Sony PSP Go

Sony PSP Go

Caught on video, Sony’s upcoming PSP Go is half the weight but twice as fun. The clip is from the June 2009 episode of Qore.


Yet to be officially announced by Sony, the PSP Go is smaller and lighter than previous iterations of the PlayStation Portable. Has 3.8″ display screen and 16GB of internal flash drive memory.

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67 Responses

  1. whaâ„¢ says:

    kailan po ito lalabas… sir yuga

  2. man says:

    Sony keeps on changing the hardware of their gaming consoles. From “original psp” to “slim and light” to “psp 3000” and now this “psp go” and yet they are unsuccessful. Nintendo still dominates the portable console war with a huge huge chunk!! It is because the nintendo focuses on games rather than the hardware(although they have upgraded their DS consoles). Compare the games of PSP to DS. DS has multiple of titles to choose from erstwhile PSP has handful.what does this means? Consumers want more games!!!WAKE UP SONY before Nintendo eats up all your share….

  3. jude says:

    gusto ko yn kylan kya yn ilalabas?…

  4. Live Dito says:

    psp’s getting more exciting from time to time

  5. Jam. says:

    Its umd less =D

  6. Still waiting for Sony to make PSP “touch” capable.

  7. how i wish that Christmas is near… :(

    i already added this on my Christmas gadget list :)

  8. Mark says:

    Its a slider, much like cellphones this one would probably have a shorter lifespan than any of its predecessors, IMHO it looks weird and cheap XD

  9. chiemartin says:

    1 drawback with the PSP Go would be the slider, which is pretty much prone to problems with the flex cable.

    I’ve had both the 1000 and 2000 series, and I must say, the form factor of the PSP Go isn’t slick like the 1000-3000 series. Like most comments I’ve been reading in other blogs, it would have been better if they slapped on 2 analog sticks rather than 1.

    One good thing though which was a good move for us portable-junkies is the removal of the UMD slot. Downloadable media is way better IMO.

    In terms of games, I’m not pretty sure what’s so new about the PSP Go. I do hope there’s something considerably different for gamers to pick up the PSP Go. And I do hope game developers make more games for the PSP, as I sold off my PSP months ago after a pretty long dry spell of new games in the market.

  10. Oh it’s a slider. This will certainly bring problems especially with the flexi cable involved ;)

  11. william says:

    thats what i thought of too. it’s a bummer that its a slider.

  12. Erin says:

    i read that psp go is not going to replace the psp 3000 as sony sticks to the 10-year lifespan of its products. having 0-consumer demand is another thing though.


  13. @man
    Developers were ignoring the PSP because of the poor sales of GAMES because of rampant piracy. The PSP 3000 helped rebuild Sony’s rep with the devs. Failure? Hardly. Look at the Apple app store and you’ll know why the PSP Go will be a hit.

    I’d love a 2nd analog nub too but it’s going to be useless with the current game library because they aren’t coded to support a 2nd nub. :(

    Also, game devs are already back on the PSP train. Just take a look at the E3 line up :D

  14. weffweff says:

    it’s ugly :-&

  15. zitro says:

    yeah.ugliest gadget ever.

  16. RICH says:

    piece of shitt! they keep on upgrading but the graphics still similar to PS2. and the games are very limited. i will just stick to my PS3 ish.

  17. Oni says:

    no thanx will just wait for psp2 when ever that will be built

  18. Pink says:

    Slider PSP?.. critical for kiddos.

  19. how much does it cost?

  20. Pedro says:

    wish sony would release more games than releasing “new” versions of PSP…

  21. babyface says:

    biggest mistake of sony is they are upgrading their PSP from time to time with only small improvements..

    seriously, if Go is just lighter,3.8 has 16gb of internal memory with no usb port and IF there’s no graphics improvement, current psp owners wont buy it and they will fail again…

  22. @babyface
    no graphics improvement? lol. The smaller screen will be sharper than that of the brite. Also most, current PSP owners won’t even bother for the PSP Go if it’s not cfw-able, which you can bet isn’t.

  23. Chester says:

    It’s the same form factor as the Sony MyLO.

    Problem with this form factor is the slide. Although the original PSP form has a movable UMD door but who uses UMDs now? hehehe

    Nintendo DS are targeted for casual gamers and kids while PSP are more for the mature and hard core gamers that’s why there’s more NDS titles than PSP titles.

  24. JDSalinger says:

    this is slick! cool! piracy is a problem and you cannot install custom firmware here…

  25. Tey aragon says:

    *hoping* that maybe the leaked photos of the slider-type handheld are just to mislead competition hehe :-)

  26. I’m finding a problem on reaching the L1 and R1 buttons on top..with the slider on the way.
    And no usb port? it could take a long time to install games with just the bluetooth.


  27. naldvcm says:

    don’t like it

  28. naldvcm says:

    don’t like it

  29. christian causaren says:

    if you would to go around to some stalls in the malls, marami kang makikita na mga generic na mp3,mp4 or digicam. may mga tatak na sony. yung slider design ng psp go eh parang yung mga generic gadgets na mabibili sa mga muslim…(no offense to our brothers)

  30. PSP is getting better and better. This is nice!

    Nino Natividad

  31. mcdenster says:

    I got my PSP Slim and Lite on releaseday and I’m so glad I got it, will never get a DS.

  32. Mark Jason says:

    this would be the ugliest handheld by sony. I’m sticking to my slim and lite.

  33. charanjit gill says:

    cool how much does it cost

  34. AdRiaN says:

    i heard that psp go will cost 15k php…

    hmm sounds good.. with 16gb memory + MS Micro.. wifi + bluetooth.. PS3 integration?

    but the control design suck!!
    but theres a bluetooth controller!

  35. Cheers for the great info m8

  36. Marc says:

    As far as I’ve heard (from IGN and Gamespy), they’re not really changing the processing unit of the PSP when PSPgo comes out. It’s like just having a facelift for good-old PSP 2000. I still own a PSP 1000 and it still kicks ass (well except for the downward drift of the analog stick probably from abuse.. ha!). Just a get a PSP 2000 or 3000, they’ll do fine.

    Internal 16g mem? Anyone can get 16gig MS from Greenhills nowadays.

    Slide-type? Marupok yan (it’ll easily break off).

  37. jazzme says:

    psp go ang the best parin compared sa lahat ng psp model may built in pa na 16 gig na memory, my bluetooth pa.un lang nga limited pa ang available na games at accessories.ang maganda di mo na kaylangang magbaon ng maraming umd gaya nga psp 3000 or the older models. the best thing is its lighter and smaller yet way smarter.just got one last month. magmumukha lang na panghilod ang psp3000 pag itatapat mo sa psp go…i know it coz i have psp 3000 and psp go.

  38. cho says:

    I’m not gonna buy it, unless it has been hacked and I can download games for free/for a lesser price. It’s simply impractical. I’d stick with my PSP 2000 until Sony makes an attempt to listen to their customers.

  39. chuchu says:

    how much does it cost here in the philippines?

  40. freak says:

    ang papanget no feeling nyo naman…

  41. darkmatter says:

    selling my pspgo with official sony pspgo leather case for only 11k or trade it for zuneHD 32Gb..

  42. sasuke says:

    ang panget aman wlang psp store available d2 sa pinas ehh kya panget tlga!

  43. geLo says:

    i got my psp go.,. few days ago,,how can store games here,,nid heLp

  44. jethro says:

    panget pa ung psp go s pinas kc wla png store ng sony n pwede mgdwnload ng games nito….mhirap p mghanap ng games nito…

  45. where can I buy the new PSPgo? Is it already available in the Philippines ?

  46. CezarCon says:

    @gelo There is a store in Market Market, located in 3rd floor. I just forgot the name of the store.

  47. Schae says:

    Meron na bang PSPgo game store dito sa pilipinas?
    Kung meron sabihin nyo naman sa akin ha!

  48. jordan says:

    mga sir/mam sa greenhills daw meron na.meron na ba nag try dun?at magpapa tunay???

  49. Schae says:

    Kapag may alam kayong psp go games store dito sa pinas pakisabi naman para masaya tayo lahat sa games. Saan ang alam nyo?

  50. john says:

    im selling my sons psp go. i just bought it at singapore but unfortunately wala kaming mahanap na games. still new. complete. text me 0927-468 88 87 .. sale at 10thou. thanks. black

  51. john says:

    guys….meron na PSN store sa pinas mag SIGN up lng kau tpos punta kau sa SONY market then bili kau ng PSN CARD meron $20$50

    ska ung PSN store sa PSPgo system nyo lng po iyun mamagagamit

  52. b0nk3rs says:

    @john: asteeeeeeeeeg… how does it work? hahahaha! naaawa kc ako sa pamangkin ni gf, wala na malaro sa psp go nya.

    Yan bang PSN store e iba sa playstation store?

  53. Pedro says:

    @John- just asking sir… no games for PSP Go… d ba saved games pde… I’m planning to buy 1, pero kung d pde saved games NOOOOOOOOO WAAAAAY…

  54. Raiko says:

    @pedro – psp go just got hacked last dec 24, it can now play backup games.

  55. Schae says:

    What do you mean by backup games?
    Where can we buy psp go games here in manila or quezon city? How much is each game costs? 50 pesos per game?

  56. b0nk3rs says:

    pwede ka bumili ng PSN card sa datablitz (1250 pesos ata for the $20 card) then download the media go installer to your pc. Gawa ka ng account sa Playstation store sa US. (Be sure to provide a US address) kaw na bahala pano ka kukuha ;) after creating an account, follow the instructions on the PSN card :) login ka lang sa media go then buy the games you want. God of war costs $39.99 PLUS TAX… lahat ng games dun PLUS TAX pa.

  57. johnmark says:

    hmmm…help lng po sana…meron kc akong psp…tapos…dqo na ma ON…kc press ko yung select sa psp…tpos press ko din yung shutdown device yata..pagkatapos nun ayaw na mag ON ng psp…pero umiilaw yung green light…plss help

  58. Schae says:

    Sabi mo ayaw mag-on psp mo. Ganito gawin mo. I-charge mo psp mo ng mga 1 or 2 hours. Pagkatapos ay i-power on mo.

  59. john says:

    wala na ba talagang pag-asa tong psp go sa pilipinas para makapag lahay ng laro

  60. tech84 says:

    try going to shops at the mall to have your psp fixed

  61. killerjo says:

    I am a PSP nerd. Opo pede napo itong i-hack.
    What i mean is you can run any games directly from the internal memory, 16gb d po ba..?
    As usual, P50.00 po per game.
    Kung gsto niyo pong I hack, search on google:

    “6.20 PRO-B6”

    hhaha….galing na ng mga hackers ngaun…

    If you got any questions, just pm me at:
    [email protected]

  62. ryan_cute11 says:

    Eow po ako po c ryan yco you can add me on facebook.yung nka kulay white na t-shirt na stripes.wala po akung di ko alam kung saan bibili at diko alam ang price ng dirin ako marunung mag download ng games.ano po ba mas maganda PSP or NINTENDO DS?

  63. ahwie says:

    sir kano na SRP nito naun??

  64. cathrinah says:

    hello po…balak ko po bumili ng playstation portable pero madami na po pala klase ngayon..anu po ba marecommend nyo na maganda bilin ngayon???ngayon kasi may vita na..psp go..psp slim…may nabasa ako na maganda pa rin ung psp kaysa sa go yata un..!anu po ba yung maganda at ung madali lang lagyan ng games???wala talaga ako kaalam alam!!sana matulungan nyo po ako..! thank you..

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