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FilmCrowd: Collaborative Movie Reviews

Luis is already on his 3rd Web 2.0 projectFilmCrowd.

FilmCrowd is a people-powered, movie discovery engine. As a participant, you can either explore the current movie listings and review stuff you find, or you could contribute movies that aren’t there yet and review those. That’s basically all there is to it (but you’re welcome to check out the lengthier description and explanation here, if you’ve got time to kill.) Ideally, it allows users to quickly find new (and old) movies that other users have picked up and enjoyed. Kinda like Amazon.com’s review/recommendation engine, except that it’s smaller, simpler and doesn’t ask you to pull out your wallet every other page-load. Additionally, you can use FilmCrowd’s social-networking functionality to form friend-networks as well as “focus groups” (i.e., groups that focus on specific types of movies, or movies from a specific publisher).

He could have practically done this overnight, after churning out previous Web 2.0 sites like Oks.ph (news) and Gibbity (gaming).

I got to give it to this guy (read: entrepreneurl and visionary). We met a couple of weeks ago for another ongoing collaborative project and talked about a lot of things. What impressed me a lot is that he never went corporate — 4 years of doing it on his own right after college. You got to have a lot of nerves, discipline and talent to be able to do that and make really good money out of it.

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2 Responses

  1. ade says:


    Why didn’tI think of THAT first?! Arrrgh!

  2. markku says:

    So he’s already profitable now? ;) That’s great to hear.

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