Apple Watch versus Android Wear watches

Apple just announced their own version and take on what a smartwatch should be. For them it’s square, has rounded edges, can keep track of your fitness lifestyle, should be classy yet customazible, and a viable extension of your iPhone. While the Apple Watch is not the first one to feature such, it is a very compelling product to consider.

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This comparison will not talk about the operating system but it will tackle how the Apple Watch can stack against these three current Android Wear smartwatches from Samsung, LG, and Motorola. We would like to point out the Apple Watch works only on iOS, while Android Wear is for Android devices.

Apple Watch vs Samsung Gear Live

Not the first and only smartwatch under the famous Korean manufacturer (check out the other Samsung Gear watches here, here, and here) though it’s their first Android Wear powered smartwatch.

In terms of design, the Apple Watch and Gear Live closely resemble each other. Both have a square display, large bezels, and similarly looking straps. The Apple Watch has a lot of options for the wristband and is instantly replaceable wherein the Gear Live has a standard 22mm band which is virtually compatible with any straps in the market.

There is also a difference in display technology, a battle between LCD and Super AMOLED. Though we can say that the sAMOLED should have a great advantage. Both have built-in heart rate sensors for quick and accurate measurement of your pulse and are water-resistant. No words yet about the IP rating of the Apple Watch, but the Gear Live is rated at IP67 (water and dust resistant).

The Samsung Gear Live retails for $199 in the US.

Apple Watch vs LG G Watch

Another square smartwatch from another Korean manufacturer. LG’s smartwatch is your average but functional wearable.

The G Watch could be the weakest of the Android Wear devices that can be put against the Apple Watch. First off, the G Watch looks like a generic block of polycarbonate and coated stainless steel. Second, its LCD has a lower resolution compared to other Android Wear smartwatches. Lastly, it is not a heart rate-monitoring (HRM) device. While these could put a frown on some faces, it is nice to point out that it is the lightest and has largest battery among them all which can help out with the longevity when the “Always-on” display is activated.

Where the G Watch outshines the Apple Watch is in customizablity. It has a 22mm standard watch strap that you can change with anything you like. Perhaps the generic block design can also be a plus when customizing because it can blend with most strap designs. On top of everything, it is dust and water-resistant IP67 certified.

The LG G Watch is priced at $230.

We are currently testing the LG G Watch, so watch out for our own review!

Apple Watch vs Moto 360

The Moto 360 is perhaps the greatest rival of the Apple Watch design-wise. It might be the most attractive Android Wear smartwatch you can buy, for now.

What set the Moto 360 apart is its large high-resolution circular display with very minimal bezel. It looks clean and is very neat on the wrist. It even surpasses the beauty of the Apple Watch. Though, the size can be an issue for some that is why Apple offers its smartwatch in two sizes—38mm and 42mm. The limited choice of straps is also a factor to consider, good thing the initial leather options are good choices to start with.

The usuals for a smartwatch is on-board the Moto 360 namely a heart rate sensor, microphones (it has two), a vibrating motor, and a pedometer. It is dust and water-resistant IP67 certified too.

The Moto 360 can be yours for $249.

Wearables are the future

Aside from the three, new Android Wear smartwatches will soon be available, namely the full-circular LG G Watch R, the Sony SmartWatch 3, and the Asus ZenWatch. While the good-old Pebble is still a fantastic smartwatch with longer battery life than any of the mentioned smartwatches plus it supports both iOS and Android.

The Apple Watch will be released early 2015.

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  1. Avatar for Rafiq Rafiq says:

    However, the undoubted advantage in favor of choosing a smart watch series 4 is the fact that the owners of Apple Watch series 4 can now use the ECG function on their smart watch, which allows timely detection of atrial fibrillation, which allows to diagnose preinfarction in its early stages. Despite initial concerns that it may take years to establish a watch rafiqsonsonline(.)com/product-category/citizen/ function, support for heart health monitoring has become available to users in America since the end of 2018. Apple says that the function is marked with EU conformity marking (CE mark) and has passed clinical trials in the European Economic Area, which confirmed that the ECG function on the clock has a sensitivity of 98.3% when classifying atrial fibrillation. Thanks

  2. Avatar for Neil Neil says:

    The Moto looks gorgeous but reviews say the internals are subpar, which is a shame. :(

    We need to wait another year or two for smartwatches to mature, I think.

  3. Avatar for evollove evollove says:

    Any word on the Kairos smartwatch’s status as non-vaporware? Now that one’s a real beauty.

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