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Swimproof Apple Watch Series 2 Unveiled with GPS

We’re covering Apple’s keynote speech, where they are expected to launch new devices. First off the list is an upgraded Apple watch dubbed as the Series 2.


The new watch features better water resistance than its predecessor — you can use this for swimming for up to 50 meters deep. The speaker is also re-positioned to disperse water coming in from its grilles. As for its hardware, it presents itself with a dual core S2 chip that’s said to be 50% faster processor and a GPU chip for better animations and graphics in the device.


The Series 2 Apple watch also features brighter display at 1000nits, and instantaneous GPS function — you can use it at once unlike on other watches where it would take a bit of time to locate and load. As a treat, Pokemon Go will also come to the Watch later this year, which would be an accompaniment of the game on the iPhone.

The Apple Watch Series will be available in an array of colors and straps, including a new white ceramic watch model that is said to be four times stronger than the aluminum steel variant. There will also be a Nike+ version with a lightweight aluminum build and a special band made of stretchable material.

The Apple Watch Series 2 will be available in stores for $369 or around Php17,300 when directly converted, in the US and other select markets later this month.

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