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The Gadgets We Bought in 2011

The year 2011 saw tons of really great products, most of which I ended up buying for review here at YugaTech. I look back at 2011 and share the top gadgets we bought and reviewed this year. And, hopefully, you will also share what you’ve purchased too.

The biggest movers and shakers of 2011 are smartphones, followed by tablets and then laptops.

Apple iPad 2. Unlike the first iPad, Apple released the iPad 2 in the Philippines just a month after it made the announcement. This is probably the first one we bought and review here.

Macbook Air 11.6″. The MBA got a huge bump in specs with options for Core i5 and Core i7 processors making my one-year old Core 2 Duo MBA utterly obsolete. I bought it the very day it was made available locally.

LG Optimus 2X. The very first dual-core Android smartphone was the Optimus 2X and I spared no time to grab one, especially when LG was offering a promo discount of Php5k back then.

Asus Transformer. This is my first Android tablet and was fortunate enough to get a special media discount from Asus PH (paid for the tablet in full and got the dock for free).

HP TouchPad. Bought it from the US for $399 thinking the $100 discount was already worth it. The day after it arrived in Manila, the price went down to $99.

Sony-Ericsson Xperia Arc. Bought this one in Hong Kong after being frustrated of not getting the Galaxy S2 unlocked in several stores I visited (it was this or the Samsung Infuse 4G).

Samsung Galaxy Note. I so loved this handset after reviewing it that I bought it (thru a banner ad deal with the supplier).

Smart Rocket Plug-It. At Php3,995, I think this was the least used device I’ve bought.

iPhone 4S. I didn’t really wanted to buy the iPhone 4S but an opportunity came so I got one for Php38k, with the review just in time for the local launch.

Canon Powershot S100. My S95 was great but I wanted to get the S100 and finally found one in KL the other week. Cost me just under Php19k after sweeping all the floors of the Low Yat Mall.

Olympus PEN E-P3. One of the few products I really liked after making the review and ended up buying afterwards. The distributor gave me a discount I could not resist.

Asus Zenbook UX21. Already made the pre-order since last month but it hasn’t arrived yet so it looks like it’s going to go to the 2012 bin.

And if you count the two other smartphones I lost and eventually paid for, I’ll have to include the Motorola Droid Razr and the Samsung Galaxy Nexus in the list.

That’s an average of 1 purchased device per month all totaling north of Php300k. I just realize I’m spending way too much on devices just to do the reviews here in YugaTech. Perhaps, I need to slow down and cut it by 50% in 2012.

Was 2011 a great year for you too? I reckon most people got the Galaxy S2 and their year is already complete.

Do share what gadgets you got this year.

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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78 Responses

  1. Annie says:

    I got Kindle and Ipad2.

  2. Micco Jay Bugtai says:

    Alam niyo bang gustong-gusto ko yung ginagawa niyo sa YugaTech?
    I guess I have to make myself rich first. :D

  3. Malu says:

    Lucky you! This year I’ve got the iPad2 and hopefully next year i get the iphone4s even just the 16gb wifi 3g :) I’m also curious with the Samsung Galaxy Note. Do you still enjoy them all? Can I have one hahaha :D Happy New Year! May the Lord bless you more this coming year not just financially but also in your spiritual life :)

  4. Ric says:

    Got the S2 this year and couldn’t be happier. Waiting for the transformer prime to arrive. The HP Folio looks interesting.

  5. char says:

    I bought an Asus Jay CHou edition laptop and a Samsung Galaxy S2 :) next year im planning to get a tablet and the Sony Walkman Z media player ^_^

  6. exerro says:

    In 2011, I got an Ipad, Macbook Pro 13″, Globe MyFi Prepaid kit and Iphone 4s. Yeah, I must admit 2011 is my ultimate gadget year.

  7. franco says:

    gadgets i bought for 2011.

    Eneloop mobile booster – 70sgd from an online seller desmond @vr-forum singapore

    Acer aspire 4755g i3, 6gig upgrade, nvidia 540m gt – 800sgd from a sale here at funan mall

    ipad2 for my fiance – 668sgd from epicentre ion orchard

    iphone 4 32gig – from my data plan – cashout 360sgd (1098sgd total)

    canon powershot 2200 – 100sgd from clubsnap forum, contest won bnew.

    canon 600d kit II – 1485sgd with sd card, bag, lens hood and uv filter and tripod

    canon 50mm 1.8 lens – 125sgd.

    grandtotal – 4346sgd x 33.3 = 145k php. hehehe.

  8. Paul Diaz says:

    I got the GE X5 camera. Wanted to learn photography lol

    I got my first android phone, which i really regret, the Sony Ericsson Xperia (Xtinct) X10mini. Xtinct since it was stuck on android 2.1

    Got a BB 9300
    Got a LG G2X, or gifted perhaps hehe

    Then the Samsung Galaxy SII

  9. otepsphere says:

    i-review na lang tapos gawing prize sa pa contest heheh ^_^

  10. Pepito says:

    I got a cheap Coby Kyros MID7024 android tablet, gets the job done :)

    Then i got Samsung Galaxy SII when it came out. Never needed anything else past that lmao.

    So i just bought Anker 1900mAh batteries for it, yes same size with stock battery and you get two in the package.

    Paranoid still, i got an Energizer on the go XP2000

    Then a silver metal slider casing for my S2

    • garz says:

      Where did you get the Anker 1900 batteries? How much? And how’s the performance compared to the original SII battery?

  11. mark eldame says:

    Hi guys…lg optimus 2x owner here….so far so good…this fone is amazing! Super affordable….

  12. erwinpan says:

    got the galaxy S2 and noontec Power me 4000mah.

  13. jag535 says:

    kindle (kindle keyboard now) & ipad2

  14. janelvl says:

    bought through yugadeals my trusty zte light. great unit for daily internet peeks.
    then bought a galaxy w. awesome unit.
    ohh also bought an lg dual sim dumb phone bringing my cellphone stash to 4!
    now my shoulder hurts from the lugging all these and my bedside outlet is a tangle of chargers ;-)

  15. cakkes says:

    Abe, probably you can do a January 2nd hand sale for gadgets that you do not need anymore. :)

    For me it was an Archos 70 250GB and an iPhone 4S 32GB.

  16. J says:

    Sarap nmn maging blogger, ang nabili ko lang eh ASUS K43SV , Cherry Mobile Q7i , Sony Ericsson Live with Walkman.

  17. newbie says:

    got myself a galaxy tab 10.1, an iPhone 4s and then somebody bought me an iPad2 for Christmas. now i have to sell my tab since i don’t want to have 2 tablets at home.

  18. Wow! That’s a lot of gadgets! I hope my list would look like that in 2012. Although I wouldn’t complain because 2011 has been pretty awesome. We bought the iPod touch 4th gen, the first iPad, Nintendo 3DS, and Nikon D5100.

  19. Cocolumboy says:

    Got ipad2 ang sgs2

  20. Cocolumboy says:

    Got ipad2 and sgs2

  21. teng says:

    Sony Ericsson Vivaz
    Canon EOS 1100D
    Samsung Galaxy Ace
    Samsung Corby 2 for my brother

    year of gadgets = Year of expenses. :-p

  22. jeyem says:

    Here’s my list of gadgets I purchased this year (2011). Earliest purchase first in the sequence.

    Nokia c6
    Samsung [email protected] 335
    HTC Wildfire
    HP Mini Netbook
    Laptop cooler
    SONY PSP 3k
    Samsung Galaxy SL (i9003)
    Samsung Corby 2 for my sis
    Samsung [email protected] 3222
    Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus (P6200)

    Not bad for a first job eh?
    Mahilig ako sa cellphones :)

  23. Benchmark says:

    Well this year, I got my dad Mede8er Media Player (bought here at yugadeals), give away gifts Genius Games for girls (also bought here in yugadeals), a Christmas gift for my self, most expensive purchase I done for myself, my Motorola Droid Razr (bought at Widget City), Buffalo Wireless router, to expand our wifi radius, Lenovo Netbook as a gift for a special family who is in Tiaong, and alot of abubots.

    By the way, I was expecting for a review of Motorola Droid Razr here, pero siguro kinulang na din ng time si sir yuga…it’s ok, next time na lang ulit. :)

    As for your gadgets, why not auction your gagdets that you don’t use, Yuga_Auction anybody? Back to back with Yuga_Deals. :)

    Well Happy New year sa inyong lahat, ingats kayo sa firecrackers, at baka sumabog mga kamay nyo, hinde nyo na mahawakan mga binili nyong gadgets, sige kayo. :P

    God Bless all & more power to Yugatech!

  24. Pinoy Persuasion says:

    Samsung Galaxy Ace
    Asus eeePad Transformer

    2012 goal-
    Asus Zenbook

  25. Butch says:

    got an iPhone 4S 32GB and a Hed Kandi discotheque because of this site’s review of it

  26. Marlon says:

    Ipad2, bb bold, galaxy y

  27. daddyjoey says:

    myphone dual sim phone! :D

  28. daddyjoey says:

    bigay nga lang pala un. :D

  29. chris says:

    just got a white galaxy note for my year ender! Perfect for my fat fingers. Now i love full touch screen phone.

  30. Daniel says:

    IPad2 64GB
    Sony Ericsson Xperia PLAY
    MacBook Air
    Sun USB broadband

  31. AdrianU says:

    As for me:
    – Google Galaxy Nexus – (38k)
    – Nokia BH-505 – (2k)

    As for my sister:
    – Beats Studio by Dr. dre – (22k)

  32. knives809 says:

    Gadgets I Bought in 2011:
    1. Apple Ipad 64GB (February)
    2. Samsung Galaxy Tab P1000 (March)
    3. X-MINI
    4. HP Pavilion DM1Z (August)
    5. Philips SHB9000
    6. Apple Ipad 2 16GB (September)
    7. Droid Razr XT910 (December)

    Cost is almost 150K!!!
    Not to mention I also bought cables, cases, memory cards, screen protections… Also i have Postpaid Plans for Sun (unlicall and text plus mywifi bundle) and Globe (postpaid tattoo sim only)

    Take Note: Lahat yan nasa akin pa pero di madalas nagagamit (Gadgets). Planning to sell my Ipad 1 and Galaxy Tab. I already let my GF have the Ipad 2. AWESOME YEAR for 2011 (TURNAROUND YEAR FOR GADGETS! EXPECT MORE ON 2012!)

  33. Jologs says:

    Ipad 1 – got it second hand from a friend for a REALLY good deal.

    Blackberry Curve 8520
    Pentax KR in PINK

    all amounting to around 65-70K.

  34. kobejames23 says:

    PS3 slim white, 40 inch tcl full hd lcd tv, acer netbook, samsung galaxy y and iPod touch 4g :)

  35. wreek888 says:

    Gadgets i bought in 2011, iphone 4- jan. , Galaxy tab -mar., iPad2- may, LG optimus 2x -june, blackberry bold 9900 -nov. Indeed it was agreat year for me for gadgets. Looking forward in 2012. Galaxy S3 quadcore, iphone 5, ipad 3.

  36. wreek888 says:

    Forgot that i also bought ipod touch 4g 32g but was able to sell it after getting iphone 4 32g.

  37. brymarti says:

    xperia mini pro sk17i
    sana ma review mo rin yung unit na yun sir yuga

  38. Rhynax says:

    I bought a 550D, an iPhone 4, and a Klipsch S4i.

  39. hanjo says:

    i only got for me this year a sony PRS-650 ereader and a HP netbook (nabibigatan na ako sa laptop ko). was about to buy asus transformer then buti na lang, i heard of asus transformer prime and im holding on muna to my money.

    happy new year, sir abe!

  40. isleeve_PH says:

    iPhone 4S is my first ever touchscreen phone since I’m more of the text and call type.

  41. Marcus says:

    For 2011 I bought these gadgets (started when I lost my iPhone 4)

    iPod Touch 4th Gen 32Gb
    Galaxy Tab P1000 16Gb
    HTC Desire
    HTC Sensation
    Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus 16Gb

  42. miong says:

    I bought nothing, i’m poor. Huhuhu

  43. AdrianU says:

    Wait a minute.
    Sir Abe, how’d you lose the Galaxy Nexus?
    … Oh yeah; this is the Philippines.(Stupid Question)… :P

    That’s too bad though; I was really looking forward for a review of the latest Google reference phone.

    Happy New Year Everyone…

  44. dan says:

    asrock h61/m u3s3
    4gb ddr3 1333 ripjaw
    gtx 460 1gb

    aspire 1 521

    nokia x1-01 dual sim

    considered pang poorman sa kanilang category, but ika nga more bang for the buck….

  45. Jonathan says:

    Is a Nintendo 3DS considered as a gadget? Because that is the only one that I bought this year and I’m enjoying it :)

  46. Edison G. Evasco says:

    i got myself a HTC HD7… very happy with it

  47. Mark says:

    The one i bought this year was the Late 2011 macbook pro, Beats Solo HD, Blackberry 9300, and the Blackberry Playbook :D

  48. oyo says:

    MB air 11.6′(for my daughter), iPad2(daughter pa din),ipod touch(for my son), Kindle(me and other daughter), Galaxy Note(me na lang):)

  49. ty says:

    i got Asus K42JC-VX108 (Laptop)
    and a NIKON D5100 for 2011

  50. jc1217 says:

    Got myself the following

    Dlink router
    Pocket Wifi
    Smart Netphone
    External HDD

  51. jc1217 says:

    Here’s mine:

    Dlink router
    Pocket wifi
    External HDD
    Netphone 701

  52. sonnydjr007 says:

    Mine was only an SE Xperia Arc: 28.5k (July)

  53. RJ De Leon says:

    Abe, you could put up those gadgets that you’re willing to part with into an “auction” competition of sorts. That could then allow you to recoup maybe half of what you spent on those gadgets. ;-)

  54. RJ De Leon says:

    The last gadget I bought was an SE-P800 over a decade ago. LOL. Still cost me over 30K, even though the P900 had just come out. And it’s still the only phone that I continue to use ’til now. =))

    Can’t afford expensive toys anymore, though. That’s why I join the contests in here in the hope of winning something.

    Apologies for the comical segue. =))

  55. Kaloy says:

    Here are the gadgets I bought this year :

    HTC Desire
    HTC Desire HD
    BB Curve 3G
    Galaxy Tab
    BB Pearl 9105
    BB Torch 9800
    Nokia X2
    SE xperia Neo
    BB Curve 8520

    Na dispose na lahat maliban sa neo at 8520. Will dispose them again for BB Bold 9900 in white hehe..

  56. hyprmanic says:

    I got an Acer Iconia A500 last july, and I just bought myself a new phone — an HTC Sensation XE. Very happy with my decision to purchase this instead of a SGS2 or an iPhone 4S… love the build quality, and the UI is so easy to customize! ^^, Love that most of the apps I bought from the Android Market download straight into my phone, plus I was able to transfer all my contacts via Bluetooth.

  57. Cipher says:

    Mine are Globe Tattoo mobile broadband, iPhone 3GS (used for games and music only), Samsung Galaxy tab 7.0, HTC Sensation XE, and finally, Macbook Pro 13-inch. Php 130k (ngayon ko lang na-realized). Damn i need to slow down too…

    With Sensation XE (now with Anker battery) getting ICS early next year as my main phone, and with dependable 2011 Macbook Pro (for multimedia, on top of HP 2230s for work)for the laptop, I think i’m good na for 2012 (i pray).

    … but darn it! — SLRs, PSP Vita, and, Nokia Lumia 800, quad-core smartphones (possibly HTC) are tempting meeee for 2012! (and I will definitely be tempted to buy iPhone 4S once its done with the battery issues and once Siri is fully-functional worldwide… as well if Moto will release new versions of Rzr with better battery (or much better, the user-replaceable one!).

    Anyway, good gadget year for all!

    • garz says:

      You bought a 3GS for games and music use only?? Haven’t you heard of the iPod touch?

      And as for the Razr with a better battery, you can now search the market for Droid Razr Maxx..

  58. pinas says:

    got my self the following:

    galaxy tab 7″
    LG Optimus 3D
    galaxy tab 10.1
    Iphone 4s
    Samsung 14″ laptop

    but most of them got through a network contract hehe

  59. japong says:

    got an iphone 4 on contract but not under my name unfortunately i’am paying for it since i’am using it I switch it from my first ever android it was a galaxy pro from samsung. I’am planning to switch again to android xperia Arc would be my preferred option or the arc s. Androids have more options less pricey (for more advance users or geeks :D) new version ICS looks great and expendable memory i missed memory cards :D i hope arc s is ICS upgradable or else find another android phone with ICS upgradable meizu mx looks great and price too.

  60. jepoiski says:

    Nexus S
    Lenovo U260
    BB 9780
    iPad 2
    iPhone 4
    iPhone 4S
    BB 9900
    Motorola RAZR

    sold off the 9780, the Nexus S.

    Happy gadgeting guys!

  61. az says:

    Mine is HTC Sensation. No smart phone can beat its UI.

  62. iVan says:

    iPad 16gb Wifi (1st gen) (when it went on sale for only 19999 pesos; prior to the release of iPad 2).

    Edimax nLite Wireless 3G Broadband Router… hardly used it, sold it immediately

    Globe Tattoo MyFi

    Samsung Galaxy S …nag-sale din kasi ife-phase out na ;)

    Sapido N+ Long Range USB Wireless Adapter


    two Rowenta Ionic Hair Dryers… gadget rin naman yun, diba? hahaha

  63. ARL says:

    I only got 2 big ticket items this year! regalo ko na sa sarili ko hehehe…

    1. Blackberry 9360
    2. iPhone 4S (December 30, 2011) nahabol pa sa 2011

    Looking forward for cheaper Ultrabooks this 2012!

  64. Chodiboy says:

    Bought the following last year:

    ASUS K43SV
    Starcraft 2
    Logitech gaming mouse
    Globe Wimax
    ASUS RT-N10+
    ASUS Transformer w/dock
    LACIE 2TB external HDD powered

  65. Bochard says:

    Iphone 4 :)

  66. Name: IC DeaDPiPoL says:

    AMD Athlon II X2 3.0Ghz
    500Gb Seagate HDD
    2Gb DDR3
    4Gb DDR3
    Antec 450Watt PSU
    Lite-on DVDRW Drive
    Huawei IDEOS U8150b
    SmartBro U8153 stick
    Hanabishi Oven Toaster
    Hanabishi Rice Cooker
    1,5 HP Aircon

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  68. HTC Desire
    HTC Desire HD
    BB Curve 3G
    Galaxy Tab
    iPhone 4S

    I like all this gadgets. :)

  69. garz says:

    Just a Samsung Galaxy SII, a replacement for my 2-year old Nokia 5530.

  70. Estela says:

    Hi! Where can I buy reliable 2nd hand gadgets? (pls don’t suggest sulit.com)

    Where (or How) are u disposing your gadgets? Thanks.

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