YugaTech's Online Tech Buys: August 2020

YugaTech’s Online Tech Buys: August 2020

Another month has gone by and some of the YugaTech team ended with a bunch of stuff they bought online. Some are for work while others are for personal use. If you’re also thinking of shopping online this coming 9.9 sale, then check out our Online Tech Buys for August. You don’t know, you might also want some of them.

Editorial Team

Louie Diangson – Managing Editor

My purchases this month is for work and entertainment. The first one is the UGREEN SSD enclosure since I have an old SSD lying around. Might as well use as an alternative external storage to the slow HDD. Next is the UGREEN USB Bluetooth adapter because my laptop was having Bluetooth issues. For my entertainment needs, I bought a KZ-ZSN Pro X earphones, which are great budget IEMs for the price. Since my Samsung Galaxy Note 10 doesn’t have a 3.5mm headphone jack, I have to get this Keysion HiFi USB-C DAC so I can use it. These accessories cost less than 1K, so these are good recommendations for those with similar needs on a budget.

Jewel Sta. Ana – Senior Multimedia Producer

Apart from casual gaming, I needed some peripherals to boost my productivity since we have a work-from-home setup.I realized that I have to eventually upgrade my workstation for virtual meetings and events as time went by.

These products have been one of the best online purchases I ever made. All of these items only cost me around PHP 3,300 when I bought them during the previous Lazada sale. There’s a phone holder that places your phone neatly on your table, an RGB mouse below PHP 3,000 that offers up to 8,000 DPI, a big mousepad for work and play, as well as a budget headphones with decent mic and Discord certification. It’s good for casual gaming too!

Mary Grace Maala – Multimedia Producer

One of my little dreams is to make it possible for my mom to watch movies on TV via Netflix or YouTube just like other people with Smart/Android TV. Honestly though, it is difficult for me to let go of our first LED TV, so I’ve decided to just spice it up with a black box to transform it into somewhat “Smart” TV. Now with this affordable black box from Lazada, my little dream turned into reality. I can still recall the excitement on my mom’s face when the item arrived, saying we can now watch all day without spending lots of money to buy a new TV. I would recommend it as it is a good buy and costs only less than P1000!

Video Team

Justine – Multimedia Producer

Got all of these under good deals during the last sale. I recommend most of it especially the Electric Facial Guasha and Baseus Shockproof Storage Bag. However, personally I don’t have ample time to maximize the Hot Cold Facial Beauty Device, but I recommend it if you can spare a lot of time for your skincare routine, it works really well. 

Arel Ebana – Multimedia Producer



Bought these products to improve my WFH setup. I recommend you checking out some of these items that I bought, specifically the Splitter Adapter. If you have an iPhone 7 or later, since there is no dedicated headphone jack on these devices, I find it hard to listen to music using my headphones while it is charging wiht this splitter you can do both at the same time which is pretty handy in some situations.

Joshua De Leon – Multimedia Producer

For the month of August, most of my buys were focused on exercise gear, but one tech thing I did buy was a Smart Biometric Front Door Lock as a little something for me and my family, and might just be the coolest investment I’ve bought for everyone in my house. Here, we often go in and out for errands and to fetch deliveries by the lobby, and I realized that using the traditional doorknob with the key, although still great, does take up some amount of time especially when you have to feel it out with your fingers in the depths of your bag or pocket–Or worse, maybe you just can’t find it at all?

This has pretty much solved all of that for me plus gave a little futuristic touch to my home. It’s quick, easy to install, recognizes my finger almost instantly, and registers up to 22 fingers in total. It’s battery-powered, and although it uses the less favored micro-USB, you only have to charge it twice a year to maintain its function. And if it does fail, it comes with a safety manual key as well so make sure to store that in an appropriate area just in case!

I would definitely recommend this for anyone who wants a more seamless way to enter their house or room without having to spend so much.


Enzo Angeles – Multimedia Producer

For the month of July, I bought a GoPro Hero 2016 or rather the stripped down version of the Hero 5 from my godfather’s “online garage sale” for a VERY cheap price. Well for starters, it was cheap and it came with accessories too. So, it was a steal. Despite the price, I wouldn’t really recommend it since the features are limited.  If you have extra budget for a Hero 7 or 8 just go with that.

Client and Operations

Joaquin Segovia – Operations Specialist

Best smartphone for its price range, Definitely, I always recommend Xiaomi smartphones.

Kathleen Manangkil – Account Manager

I bought this item to have an extra range of internet coverage in our house. I recommend this item because, aside form it being usefull, it’s super easy to install and it works well!

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