ZTE announces its Google Daydream-powered VR

ZTE announces its Google Daydream-powered VR

After announcing that Google is launching a platform for high-quality mobile virtual reality called Daydream, ZTE has just introduced its VR headset compatible with the new Axon 7 which is powered by the aforementioned technology.



The ZTE VR features a 5-part glass configuration and a 9-axis gyroscope that should provide a more immersive experience and monitor movements with great precision. It also has an improved 18-millisecond latency which is pretty impressive for this kind of device.

There is not much known as to the detailed specifications of the headset although once it launches, the company states that it should work seamlessly with Google’s Daydream platform and should prove to be a formidable competitor against Samsung’s Gear VR, HTC’s Vive, and the Oculus Rift.


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