Which one's your favorite gadget store?

Which one’s your favorite gadget store?

I often get questions from readers which places (i.e. gadget stores) are among the best in the country? I don’t have a very comprehensive list and experience with a lot of them, especially the online-only stores.

For most of the time, I can only advise if a store is indeed a legit one and sometimes I also vouch for the ones that I personally know the owners or site operators.


Other gadget stores have their own following — including the ones in Hidalgo (famous for camera shops) and the sizable Multiply sellers. The PC stores have their own following too.

Sometimes, it’s not just about which stores give the best prices but also because of customer service, accessibility or they offer a unique value proposition (e.g, InfoMaxx sells one of the most expensive gadgets around but some people still flock them because they usually bring them in most gray market gadgets ahead of almost everyone).

So, hit up the comments if you have a favorite pick.

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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121 Responses

  1. dhan says:

    PCHUB @ gilmore, qc. for computer parts/accessories. :)

  2. NemOry says:

    I can only see, iStore, POS Digital, Galeon, CameraHaus, Nokia, Samsung, LG, here in Bacolod City..hehe

  3. Phoenix says:

    Kimstore over at Multiply!

    Beepers and Gadgets at Greenhills!

  4. Mark says:

    Andrew (i think) in Hidalgo… best camera deals. :)

  5. wakocoke says:

    PCHub for computer parts!
    Kimstore for electronic gadgets!
    JT Photoworld for photography equipments!

  6. Ferie says:

    PC Ex[ress
    Camera shops at Hidalgo

  7. BeerBoy says:

    PC Corner Gilmore! ftw! XD

  8. Jam. says:

    At RF Online Forum we recommend PC hub @ Gilmore for PC parts :D

  9. Cisco says:

    My favorite is Online Gadget Store – relatively cheap and trustworthy.

  10. Cisco says:

    Sorry. The real name is Gadget Grocery.

  11. Jam. says:

    For iPods, Kimstore :)

  12. CHOBiE says:

    DB Gadgets
    Digital Hub/Walker

  13. borgy says:

    surprisingly, no one has mentioned Rising Sun yet. Best prices and customer service.

  14. csseyah says:

    Ako sa PC Options if brand new cheap spec ang need mo.

  15. deuts says:

    Ambassador in Park Square 1

  16. manaka_junpei says:

    CDR King for something else
    sa Computer Farm sa Festival kami bumili dati nang computer, pero ngayon PC Madness na, doon din sa Festival, sabi sa commercial ni Tado

  17. lawrence m. says:

    Widget city for gadgets..

  18. lolipown says:

    It’s always fun to go gadget hunting at the best priced store. Good luck on getting that warranty accepted though

  19. Zaxx says:

    Kimstore! where i bought my iphone 4

  20. realjarley says:

    Cheap prices nga ang wedgit city, but d pa ako naka experience na bumili dito.. hehehe Im not sure if they are the good option para sa mga taga VIZMIN.

  21. Chester says:

    How bout CMK? sino may alam? reliable ba un? or DB gadgets. anyone?

  22. Chester says:

    Sir Yuga ask ko lng where can i buy Ipod touch 4th gen na mura and reliable with apple warranty? thanks! Pano ko nga pala malalaman if its APPLE Warranty?


  23. WILDER says:

    R*Sun; selected cool and cheap accessory items at CD-R King

  24. Jon says:

    Mostly I buy online via Tipidpc or similar sites. Retail stores sell really at a high price. Also, online stores most time get the newest gadgets first.

  25. Titter says:

    Yuga, seriously, you need to learn the difference between advice and advise. I’m not necessarily aiming for your grammar but dude those are simple words.

  26. Accent Micro in all leading malls
    and CD-R King :)

  27. Newbie says:

    Tanong lang para sa mga bumili iphone4/ipod touch 4th gen sa kimstore, gumagana facetime nyo?

  28. Totter says:

    @Titter: You should be the one reviewing your gradeschool notes bro. There is nothing wrong with ‘advise’ as used in this blog post.

  29. batman says:

    @titter- yup indeed simple words. And I cant seem to find anything wrong with the words used. :)

    advise- verb

  30. YuYu says:

    for some unknown reason, i almost always end up going to PCOptions for PC stuff.

  31. Nimzo says:


    seems you’re the one who doesn’t know the difference b/w advice and advise LOL!

  32. ella says:


  33. Carlo says:

    Favorite ko yung mga online-only stores. Sobrang mura kasi ng paninda, e barat ako! :D

  34. winter says:

    any yodobahsi or bic camera stores for new gadgets…hard-off for pre-owned…

  35. trickz says:

    My “advice” is CD-R King.:)
    But i “advise” you guys to check the item before leaving the store:)


  36. char says:

    kimstore! i bought my camera there and other accessories :)

  37. John Berchman says:

    Kimstore, PChub Gilmore, TipidPC, TipidCP, Western Appliance Center

  38. lou says:

    san b yang kimstore n yan pwede b paayos ipod jan?

  39. Pusang Kulog says:

    Below 1k gadgets – CDRKing (if available)

    Above 1k gadgets and stuffs – Anywhere that offers sensible pricing for a specific stuff… Not always the cheapest store but the one that offers the best bang for the buck. Wouldn’t buy a thing without looking around first…

    Stores I’ve tried and has zero problem with my transactions with them:
    a) PC Corner (Gilmore)
    b) PC Express (Gilmore)
    c) Rising Sun Computers
    d) OpenPinoy Greenhills (second hand items)
    e) Accent Micro (SM Pampanga)

  40. geekygirl says:

    dbgadgets!reasonably priced items plus trustworthy seller.^^

  41. BrownBear says:

    Computers, parts and peripherals:

    – pcgilmore.com.ph
    – rsun.com.ph
    – cdrking.com.ph


    – cmkcellphones.com

    @Chester: Ok ang CMK, mababait ang staff at mabilis ang service. Mga binili kong phones maayos at walang defect, they are: HTC Desire, Nokia 5800, Samsung Star WIFI and a Nokia feature phone I can’t remember the model.

    Since hindi pa ako nakakuha nang defective unit sa kanila, wala akong idea kung pano nila hina handle ang ganung situation.

  42. eRvN says:

    cd-r king offline, tipidpc online

  43. Digital Hub / Digital Walker for Apple needs
    Octagon for not-so-common peripherals
    CDR King for the memory drives
    Senco Link and Ynzal for Mac upgrades
    PC Options for common pc peripherals

  44. NemOry says:

    do you know also BCG?OCTAGON and TERABYTES?hehe. .ganyan2x lg ang sa bacolod.hehe

  45. heckiboi says:

    Enigma – Cavite for PC parts and accessories (enigma-phil.com.ph) / laptops / pc packages

  46. CD-R King for male enhancement gadgets and other poorly made devices which last no longer than a month after opening.

  47. tatter says:

    advices advises advices advises advices advises…… wala lang, natatawa lang :-D

    gabay: magtagalog nalang kasi kayo or sarili nyong dialect ok lang naman


  48. edz says:

    eBuy Store has the best price yet have the Worst Costumer Service

  49. Zaxx says:

    Dorovo gadget shop sa caloocan..the best!

  50. @edz, why? do they wear costumes?

  51. fragglerock says:

    i had some good experience(s) and good bargains buying online in ebuystore, esp. yong camera and cellphones nila.

    is datablitz considered a gadget store? like buying my ps3 games and accessories there

    sir abe, where’s your list of gadget stores?

  52. alvin says:

    gadget grocery (ask for audrey, he’s super bait and gives freebies)
    kimstore (medyo pumapangit na, nale-late na yung delivery)
    longbeard (from philmug)

  53. ron says:

    @edz paano mo nasabing worst customer service ang ebuystore? Balak ko pa man ding bumili dun.

  54. NemOry says:

    @All tama naman si sir Yuga sa pag gamit ng advise ah. . .ung advice is used as a noun, and advise is for verb .
    Eto oh

  55. @Nemory, you really had to look it up, didn’t you? LOL

    Anyway, quit being Grammar Nazis and just shell out relevant comments.

  56. NemOry says:

    @Mali ha?what do you mean?mali yung sinabi ko??ang ano?hehe

  57. @nemory,

    Nope, wala, hayaan mo na, hehe

  58. NemOry says:

    @Mali ah cge. .haha

  59. Benchmark33 says:

    My choices…

    CD-R King: loyal mula pa nung sa unang shop nila sa viramall…hehehe kahit na they have substandard gadgets~not all ofcourse, nakakachamba ako ng very good quality plus cheap pa. Got my self wireless mouse,faned laptop table, wired mouse, all in-house brand plus DVD-R’s ofcourse.

    Villman: I find their shop very respectable and medyo professional mga crew nila don, unlike sa iba.

    satchel72 of ebay.ph: for low priced branded LCD TV’s with full warranty from their respective brands (all assured brand new). Bought 32″ HD-LCD TV there, mall price is 28k, I got it for only 23k.

    http://www.ebuystore.com.ph : for low priced mobile phones. I never bought one pa, yet I always check their phone price…kasi I find it mababa sa kanila. Plus may Full warranty pa from their respective brands.

  60. Datablitz,cdr-king,nokia store,photoline for camera’s

  61. agvu says:

    Advise: to give advice
    Advice: the noun referring to “payo” or recommended action


    Apple Stuff: Switch at UP AYALA Technohub, and that store in the middle of the IT section in Trinoma

    Ocatagon for pheripherals

    CDR King for cheap needs and thrills, as well as hard to find stuff (CDR King tends to be my last resort shop)

  62. botohan na lang ng pinakamakulit ng commentor lol

    i go for enigma for gadgets tapos sa mga mabilisan sa cdr king, hehe asianic is good too,

  63. Apple Philippines says:

    iStudio at Edsa Shangrila

  64. No Name says:

    PCHub @ Gilmore

  65. Vince says:

    PC Domain (SM Fairview)
    ASUS Store (SM Annex)

  66. Messie says:

    PChub at gilmore for PC stuff. Ebuystore for phones and other gadgets. Yup, pinakamura ang deals sa PChub pero mahirap magcontact and need mo ng mahaba habang pasensya. Ang kapalit nun? 2-6k PHP savings versus price sa malls esp on phones. Their digicam prices are also low, some are even lower than that of Hidalgo’s.

    I don’t like buying from Greenhills. Nakakahilo and masakit sa ulo. Kakapasok mo pa lang sa cellphone area, may mangugulit na sa iyo, and susundan ka pa kahit san ka magpunta. Okay lang siguro if may suki ka nang store dun, pero unfortunately, ngrorotate ang mga pwesto nila, so Good luck to you finding the store you brought from a month after you buy your phone/gadget.

  67. Sano says:

    CDR King is the best among the REst!!! Rock on !! hekhek ^_^

  68. Kevin says:

    PC Domain for PC Parts.. :)
    CDRking for Accessories

  69. Pogi says:

    PC Options in Gilmore -> store

    TipidPC -> Online


    Mayer ->Photo Equip

    Greenhills ->gadgets

    CDRking -> Craps

  70. Zimm says:

    CDRKing poreber!

  71. lolipown says:

    LOL craps hahaha
    disposables naman :)

  72. ayumu says:

    CDRking <- Ooooh. Wag na. Karamihan ng USB powered. Kulang na lang, pati yung windmill USB Powered na din.

  73. ayumu says:

    CDRking <- Ooooh. Wag na. Karamihan, USB powered. Kulang na lang, pati yung windmill USB Powered na din.

  74. Ferie says:

    CDR King kung cables, CDs and memory cards.

    TipidPC for PC peripherals, gadgets and accessories

    Data Blitz sa softwares,console games and accessories

    Hidalgo basta camera

  75. Teks says:

    PC Options (Gilmore)
    PC Gilmore (Gilmore)

    – Kimstore
    – Digitag (ebuyph)

  76. TheStig says:

    PCHub @ gilmore.

  77. Michelle Santos says:

    thinkPC Online – Very Affordable, Free Delivery pa.
    ang dali kausap at maganda ang after sales service.

    very trusted shop!

  78. Edgar says:

    Amusing comments here, hehe!

    In Davao City, I patronize Micro Valley and Octagon both in GMall. Customer service is good (@Maling Akala: hindi costume yan, ha)

    Smile, guys. Peace!

  79. Teknisyan says:

    Another grammar and spelling nazi! lols

  80. Pedro says:

    depende sa budget… hehehe…

  81. Saix says:

    I like window shopping at SM Cyberzones. I may also try going to Gilmore these coming days.

  82. Saix says:

    There are no specific gadget store. I like window shopping at SM Cyberzones. I would also want to try going at Gilmore these coming days. And yes, depende din sa budget. haha

  83. niL says:

    Accent Micro for laptops!they offer the best deals compared to other shops in the Malls.

  84. Patrick says:

    The last gadget I bought it from DELL Store and newegg in the states.

  85. JP says:

    Hands down, Amazon. I’ve accumulated over $300 in free store credit, lol.

  86. silicon valley and cdr king hehe.

  87. Ralph says:

    iStore in SM CEBU, silicon valley and cdr king hehe.

  88. Kit says:

    ser yuga and other people here, ask ko lang po kung san po magandang bumili ng iphone 3gs? maganda po ba sa KIMSTORE ng MULTIPLY? natatakot kasi aqng bumili sa online kasi first time ko. hingi po sana akong tips salamat po.

  89. Teks says:

    @Kit – Highly recommended seller si Kim (Kimstore). Bought to her iPod Touch last Year. :)

  90. Droider says:

    For disposables, CDRKing. For not so disposable gadgets, Digital Hub, PowerMac, etc.`

  91. kewl! says:

    January 11 pa ang last post ni sir Abe at dumalang lately, na miss ko na daily servings hehe

    powermac kahit overpriced

  92. Rockford says:

    tipidpc.com-(online)bnew/2nd hand gadgets tons of forum/s at the same time reviews…..good for canvassing…

  93. Eason says:

    PCOptions for all of the Laptops and computer peripheral needs :)

    Cameras its Wellcom

    Cellphones Mega Cellular (SM Megamall)

    For minor things, Electronics Botique

    BUT if its available in CD-R King I’ll just buy in CD-R King.

  94. Manix says:

    HP online, Acer online, Dell online, Apple online. everything else–Ng Khai (on computing needs).

  95. Manix says:

    online–HP, Dell, Acer, Apple.

    everything else–Ng Khai (computing needs)

  96. Chester says:

    @brown bear – thanks sa info!

  97. Alex says:

    Online: CD-R King
    Ebuyph.com (magaganda yung mga gadgets nila)

    for PC Unit: PC Option (Gilmore)

  98. Betty Sy says:

    ThinkPC online the best among the rest!!

  99. Researcher says:

    good service with a very good price


  100. Proudpinoy says:

    CDR-KING pa din! Thanks to CDr King. Pwede ng makabili ng murang gadgets ang nakararaming masang Pinoy.

  101. Sherwin says:

    Online Shop: Kimstore

  102. Kit says:

    @Tek: thank u tek! planning to buy ip4 32gb this month kasi sa kimstore.

  103. Titter says:

    @all about the advice and advise
    yuga obviously edited his post and forgot to thank me, or was it deliberate? :O

  104. mhon says:


    yabang mo… gawa ka nga ng sarili mong blog….
    dun ka magturo ng English language mo…

    *##$ #$## .!.

  105. mhon says:

    kung ikaw natutuwa sa pagmamagaling mo kami hindi natutuwa sa kayabanagan mo..hahaha…

  106. hd movie mania says:

    so with everyone knowing their computer stores, can someone tell me where to get a SATA Raid Controller card? I’m trying to build a FREENAS server =D Thanks Much

  107. Agent Zer0 says:

    For mobile phones, I’ll go for 5th Avenue SM Megamall. For computers, parts and accessories and also laptops, I always go to PC Express Market! Market! For computer pheriperals, I bought my stuff in Octagon Market! Market! and SM Megamall. But there are times that I bought some of my stuff in the web, I’ll go to http://www.tipidpc.com and http://www.tipidcp.com.

  108. masarap libre says:

    Kimstore and thinkPC Online for online store. trusted shop! guaranteed!

  109. Jam says:

    my pick would definitely be Cyberzone. you have the widest variety of items, and you’re assured of legit products. http://www.smcyberzone.com

  110. Jam says:

    definitely SM Cyberzone! good variety of products and I’m sure it’s legit.

  111. SammyRocks says:

    Masaya tumingin sa mga SM Cyberzone. Lots of options and reliable yung sources. Biggest branch is at SM North.

  112. Inez says:

    DB Gadgets! :)

  113. Manix says:

    although i observed, its difficult to find a store that sells DDR3 1333MHz RAM chips for DIY upgrades. I really have no choice but to go back to the branded stores for RAM upgrades.

  114. charina says:

    mine is:

    PC Option Gilmore
    Jt Photoworld
    Aperture Trading
    Ambasador Park Square 1
    Silicon Valley Sm Clark/Park Square 1

  115. Digital Walker Zoom GB5
    JT Photo Chino Roces, Makati City

  116. Ynes says:

    MurangGadgets.com the best! They have a complete list of products

  117. Ynes says:

    http://MurangGadgets.com the best! They have a complete list of products

  118. Philip says:

    ebuystore.com.ph and CMK the best online sellers for gadgets.

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