Poll: JobStreet vs. JobsDB

Poll: JobStreet vs. JobsDB

Haven’t been to any job site in over 4 years now so the last time I had a discussion about them, I was a bit clueless of their current status. I thought maybe I can just ask my readers here what they think of the top two.

There were a lot of paid job sites back in the early days of the net. I specifically remembered Trabaho.com because it’s where I landed my very first job in 2000.

jobsdb jobstreet


Today, it looks like only two paid job sites remain active — JobsDB and JobStreet. The fact that these two are part of regional job site may have helped them survived the paid world of online services.

Which of the two is better? Which one do you use more?

I’ve added the new poll on the sidebar for you to cast your vote or you can also share your comments below.

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82 Responses

  1. eric says:

    i find jobstreet more user friendly that jobsdb.

  2. ronn says:

    i am currently looking for job as a multimedia artist and registered to both sites.

    however, jobsdb offers more choices for my chosen field. So i’ll go for jobsdb.com!

  3. jobs.db has faster feedbacks from employer compare to jobstreet.

  4. Enteng says:

    There’s also bestjobs.ph


  5. Andre Marcelo-Tanner says:

    Trabaho.com is still active :)

  6. Why just JobStreet vs. JobsDB? I love Sulit! =)

  7. Dinah says:

    jobstreet. parang may mga hoax sa jobsdb. may spam jobs akong nareceive sa email ko after i signed a long time ago

  8. NIEL says:

    I would prefer JOBSDB.COM ang bilis ng feedback nila compare sa JOBSTREET.COM

  9. Gwapito says:

    Gwapito loves Jobstreet!

    1. More user friendly. JobDBdoes not work in Firefox.

    2. I love the job matching system of JS.

  10. ill go for jobstreet

  11. drew says:

    go jobstreet!

  12. katexter says:

    The reason why feedback is faster on JobsDB is because there are less applicants. As an employer, we have a better selection of candidates with Jobstreet.

  13. Both are good for me.

  14. Anton says:

    we use jobsdb in the office to find sales staff.

  15. BrianB says:

    Post idea:


    lycos seems to have shut down its free email service without warning. The login page suggesting upgrade to paid account but the suggestion is really too vague, as well as the warning about a bug or something. great way to earn a few bucks from desperate account holders.

  16. Mas maraming corporate tie-ups ang JobStreet as far as I have observed*.

    *at least on my experience.

  17. techie says:

    Both serves their purposes. Isa pa, halos lahat naman nang company nagpopost on both sites =p

  18. Darmor says:

    E2 ang mas maganda

    Vonremy Career Services

    just kidding.

    I’ll go for Jobstreet. More jobs posted sa Jobstreet.

  19. Darmor says:

    e2 ang mas maganda

    joke lang.
    Jobstreet ako. mas maraming nakapost na job sa jobstreet.com

  20. ONLINE GAMER says:

    i dont use both of them like 4 years already, like yuga… hehehe

  21. maryon says:

    jobsdb.com offers more job than jobstreet for IT, so i do prefer jobsdb.com

  22. I prefer jobsdb I like how they present the jobs simple exact to the point

  23. From what I’ve observed, JobsDB is for IT people, Jobstreet is for the rest, especially for people looking for call center jobs.

    I still prefer Jobstreet, though, based on the interface.

  24. Axzar says:

    As a recruiter, I prefer JobsDB. I like the add to cart feature. Their pricing is fair.

  25. jerald says:

    I had several interviews from abroad before because of jobstreet especially from singapore, but I got my current job in china from monster.com

  26. Joey says:

    As an employer I’ve tried both and JobsDB is the winner hands down. The pricing is fair, the account managers are very attentive and the candidate pool is huge.

  27. aLina says:


    i prefer jobsDB…for its always updated, always have fresh job post, wider scope… i recommend this to everybody…check it out! you’ll see the difference ppol!!

    love and peace!

  28. myuki says:

    definitely JobsDB.com more companies subscribing I’ve more choces in job availablity

  29. Swooo0sh!! says:

    As an HR Director, I go for JobsDB. They delivered great applicants to my company. Also, With the current partnerships with both private corporations and public offices (i.e. DOT and TESDA,i am confident they already outrun other competitors. Try to search Alexa.com and compare both with regards to number of hits.

  30. Ben Bukaneg says:

    Pareho naman nakakatulong ang dalawang websayts sa mga aplikanteng pilipino. Na sa kabuuan ay mabuting bagay.

    Pero napansin ko lang na mas inaabot ng JobsDB ang mga aplikante miski hindi sila “tech savvy”, kasi nakita ko sila sa mga baranggay job fairs at mga job fairs na ang nag-buo ay PESO.

  31. DiSiNiO says:

    JobsDB.com is today the leading online recruitment network in Asia Pacific. By harnessing the speed and global reach of the Internet, JobsDB.com has designed and developed a powerful recruitment medium, which brings employers and job seekers together and allows them to interact directly for fast, efficient and cost effective recruitment
    Founded in 1998, JobsDB launched its services in Hong Kong in September in the same year. With headquarters in Hong Kong, it quickly expanded its operations and is today the leading provider of online recruitment services in Asia Pacific with the widest network coverage, spanning Australia, China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Korea, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand and USA. Today, the JobsDB Group employs over 1,000 staff across the region.

    JobsDB believes in regional network supported by local services. Its extensive network is backed by local service and localized content to meet the needs of individual territories. Its aim is to provide the best product and services in the region.

    Over the years, JobsDB has built one of the largest and most comprehensive databases in Asia Pacific with over 8 million job seeker members and over 140,000 corporate clients.

    Job seekers can utilize JobsDB’s services either as a registered member or as a visitor and explore constantly updated employment opportunities at home or across the region.

    For employers, JobsDB offers an extremely convenient, efficient and cost effective platform for business recruitment through a Recruitment Management System and access to a continuously expanding job seeker database.

    JobsDB is at the forefront of technology. Recognizing the growing trend of companies recruiting through its own corporate web sites, JobsDB has developed a solution that is highly flexible and customizable which enables companies to build its own system based on individual requirements to automate and streamline the entire hiring process online.

    JobsDB continues to strive for excellence in product and services to maintain its leading position in the region through constant enhancement and innovative product development.

    Since 1995, JobStreet.com has grown to become one of the leading Internet Recruitment websites in the Asia-Pacific, revolutionising the way recruitment is done today. JobStreet.com offers a comprehensive suite of interactive recruitment services. International and local Asian corporations recruit from JobStreet.com’s ever-increasing pool of top talent and manage their recruitment process through uniquely developed software applications via the Internet.

    Mark Chang – Chief Executive Officer, JobStreet.com
    Mark Chang is an Executive Director and Founder of JobStreet.com. He has also been its Chief Executive Officer since its inception. He obtained his Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Texas, Austin, USA in 1988 and a Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA in 1990. Prior to founding MOL Online Sdn Bhd in 1995 and subsequently JobStreet.com in 1997, Mark was with Kendall International, a US healthcare company, for six years, starting as a process engineer in 1990 before being promoted to manufacturing manager in 1992 and regional director of sales and marketing for Malaysia in 1994. He left Kendall International in 1996 to establish JobStreet.com. Under his direction, the JobStreet Group has expanded regionally.

    Dr. Albert Wong – Chief Product & Technology Officer, JobStreet.com
    Dr. Albert Wong is the Chief Product & Technology Officer of JobStreet.com where he heads the Product and Technology department. He obtained his Bachelor of Engineering (Civil) from the University of Western Australia in 1987, a Master of Science in Civil Engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA in 1991 and a PhD degree in Computer-Aided Engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA in 1993. Albert started his career with Schlumberger Austin Product Center before moving to Genesis Development Corporation, USA in 1998. Albert joined the JobStreet Group in 2000 where he has overall responsibility for JobStreet.com’s technology including product development, website platform architecture, sales technologies, technical operations and technical support.

    Suresh Thiru – Chief Operating Officer, JobStreet.com
    Suresh A/L Thirugnanam is an Executive Director and the Chief Operating Officer of JobStreet.com with overall responsibility for the operations and customer care of the JobStreet Group. He obtained his Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 1989, USA and a Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA in 1989. Suresh started his career with Digital Equipment Corp, USA in 1989. In 1992, he worked briefly in Maxoptix Corporation, San Jose, USA before relocating back to Malaysia to join Motorola Malaysia Sdn Bhd (“Motorola”) as a manufacturing engineer. He left Motorola in 1994 to join Maxis Communications Sdn Bhd where he held several positions, including Head of Network Services Operations and Head of Fixed Network Product and Planning Group before joining JobStreet.com in 2000.

    Greg Poarch – Chief Financial Officer, JobStreet.com
    Gregory Poarch is the Chief Financial Officer who is responsible for the overall financial operations of the JobStreet Group. Greg obtained his Bachelor of Science degree with a major in Accountancy from Southwestern Oklahoma State University in Oklahoma, USA in 1988. Subsequently, he obtained his Certified Public Accountant designation in the USA in 1991. He started his career with the public accounting firm of Finley & Cook in 1988 as an auditor. In 1991, he moved to Occidental Petroleum Corporation as a senior auditor. After a posting to Occidental’s Malaysian subsidiary in 1993, he joined Measat Broadcast Network Systems Sdn Bhd (“Astro”) in Malaysia in 1996 as Manager, Systems and Methods. Subsequently, in 1997, he was promoted to senior finance manager with additional operational finance responsibilities until leaving Astro for the JobStreet Group in mid-2000.

    Ng Kay Yip – Director, JobStreet.com
    Ng Kay Yip is a Non-Executive Director and co-founder of JobStreet.com. He graduated in 1988 with a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from the School of Engineering and Applied Science, University of Pennsylvania, USA and a Bachelor of Science in Economics from the Wharton School of Business, University of Pennsylvania, USA . In 1990, he obtained a Master of Science in Electrical Engineering from Massachusetts Institute of Technology. While completing his education in the United States, he worked as a research officer with Bell Communications Research. Since 1990, he has been the executive director of the Maran group of companies, a family business that is involved in timber, property and construction.

    Lim Chao Li – Director, JobStreet.com
    Lim Chao Li is a Non-Executive Director and co-founder of JobStreet.com. He obtained a Bachelor of Science in Economics majoring in Accounting and Finance from the Wharton School of Business, University of Pennsylvania, USA and a Bachelor of Applied Science in Systems Engineering from the School of Engineering and Applied Science, University of Pennsylvania, USA. He commenced his career in 1989 as an Audit Assistant with Deloitte & Touche in Philadelphia, USA. In 1991, he moved back to Malaysia and joined Johnson & Johnson Sdn Bhd as an Accountant. He was promoted as its Finance & Administration Manager in 1993. He joined the Hotel Equatorial Group in 1994 as a Project Manager and became Vice-President of Finance in 1997. He currently oversees the hotel’s finance department as well as several other companies in the group. His geographical area of responsibility includes Malaysia, China and Vietnam.

    For me JOBSDB is the BEST it helps me in many ways…GO JOBSDB…Goooo! More POWER to you … Jobs for every Juan:)

  32. Mega says:

    For me, JobsDB is the Best! One of the Top tool online career portal. Many of my friends they got hired on the spot and many of them employed through by JobsDB. JobsDB is the NO. 1 CAREER PORTAL IN ASIA-PACIFIC. I love JobsDB it’s very effective for every Juan and Maria and all. For me JobsDB is always a JobsDB forever…THEY ARE THE BEST AMONG THE OTHER ONLINE JOB ADVERTISEMENT

    I hate Jobstreet because they are just only copying to JobsDB they don’t have the originality…poor site…hahahahah

  33. Botoy says:

    I love you JOBSDB……..

    JobsDB are always updated with regards to fresh job posting everyday.

    I choose jobDB

  34. Buraga says:

    I don’t like the services of the jobstreet. I will not avail them at all.

    Unlike jobsdb they really love their clients through

    customers service satisfaction nice posting and nice activities.

    JobsDB is the MOST IMPORTANT recruitment service in my life.

  35. I go with JobsDB, they have the good and registered companies in town. They also have a very good Account Managers to be proud of.

  36. yenzki says:


    For me, JOBSDB is the best online job in the country. They have updated job postings and they also have big clients.

    MOre Power to JObsdb.com

    God Speed

  37. Esquise says:

    For me JOBSDB has the best Services offered to all, i have attended their CEF and Turismo Job Fair and i find it superb. Great Customer Service given to all applicants event my brother was happy that it is more easy in applying to different companies. More power to the people behind this company… hope you will continue to do your good service to us common tao…

    God Bless You JobsDB.com

  38. For me, i prefer jobsdb since their jobs vacancies are updated.

    JobsDB is everywhere…

  39. Ron says:

    Very user friendly ang JOBSDB..Very updated sila when it comes to job opportunities and very mabilis pa ang response. Jobsdb is more professional than Jobstreet. Naiirita nga ako sa Jobstreet kasi it keeps on sending me emails about jobs that I dont even care of. Actually puro jobstreet na ang laman ng isang email ko..Go for JOBSDB.

  40. Alvin Cruz says:

    Both serves the purpose, but based on experience,JobDB has more quality.

  41. toinky says:

    JobsDB is great!

    Go for jobsDB!

  42. ako says:

    I’m a member of both portals but I got a job through JobsDB in just 2 months as compared to the 9 months with Jobstreet….

    So definitely…JobsDB

  43. margarette says:

    I can say that JobsDB is the best job search engine. Try to go to their website and you can see that it is more user friendly. You can easily browse job listings. And there are many many jobs there.

  44. bulilit says:

    I got my job in Singapore thru Jobsdb..I was hired as a recruiter and Jobsdb was being used by the company. quality wise,jobsdb is number one

  45. greenwitch says:

    -sobrang cheeezzeee talaga jobsdb..
    -one moment one jobsdb-
    -jobsdb truely asia ( asia pacific number one )
    _clearly number one jobsdb

  46. MarkBeltran says:

    I vote for JobsDB just because of the quality of jobs they offer, not that they only offer jobs, they also make sure that jobs offered are fit for the one you are looking for.

    As for Jobstreet… Mailing system is one hassle system to use… Not to mention website is really a bugger to use.

  47. retrochiq says:

    before graduating in college i already started looking for a job..and maybe because of the popularity of jobstreet i immediately logged in to it but to my surprised i havent heard any job alert that is related to what i have finished so then my cousin introduced to me jobsdb..
    so i created my account there and i immediately got job alerts that is related to what i have finished.
    i even enjoyed the comfort of using their career card an electronic resume card..
    so in other words and much further a do i deeply support JOBSDB. :)

  48. sweet says:

    i like jobsDB better. very fast ung response d gaya ng jobstreet na 48 years.. puro flood pa sa mail..

  49. Cornflower says:

    I applied for both sites but jobsdb’s feedback is the fastest.. : )

  50. Ben Bukaneg says:

    Yun oh

  51. kurdapyo says:

    naka bintaha gyud ang serbisyo sa JOBSDB, mas nindot sila mo dala ug clients, naka try naman pud ko sa serbisyo sa jobstreet pero medyo dili sosama ka nindot sa jobsdb. nakakita ko ug work gud pina agi sa pag search sa jobsdb ug pag padala nila ug job alert, im from bohol ug naka kita ko ug work sa cebu tungod sa tabang sa jobsdb… mao saludo ko sa taga JOBSDB.COM

  52. pangz14 says:

    Money wise may we just say Jobstreet. Pero Quality and Career wise kay Jobsdb ako.. Just that simple.
    As an HR Consultant for 6 yrs. naexperienced ko na kumuha ng subscription kay Jobstreet kc sobrang Cheap pero i didnt get the right candidate. Nauubos ang oras ko kay Jobstreet. Unlike Jobsdb mejo higher ang price but the thing is i got a lot of candidate that matches my openings as in Quality Candidates and they have a great aftersale service mula umpisa at kahit tapos na subscription mo, as in hustle free..

  53. DreamBoy says:

    Since 1995, JobStreet.com has grown to become one of the leading Internet recruitment websites in the Asia-Pacific, revolutionizing the way recruitment is done today. Through utilization of JobStreet.com’s comprehensive suite of interactive services, international and local Asian corporations recruit from JobStreet.com’s ever-increasing pool of top talent and manage their recruitment process via the Internet through uniquely developed software applications.

  54. Goodly says:

    I like jobsDB they have many service rather than jobstreet. All service is very unique and hustle free.

    Go JobsDB; Proud to be no. 1 in recruitment process!

  55. melvz says:

    dati jobstreet ako,una kasi sila nag papadala sa akin ng alert, pero ng tumagal di na maganda service nila, padalhan kaba naman ng alert na di naman para sa iyo ang work,siguro ala na silang mapadala na vacancy, kaya i happen to discover the greatness of jobsDB,sa help nila naka kita ako ng work…THANKS to JOBSDB…

  56. doIT says:

    Deamboy always dreaming.

  57. beautiful girl says:

    nice to be in jobsdb jobseeker..faster response more job opportunities

  58. botak says:

    Love ko ang jobsDB kahit saan ako makakarating. As an HR Manager for 8 years. This is the answer of my entire problem sa recruitment posting ko..super hirap humanap tulad ng jobsDB..lakas ng features at mababait pa ang mga staff.

    Thank you JobsDB for making me feel impt. to you!

  59. gogol says:

    I vote for jobsdb.com

  60. kogmohon says:

    being kogmohon person..i love jobsdb coz its very effective and the way of people are close to every companies…they are very generous to other companies too!

  61. biscuit? guess who... says:

    what i prefer most is JOBSDB. before, i actually member of both sites but now i sticked only for the best….. jobsDB.com.
    only jobsdb gave me the opportunity to work after i graduated… thanks for them, coz now im enjoying my life doing paper works hahaha though its kinda difficult but i liked it. hard to adjust myself at work but im trying the best that i can EVERYDAY…

    its not about the site guys, just go for what you think have the best for you.. what you think can give you the best is more important… and can serve us and give us the right job that is fit for you…

  62. On the fence says:

    Oh my gosh, it’s so obvious that JobsDB people are spamming this entry by discrediting Jobstreet! Comeon, the entries are posted minutes apart from each other with most sentences starting with “for me… ” lol! Plus, the comments have no content and is CLEARLY from one or two persons only!

    I’m just a normal jobseeker looking for the right website to go to and want a more fair view of both services, but clearly jobsdb look a little insecure :P More comments with content that helps please!

  63. lol says:

    uhuh…ur a jobstreet people. Well, jobsdb is the no.1 career portal in asia pacific. I salute for jobsdb coz they have the quality service rather than the quantity of amount in money. The more expensive of jobsdb the more high quality!

  64. toink says:

    who cares to be in the jobsdb jobseeker?

    JOBSDB is the best for me dahil pag maramin ang tourismo marami din ang trabaho. Pag may problema ang mga tao sa paghahanap ng tao maraming trabaho sa jobsdb. okay! Gusto ko talaga sa jobsdb oi. kay maganda ang mga work doon at marami kang choices like sa akin i don’t know kung saan ako pipili sa company na nagtawag sa akin..okiks.

    Just be friend to anyone okay girls and boys

  65. yenzki says:

    NIce job JOBSDB PHils. you’ve help a lot of jobseekers in the country.

    God Speed….


  66. gegeyaya says:

    Bitaw, ang jobsdb maka tabang kaayo naku labi na taga mindanao ko. Nanginabuhi ko diri sa syudad. Daghan trabaho diri nimo makit-an. Pas pas ang response sa mga employer ug nindot ang mga trabaho pud.

  67. moying says:

    kebs oi…oa pud mo makareact.both companies had same intentions.but ive seen jobsdb.com in every jobfair like the department of tourism 4th trabaho sa turismo, tesda jobfair even my cousins from mindanao knew about jobsdb during jobfairs their.we need both sites coz they help jobless pipz.for jobsdb n jobstreet i salute u both.keep up the good work. monster.com yung d best oi. oa pud reaction jobstreet.

  68. botatay says:

    I love to search for online jobs but JobsDB is the qualified online job research i will choose.

  69. never ever says:

    Parang mga jobsdb employee lang ang nasa site na ito..but im a jobseeker, kahit anong site basta may response from emloyer, ok na ako…ngayon, wla pa akong work, sana sa jobstreet or jobsdb ko makuha yung firts work ko……

  70. kengkoy says:

    yeh right, oa talaga mga pips parang mga media na nakisawsaw sa issue nina katrina n hayden kho. this blog is useless if ever jobstreet man ang mag lead o jobsdb coz im sure almost lahat nag vote mga taga jobstreet n jobsdb lang, we dont know…
    useless ang site na to sa exposure nang jobsdb kahit saan. ang nakikinabang lang dito ang ang site na to itong yugatech.im sure they were smilin coz theyre using both site para magincrease yung response nang viewer nang site nila. hehehehehehe…much better i vote nyo nalang yung karapat dapat na president this 2010.

    goodluck guys

  71. moying says:

    kebs na wrong grammar n speeling ko keb keb kebs.

  72. moying says:

    ai mali na naman spelling n grammar hai kebs kebs kebs

  73. rio78 says:

    i found the best job matches and super effective feedbacks only from JobsDB. I landed on my best job presently to Jobsdb and i highly recommended it to everyone! Thumbs UP to JOBSDB.. Keep up the great work ;)

  74. On the fence says:

    lol I really don’t care abt either one, jst want some info on each jobsite, but are all jobsdb ppl this insecure?:P Gd luck with the jobhunt on whichever site!

  75. Interviewer says:

    I work as a Recruitment Supervisor for a call center in Manila. I say JobsDB is a scammer!

  76. Paul Jake says:

    For me JobStreet is the best

    I also find this one very promising, the site says that it was just launched Jan, 2010

  77. Interviewer says:

    http://www.philjobspot.com seems growing really fast, considering it was just launched Jan 4, 2010, according to their site.

  78. Bummer says:

    JobStreet is more user-friendly. Let’s not argue, it’s the number one online job portal in the Phils.

    But then JobsDB rules in more countries across Asia. And I think they have also conquered Australia and the US.

  79. Both sites surely have their own strengths. Choice is good as it allows consumers to get the best.


    No mess. Just jobs.

  80. Jp says:

    you may also visit http://www.JobsPursuit.com It’s a new online job portal set to take over the needs of jobseekers. visit the website and sign up now!

  81. yoki says:

    based on a 2009 study made by our group, we’ve found out that though jobstreet overshoots jobsdb when it comes to local listings of both jobseekers and employers…

    both lose their credibility at finding appropriate jobs for applicants since most employers (except for the bpo industry) prefer walk-in applications more than those submitted through jobstreet or jobsdb.

    to quote one employer “applications made through these sites are bothersome to read.”

    and it was also found out that companies prefer applicants who are more physically appealing despite the presence of applicants with better academic and professional records.

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