Special Edition Fallout 4 comes with a smartphone Pip-Boy

Special Edition Fallout 4 comes with a smartphone Pip-Boy

If you’ve been following the popular Fallout franchise then you’re surely familiar with the wrist-computer Pip-Boy (Personal Information Processor-Boy). Bethesda is including this unique gizmo for your smartphone when you purchase the special edition Fallout 4.


Actual Pip-Boy

This “game-like” arm gadget has its own wearable sleeve where you can slide your smartphone into. Interestingly, it comes with its own app which is available for Android and iOS users. Just launch the app, slide it inside the sleeve, and wear it to experience your very own Pip-Boy.


Smartphone placed inside the device.

Smartphone placed inside the device.

The company is also set to announce Fallout Shelter which is another iOS app that lets players customize their in-game shelters. With all these real-life smartphone integrations, the company is doing a good job at going for a more immersive and enjoyable experience.


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  1. igniculus says:

    i’m gonna buy this.

  2. Dogmeat says:

    Where’s the trunk of my car?

    Good ol Fallout 2 bug, gonna start over

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