Could Yahoo! Buzz get bigger than Digg?

Could Yahoo! Buzz get bigger than Digg?

While some would already say that Yahoo! Buzz has already proven itself to bring more massive amounts of traffic to publishers, this has only been felt by a select few. This week though, Yahoo! Buzz was opened to the public and it made a bigger promise Digg never accomplished.

Ever since Digg went live it has become the primary source of breaking news and great content for a lot of people. However, the audience is skewed towards the west and male demographics (it started out with tech) — a profile that made it famous but at the same time was its greatest weakness.


So what could Yahoo! Buzz do that Digg couldn’t do? Not much really, but let me draw the line where Yahoo! Buzz could make better progress than Digg.

  • Yahoo! is mainstream so there’s no skew or favored topics. Every single story or news have the same footing in terms of audience preference. Digg had a hard time moving away from tech and the geek crowd. In fact, Digg still has 98+% male demographics.
  • Digg is easily gamed because it’s purely democratic voting (though unequal voting powers) and the Digg management maintains there will be no editorial interference or moderation. Yahoo! is open about its moderation policy. They have an editorial team which promotes stories voted upon by the community (this system was originally introduced by Jason Calacanis on Netscape, now Propeller). That means now amount of friends or paid votes can get you featured unless it has been veted by an editor.
  • Digg is an SEO magnet. Need backlinks? Submit to Digg. Even if you don’t get any votes, you still get the link value. In Yahoo! Buzz, this is totally eliminated. Now readers are guaranteed that stories have better quality and stories are not just linkbaits or some viral marketing stunt.
  • Localization is the more exciting opportunity Yahoo! Buzz can get involve in. Imagine a blogger/publisher story being featured on a local Yahoo! portal (e.g. That’s a lot of value added to Yahoo’s localization efforts.

Of course, this would all be up to Yahoo! and if they have enough manpower to implement this on a country-per-country basis. Still, IMO, Yahoo is in a better position to execute this than Digg.

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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12 Responses

  1. LiNTEK says:

    I think it can, the only reason why it was not so popular before is because Yahoo has restricted the service to a few hundred pre-approved news publishers in the past.

  2. jhay says:

    Indeed. This could even be one of the things that bring back Yahoo! into where it used to be.

    Though it would be interesting to wait and see what tips and tricks bloggers would publish to help everyone get the most juice out of Yahoo! Buzz.

  3. Digg can catch up easily with Yahoo Buzz. Yahoo Buzz will have to beat not just Digg, but also Reddit and Slashdot.

    I am still hoping that Yahoo Buzz will not get into the same path of Yahoo Mash — has that undercooked taste…

  4. Jan Alvin says:

    In terms, I think Digg still has it. Why? Dahil istrikto si YAHOO! pagdating sa mga content. Mataas ata ang standard nila sa mga posts.

  5. kononin says:

    За такие посты надо награды давать, на полном серьезе!

  6. Sarbari Dey says:

    Yahoo buzz – Can it be implemented on language sites like Hindi, Gujarati etc.

  7. Это же вас я нашёл вконтакте – ?

  8. I’m trying to login to digg these past few days, and I can’t, I decided to sign up for a new account, again, I can’t…

    Is there a problem on digg for users from the Phils?

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