What we liked about it:
* Good sound quality
* Unique design
* Comes with in-line mic for calls
* Comes with four pairs of sleeves

What we didn’t like:
* Controls are optimized for Apple devices
* Large housing

This article was written by Louie Diangson, Managing Editor of YugaTech. You can follow him at @John_Louie.

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