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Globe PixLink: Mobile Photo & Video Sharing

Globe Telecom will officially launch their new web2.0-ish service tomorrow, called PixLink — a service that allows users to upload photos/videos and share it online.

globe pixlink

PixLink can be used in different ways:

  • Allows you to upload pictures from your phone and upload it to PixLink and then republishes them on other photo-sharing sites like Flickr and Picasa Web as well as social networking sites like Facebook and Friendster. You can do the same with videos too (which is automatically republished to YouTube).
  • PixLink can also be an online backup site where you can store unlimited number of photos and videos for free.
  • Share photos/videos with friends who are on PixLink. All uploaded files can be automatically synched with other mobile phones on your friend’s list.

To download the PixLink mobile app to your phone, just text “PIXLINK” to 2988 or you can register online here.

The service is still in beta stage and is free to use until March 5, 2009 (when they decide the final price for the time-based subscription). The web component will always be free but the mobile part will have some sort of time-based subscription (similar to UnliTxt) instead of standard 3G rates.

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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23 Responses

  1. jhay says:

    Looks promising. Let’s just hope this service won’t be used to leak distasteful pictures and videos from mobile phones. ;)

  2. jomar says:

    republishing it to other sites is good. making it a middleman between web2 sites and phone.

    but to pay for it? wont’ work i think. not as much as a real free service.

  3. kuplet says:

    Tried registering but having trouble getting my account verified. Anybody else having the same problem?

  4. yuga says:

    @jhay – they tell me they have a team of people checking the photos and videos before allowing them to be public. Private photos are okay/automatically displayed though.

    @jomar – the paid part is basically the connection charges but instead of doing the 3G rates, they’ll make it whole day flat rate.

    @kuplet – will forward that issue, send me your mobile number.

  5. I think this is some kind of photobucket type of service.

  6. no post for today!!!! haiz….
    it’s my 27th BDAY today….

  7. aldrin says:

    available for globe subscribers only! :D

  8. calvin says:

    eww why would you pay for this if flickr and photobucket is free.

  9. calvin says:

    whoops. didn’t read the last part. hehehe. the fee is for mobile phone users pala. my bad.

  10. Oracle says:

    i think you need to verify through mobile using the myglobe connect access point. Wont work if your using myglobe internet

  11. eldie21 says:

    OMG! Magbabayad ka after ng March 5, e 3G palang ng Globe Telecom iilan pa palang. Ang connection pa ng Wireless (GPRS, Edge or Packetdata) naku po! 3G pa eh iilan lang sa lugar. Kapag nagkonek ka pa sa myGlobe INET o myGlobe Internet ambagal pa. Concentrated lang sila sa GlobeLines Broadband, yun mabilis talaga pero kapag dating sa Wireless Service ng Globe… sobrang bagal talaga

  12. Migs says:

    “After 45 days, your account and stored media will be deleted”

    So if you don’t use/subscribe/renew your subscription.. all of your precious pics and vidz will be deleted.

    how touching….

  13. michael says:

    why format error?

    ..is a nokia 1680 phone can access pixlink in it?

    ..pls be responded..

  14. pixie Olivares says:

    the uber cool music portal odysseylive.net actually just debuted a feature just like this, in time for the eraserheads concert! fans can take pics of themselves at the concert and send it directly to the odysseylive eraserheads final set tribute page, where they have a photo wall. cool! for more details check out http://odysseylive.net/Odysseylive/blog/1061/

  15. slyboy_12 says:

    Tama po kayo sa inyong sinabi,

    Experience ko lang sa paggamit ko ng Pixlink application, maganda naman kaya lang nitong huli napansin ko Napakabilis ma Drain ng Battery ng cell phone ko (N70) pati na rin (load) nag try kasi ako kahit walang load ok lang pwede mong gamitin ang pixlink, Auto-start-up kasi dito sa n70 ang application na ito, kaya kahit di mo pa i-open ngra-Run na siya- nandoon lang siya kaya ang ginawa ko un-intall ko nalang ito Apps ng Pixlink.

    sino po nakakaalam kong paano i-unsubscribe ang or i-close ang account sa pixlink?


    – slyboy_12 ®

  16. slyboy_12 says:


    you can use this links for your Q?




  17. cute says:

    pano po mag unsubscribe sa pixlink? pls… reply

  18. don says:

    pangit na ngayon ang pixlink. dati ok pa pero nung nasa funspot na , sobrang pumangit talaga

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